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Convert Random Readers into Regular Readers (EliteFTS Case Study)



Even though we’ve never met or communicated, Dave Tate has been a major influence on my life. He currently owns and runs EliteFTS, a powerlifting equipment company. (I bought my Econo Prowler from there.) Because I admire Dave, I’m going to tell him something.

Your EliteFTS blog design sucks.

Whoa! Am I trolling Dave? No. I am using Dave’s terminology from an article he wrote years ago:

Getting from shit to suck is a snap, and most committed lifters can get up to Good within five years or so. It’s an okay place to be—you may be the best bencher in your big box gym and get tons of high fives—but in the grand scheme you’re nothing special.

Getting from good to great, however, puts you in very elite company. Few guys can ever do it, mainly because it requires getting through the dead zone, that period when absolutely nothing “works” and injuries (and frustration) start to mount.

Dave’s blogs are in the suck category. He can get from suck to good by making a few changes. (I do not offer consulting services, so this is not a pitch.)

How can Dave make his EliteFTS blogs good?

1. Take advantage of the “Wikipedia effect” by embedding links to old articles.

Have you ever been reading a specific article on Wikipedia when, three hours later, you’re on some unrelated Wikipedia page. “How did I get there?”

You went from a specific page to multiple other pages because every Wikipedia entry links to other entries. Click, click, click.

Every post at Danger & Play, my main site, links to other related articles. These links are natural and organic rather than forced.

This article you’re reading at includes natural, organic links to Danger & Play. See how I put them in there? How many tabs will you have open by the time you’re done reading this article?

Many people have said, “I open an article on Danger & Play and suddenly have 10 different tabs open.” (Pro tip: Make sure you set your links to open in a new tab.)

2. Why does Skip Hill have a testosterone level of 200?

I like Skip Hill’s Facebook page and saw he posted a new article on EliteFTS. Skip mentioned how he gained muscle while having a testosterone level of 200.

What the heck, Skip?!

I tried finding out the backstory, but since Skip hadn’t linked to his other articles, I closed the page.

I still have no idea what happened to Skip.

This is bad, because I’m already a “fan” of Skip!

I enjoyed reading Skip’s old forum, I know what “Skiploading is,” I’ve and read all of Dante Trudel’s articles and posts.

But they can’t even convert me into a regular reader of Skip’s blog.

If someone like me who gives a shit can’t find the information and closes the tab, what will happen when a random person stumbles upon an EliteFTS blog post?

3. I want to read your emails.

How can I get an email update when you publish a new article? Not EliteFTS the company, but individual authors.

People hate email marketing, but if you do it right, it’s great. The old school way is to use paid traffic to get guys to your squeeze page before running them through your sales funnel.

You email them non-stop trying to sell them.

That’s not how I use my email list. In fact, I think the only time I’ve sold my list something was to let them know about the Juice Power series of books.

My email list is at 6,500 while having a 44% open rate and 13% click through rate.

Email open rate and click rate

I only started building my list last year after my good friend Victor Pride recommended I do so. I average 25 new subs a day. Imagine how massive my list will be in 5 years.

These are 100% organic opt-ins, too.

You can read all of my old newsletters here.

email newsletter open rate

There’s nothing magical about what I do.

If you write quality content, people will want to read it and they’ll be happy to open your emails.

Guys have even written in to tell me they are excited to see a new email from me.

You can increase your newsletter subscriptions by giving people a way to subscribe right in the middle of the post.

Let’s get meta. Enter your email below and hit subscribe to join to my mailing list.

4. Turn your Facebook updates into a post.

Facebook is a great place to have a conversation, but once the discussion is over, it’s over. You need to start scaling your social media.

I turn my Tweets into blog posts. One of my best posts came about after a Facebook discussion.

Don’t be afraid to post something like “10 Random Thoughts About X.” Is that high art? No, but if you’re starting off and learning how to write, your material is going to suck anyway.

Danger & Play sucked three years ago. It started off as chicken scratch and is now approaching great novel status.

If I had been afraid of sucking for all the world to see, Danger & Play would not exist as it does today.

Dave, thanks for what you’ve done.

This article might piss you off, and I don’t really care if it does. I don’t adjust my message for a person’s feelings.

I believe, as you do, that we should, “live, learn, and pass on.”

I’ve learned from you, and in my own life have learned a few things.

Now I’m passing it on to you.

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Marketing for Men

Cernovich News Book Of The Week: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams



Scott Adams is not just the world famous Dilbert cartoonist, he’s the author of the groundbreaking book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

The book is Cernovich News’s Book Of The Week.

Adams’s book has masterful advice for managing your energy and creating a system to benefit your life. You can watch Cernovich News’s full review here.

After you buy Adams’s book, leave us a review of how much you enjoyed it in the comments!

P.S. Are you still feeling tired? Buy Gorilla Mind today!

