Lawyers who should know better are suggesting that Brett Kavanaugh must have something to hide because he’s preparing for an interview before the Senate. Lawyers who should know better are embarrassing themselves and harming their clients with this type of misinformation.

Why would an innocent man with nothing to hide need to prepare?

First of all, he doesn’t know the allegations against him. It’s harder for a wrongfully accused person to defend himself, because you don’t know what happened. If you actually did the crime, you have some facts to work with. Imagine you’re not even at the place someone said you were at. How do you disprove an allegation?

Second, the traps for Kavanaugh as manifold.

Senator Corey Booker: Mr. Kavanaugh, should we believe women who claim to be victims of abuse?

Kavanaugh: Yes, of course.

Booker: Then why shouldn’t we believe Blasey Ford?

On and on, with questions like this:

  • Do you believe the accusations made against President Trump?
  • How can your law clerks feel safe around you?
  • Why should we vote on you now rather than wait for an FBI interview?

Watching well-respected criminal defense lawyers get on their knees to shine the shoes of Andrew McCabe (who lied under oath) and supplicate before high level government officials has been one of the grossest developments of this decade.

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