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Joe Biden – Is it Cognitive Decline or a Stutter?



Has Joe Biden lost more than a step and gone into full-scale cognitive decline. Or can his recent speaking mishaps, which grow daily, be explained by a childhood stuttering challenge Biden overcame?

This is an interesting question because there are decades worth of video of Joe Biden. Has Biden stuttered during these speeches? Has his lost his train of thought?

I’ve spent a lot of time watching these videos for telltale signs of his stutter. Because the media narrative shifted recently, didn’t it?

You can see how media narratives shift by looking at Google trends.

Biden was Vice President for 8 years, where he gave hundreds of speeches and talks. No one during his 8 years in office wondered, “Does this guy stutter?”

But as Biden’s flubs were more noticeable, his team needed a media response. The Atlantic’s John Hendrickson was ready to provide cover fire.

What Joe Biden Can’t Bring Himself to Say His verbal stumbles have voters worried about his mental fitness.

Maybe they’d be more understanding if they knew he’s still fighting a stutter.

This article’s thesis was faulty from the onset, as Biden himself had given speeches to groups that seek to properly help those who stutter. (You can watch those speeches below.)

Let’s look back and see what the media was saying about Joe Biden’s stutter before his speeches became a rambling mess.

“Biden plops down in his seat and flashes The Smile, which comes and goes as steadily as a blinking light. He leans forward as if to confide a secret. His voice is somewhat nasal and he often speaks from the side of his mouth, with no trace of the stutter he had as a child.” – Washington Post, JOE BIDEN THE POLITICS OF BELIEF, 1987.

That quote is from an article in 1987. Joe Biden was an impressive figure in 1987, as you can hear in this video.

No one said much about Joe Biden’s stutter because it wasn’t an issue.

Watch this video of Joe Biden discussing his stutter. From 2016.

Compare this video to any contemporary footage of Biden.

Here is a 2008 speech by Joe Biden about his stutter.

Compare this video to any footage of Biden from 2020.


We’re all supposed to pretend like we don’t have parents and haven’t ever had to have the “Do we take away the car keys” conversation with siblings.

Watch this video. This isn’t a stutter.




CNN’s Brian Stelter Apologizes for Mistake (Good Man)




CNN’s Brian Stelter falsely accused a woman of spreading disinformation tonight, in a Tweet Stelte deleted without apology after it was revealed that Stelter lying.

The lie concerned a fire started by rioters in Washington D.C. Katrina B. Haydon reported that St. John’s church near the White House was on fire.




Stelter attacked the woman, baselessly accusing her of lying.


Brian Stelter has yet to apologize to spreading disinformation.

Did Brian Stelter lie to protect violent protesters?

Why did Stelter lie?

Is he trying to provide propaganda for violent protesters and domestic terrorists?

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“Burn It Down,” ESPN Writer Encourages Arson of Low Income Housing



ESPN sportswriter Chris Palmer Martin Tweeted, “Burn that shit down. Burn it all down.” The burning building was a low-income housing area in Minneapolis. (Minneapolis vandalism targets include 189-unit affordable housing development.)

When rioters neared Martin’s home, he called them “animals.”


The media has a history of supporting ANTIFA.



Hoaxed Movie Uncovers the Media’s Relationship with ANTIFA

Watch the Hoaxed Movie Trailer

Where to Watch Hoaxed Movie

iTunes here

Vimeo here

YouTube here

VuDu here

DVDs here

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Trump Channels CNN in Joe Scarborough “Cold Case”



“It’s possible, but I don’t know.” With those words former FBI Director James Comey set a new standard for media coverage of public figures. Even when there is no evidence to substantiate your claim, even when you’re relying on a document that had been discredited within the FBI, even when you’re quoting work product that was the result of Russian disinformation, you give no quarter to your enemies.

I am referencing the infamous pee-pee interview James Comey gave to ABC. Comey’s words were amplified by every media outlet. No context was added (such as the FBI’s knowing the Steele dossier was funded by Democrats and contained hoaxes from Russian pranksters).

And now Trump is applying these same principles to Joe Scarborough.

Media figures cry foul. What moral authority do they have?

Scarborough’s own colleague Rachel Maddow accuses people of being Russian assets. When called to answer those allegations in court, she claims that her assertions, believed to be statements of fact by her millions of viewers, are “quintessential statements of rhetorical hyperbole, incapable of being proved true or false.”

As much as I’m glad to see Joe Scarborough be treated with the same “journalistic ethics” as he treats others, I feel for the Lori Klausutis family, who no doubt do not want these painful memories resurfaced. Scarborough deserves this, but the Klausutis family does not.

But as always the media is treating itself as the real victim here.

The same media figures who recklessly smeared innocent teenagers from Covington High School as racists have much to say about a need for others to measure their words.

The same media figures who obsess over every mean Tweet a conservative posts ignores Scarborough’s on-air recording joking about the tragic death of a staffer.

Feel some empathy for the Klausutis. They are caught in a battle they didn’t start.

Scarborough, however, is getting exactly what he and everyone else on cable news deserves.



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