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Marketing for Men

How to Survive a Public Shaming



Online hate mobs, usually formed by Gawker writers and social justice bullies like Anil Dash, ruin lives. They get people fired from jobs, and in the case of Justine Sacco, they send mobs of people to threaten women with rape.

I was publicly shamed. I got a full treatment on Gawker’s front page. Some idiots did an MSNBC special on me. Newsweek and other mainstream publications attacked me. What happened? Did I cry? Did I have a nervous breakdown?

I’m still standing and laughing. In fact, my counter-attacks received more views than the attacks on me.

They say it’s wrong to be a poor sport, but whatever. You don’t play by any sporting rules.

I won. I played your game and beat you.

But if you want to play again, you know where to find me.

However, there’s a caveat. You need a big platform. Nobodies try challenging me, but he can’t bring me enough page views to justify an appearance by yours truly.

I can move the needle, even at my own platforms. On a larger platform the ratings would be huge.

If you want a shot at the champ, you gotta set it up in Madison Square Garden.

P.S. I also laid out the blueprint for everyone else.

People are sick and tired of SJWs and their online hate mobs. Do not back down. Do not apologize. Do not quit your job. Stand your ground and fight.

I won and will continue to win.

You can do the same.

Do not apologize.

Do not quit your job. Make your employer fire you if it comes down to it.

Get your message out.

I’m just a regular guy who was tired of bullies like Sam Biddle and Gawker ruining lives.

You don’t have to be the greatest writer in the world to get your message out.

You simply need to take a stand. There are millions of others who will have your back. You are not alone.

Reach out for help. If a hashtag is formed around your name, tens of thousands of anti-bullying advocates will crash it.

P.S. Go Full Gorilla.

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Marketing for Men

Live Your Life, Share Your Story



Personal branding and image is big these days. If you talk to anyone in marketing or PR, they’ll tell you to create a personal brand and then ensure your conduct is congruent with that brand.

If you’re a fitness guy, never let anyone see you without abs. If you’re a mindset trainer, don’t let people see you get angry! Always look your best.

That’s one way of approaching personal branding, but it’s always felt too constraining to me. Sometimes, as Dave Chapelle portrayed in his genius works of comedy, keeping it real can go wrong.

Even so, I like to keep it real.

Hypocrisy is the only morality.

One reason marketers, PR flaks, and brand advisers tell you to remain “on brand” all of the time is because we live in an era of moral relativism.

“The only modern sin,” Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton observed, is “hypocrisy.”

In the U.S. especially, we are morally stunted. There is no absolute morality. We don’t feel guilt for doing something morally wrong, because morality doesn’t exist.

We are a narcissistic, shame-based society. Our greatest fear is contradicting ourselves and being publicly exposed as a hypocrite. (Read more: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.)

Living up to an artificial reality, while perhaps giving you mainstream appeal, leaves you feeling sick and empty inside.

It is dishonest.

Wouldn’t you rather sing a Song of Yourself?

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

You are flawed and contain multitudes, which is why people love you.

When you create a personal brand, you become a slave to it. You no longer exist as a human being. You are a persona.

The real you takes shits, picks his nose, probably has a little unwanted urine leakage from time to time, and masturbates to porn. (Please do not share that level of realness with the world, but keep some perspective. You are a human being, not a persona or cardboard cut-out.)

The real you wonders if anyone truly loves you, if you are a fraud who isn’t as good as people think, and often can’t see what the point of it all is when life is decay followed by death.

Will you share your message when that necessarily means exposing your vulnerabilities and hypocrisies?

I live my life and share my story.

I am compassionate, thoughtful, emphatic, kind, cold, callus, sex-crazed, vengeful, and a bit of an asshole who thinks highly of himself while being full of self-doubt.

Sometimes I rant about SJWs and other times I teach about mindfulness and the quest for inner peace.

Some would say I’m a hypocrite! Shouldn’t I be meditating in a cave?

Others would say my contradictions give meaning to my words, as my life shows I am working to improve myself in the very way I encourage others to.

I can’t imagine having any other personal brand than this, “I live my life and share my story.”

For business and marketing types (I have never taken a course in Business or Marketing), this is my mission statement: Live your life, share your story.

No one can expose me. No one can shame me. I am me.

In fact, the media went crazy when they talked about me on TV, wrote about me, and sent tens of thousands of people to tell me to kill myself….

And I laughed at them.

My site’s growth and the growth of my profile proves YOU can be who you want to be.

Be authentic, but not delusional.

If you keep it real, you’ll hit a ceiling.

I would never be allowed on TV. Some of my more controversial articles and Tweets (yes, thousands of people have formed into hate mobs based on my 140-character vignettes) would incite the masses to form online lynch mobs.

Advertisers would pull out and mid-level marketing and PR managers would cause internal corporate drama due to the feelings women have about me. Women are madly attracted to me while wanting to hate me.

Ultimately women control media and advertising, so be careful before you offend them.

Or not.

Live your life, share your story.

Yes, you can be true to yourself while having millions of readers.

In fact, that might be the only way.

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