Why didn’t the SNDY charge Jeffrey Epstein under the Mann Act? Under the Mann Act, it’s unlawful to transport an underage girl through interstate travel, including on an airplane.

In a widely-publicized press conference the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced sex trafficking charges against Jeff Epstein. Epstein was charged for paying minors for massages from 2002 to 2005. Yet what was more newsworthy was the what the indictment left out.


  • Jeff Epstein traveled internationally with foreign dignitaries ranging from Prince Andrew to Bill Clinton.
  • Epstein kept a private island where he would bring guests to molest underage girls.
  • Epstein maintained files on men who slept with underage women.

The indictment against Epstein does not charge anyone except Epstein, and there’s nothing to indicate that anyone who flew to Epstein’s private island has faced scrutiny.

The SDNY’s actions have all of the telltale signs of “containment.”

Because the Miami Herald and Cernovich won a civil lawsuit, leading to over 2,000 records being unsealed, it’s simply impossible for the same Feds who gave Epstein a pass years ago to continue to cover up.

The SDNY could have charged Epstein in 2002, 2003, 2004, or at anytime until today. Yet they did not file charges until the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that previously sealed records involving Jeff Epstein would become public record.

Thus they are charging him without implicating anyone else who assisted with his operation.

The indictment was a major disappointment, so we will be redoubling our efforts to ensure that no one who worked with Epstein escapes justice.

18 Replies to “Disappointment as SDNY Undercharges Jeff Epstein”

  1. I saw NBC report on this story and they mentioned they seized computers with lewd pictures of minors and I wondered how was that possible. Why would he still have this stuff laying around at his house years after the criminal scrutiny and years after your litigation to unseal records? It does not make sense.

    1. You don’t know much about pedophiles obviously. They are pathologically arrogant and obsessively compulsive in their vampire like predation to assault children. Epstein could have millions of images, and absolutely NOT just of girls aged 14 and over. And we know from court documents that he filmed his assaults on minors as well as the assaults of other men – which is an entirely separate, serious crime with major prison time. The documentation and sharing of the assaults is 1/2 of the obsession. Epstein is a TEXTBOOK case. Rich predators care about 2 things – no real jail time and $$$. Epsteins prior scrutiny REAFFIRMED what he’d been living out, OVERTLY, for a decade – he was untouchable. More importantly, these predators are “addicts”. He won’t “stop”. Which is why we, and cops know da– well, he’s continued on just as before, preying on, assaulting, serially trafficking minors. There are victims well past 2008.

    2. WHY the h — would Robert Kraft, a very high profile billionaire with a bought and paid for very young “gf” at home and access to any # of women on call 24/7, be pictured frolicking with not especially exclusive strippers 1/2 naked in a freakin’ bathroom or risk going to some hole in the wall “spa” brothel trafficking hole? Rich men generally are incredibly reckless with their sex lives. The phrase is um “hubris”, also described within law enforcement research as the concept of their “achilles heel”. These men make “need driven mistakes”, are always weighing “risk vs reward”. They are obsessive, compulsive, and generally entitled – and why not? Their entire lives have taught them to be.

    3. Lets not forget Epstein thought he was protected, as he has The global syndicate behind him and he hides their deep dark secrets. Of course he had felt protected from being caught.. If he’s caught, they’re caught.

      1. The Deep State protect their own as usual. I expected a lot more from Barr.
        Look st the corrupt🤡🤡 running a🎪and they just continue. No bodies stops them. If they can do this to a President, imagine what they can do to us.
        They behavioring like they already Dictators. Evidence what you’ll see if they ever get elected to office. Sick

  2. I’m not so sure this case will turn out as many expect. For one thing; In the bail hearing the attorney’s said there were no superseding indictments coming. This suggests only what’s in the current indictment is all there is. As the defense said, the indictments describe no penetration taking place therefore there is no statutory rape. With the Judge mentioning “innocent until proven innocent” I wouldn’t be surprised if he Does get to bail out, with monitoring.

      1. Cause: Suicide by hanging (disputed)
        Date: August 10, 2019; 4 months ago
        Location: Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York City

  3. Time will tell but there are just too many people now unwilling to let the corruption continue. Is that number over 50%? No. But it’s high enough, for sure.

  4. As usual, the left is working hard to cover this up. Mike deserves the Congressional Medal of Freedom for this. I hope they burn all of the assholes who were involved in this- starting with Epstein. Preferably on a public square somewhere.

  5. Why can’t Americans think outside of a political ideological lense? Everything in life ins’t about left and right, Democrat or Republican. Have you all been so politically brain washed that common sense can’t prevail? Girls were molested and all you can think about is the political angles of the case? Do any of you have daughters? What about the moral angle. Damn.

  6. I was checking entries related to this on Zerohedge. Not a whisper of your name, just the Miami Herald. I understand quite a few articles are linked but I thought an original entry would at least give you some props. Keep up the good work.

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