Hoaxed was the #1 selling documentary in the world, which means I can now lay claim to being a film producer in addition to having written a best-selling mindset book. Some may call this bravado but the record speaks for itself. Best-selling filmmaker. Best-selling author. Forced open the Jeffrey Epstein case. Made a member of Congress resign.

My life is a highlight reel. 99% of filmmakers will never have a top film. 99% of authors will never have a best-selling book. 99% of reporters will never force a member of Congress to resign. I’ve done all of that and more. Stuff I won’t even write because it would be more unbelievable than what I just wrote.

You can do it all, too.

There is a way to win at life.

A formula.

Most won’t follow it, and this message isn’t for them.

People will cry or whine about me “bragging: or try to bring me down.

I don’t care.

I don’t even enable comments here.

I went from a fat kid with asthma in a home with a bipolar mom to where I am now.

From not being able to take a trip more than an hour away from my house (because the care might break down) to traveling the world.

And I didn’t have me as a mentor.

Some of my guys, like Nestor, are doing more at 29 than I am at 42.

For years guys have wanted me to start a private group.

I never did because it’s hard to teach what I know.

You want to get where I am? Learn to suffer. Walk into fights you shouldn’t get into. Ignore the fake alpha male bullshit you see online from guys who pretended to make it, but wouldn’t get noticed in any room they walked into.

That message doesn’t translate well….

Meet Mike Bolen.

Mike started coming down to our cigar nights and we hit it off right away.

He “gets it.” Doesn’t f*ck around, doesn’t lie about money and all of this other stuff.

Being online as long as I have, you just get burned out.

By the fakers, the frauds, the fricking time wasters.

Mike is a successful real estate developer.

He’s done deals for 20-30 years.





He’s done all of that and more.

As well as owning a vineyard.

He’s opening up a group.

Message him here at this link.

DO NOT message me.

I know how the questions go….

“Is this group right for me?”

“How does this group compare to so-and-so’s?”

If you want to learn more about the group, send a message here (click this link).

“What is Mike Bolen’s deal?”

His group will be real-estate focused.

Buying properties.

Finding properties.

Financing properties.

And other real state stuff.

Find out more here:




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