Ian Bremmer, in an effort to show how quickly mainstream “reporters” and other left wing operatives will spread fake news, Tweeted a clearly satirical quote:

President Trump in Tokyo “Kim Jong Un is smarter and would make a better President than Sleepy Joe Biden.”

The fake news machine went into overdrive, amplifying this hoax.

Former CIA agent Emily Brandwin shared this hoax.

CNN’s Anna Navarro shared the hoax.

Media Matters shared the hoax.

As media expert Yossi Gestetner observed, “This proves the INSANE echo chamber that anti-Trump twitter has become that Journos; lawmakers and NeverTrumpers pounce on anything Trump without waiting for proof. This is why there is so many FakeLeaks from the WH: Journos make stuff up knowing it will get play no Qs asked!”

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