My family continues to get death threats from a stalker, and every expert said you shouldn’t give stalkers attention. And they are right. In my case, multiple “journalists” are accessories to the stalking. Here is how it works.

I filed a cease-and-desit order against my stalkers, and there’s an active criminal investigation open. The stalkers then send “news tips” to members of the fake news media. Often others are their friends.

Will Sommer of The Daily Beast asked people to send him a sex tape of me (there isn’t one). My lawyer sent a cease-and-desit letter to The Hill, where Sommer worked at the time. Brian Stelter was sent a copy of this letter, and of course he won’t ask Sommer (a guest on his program) why he’s calling people to ask for Cernovich d-ck pics.

Sommer also posted a fake news article claiming there was a sex tape. He took it down after his editor at The Hill intervened. Now Sommer works as a media critic at The Daily Beast.

Every week I get a call from a journalist asking about a “tip.” When I show them the screen caps and police reports, do they report on how my family is being stalked and harassed? No. They ignore the death threats.

Here is the latest,
and anyone reading this is going to get
“mass shooter vibes” about whoever wrote it.

Again, NEVER give attention to your stalkers. I have no choice, as their friends in the media are helping them harass my family.

This was sent to dozens of journalists. Not one of them has the integrity to report the truth.

sources close to shauna cernovich are saying that shauna has left an ‘if anything happens to me and the baby mike is responsible’ document with her lawyer.
apparently mikes reckless irresponsible behaviour, ie. posting the baby photos online, having the baby co-host his periscopes, all for the sake of bumping up his twitter stats and satisfying his pathological egocentricity is starting to wear very, very thin on shauna.
shauna is starting to suspect she may have another christopher coleman or scott peterson on her hands in mike and is deeply troubled and concerned for her own safety and that of the baby.
the death threats to the family, once again precipitated by mikes selfish thoughtless narcissistic behaviour online are especially disconcerting to shauna who has pleaded with mike to cease and desist from engaging in the what to normal people is clearly obvious, extremely dangerous perilous behaviour.
shauna has tried on countless occasions to reason with mike, to no avail that he is the culprit, cause and source of the security threat to the family and not the victim as he constantly portrays himself in tweets to his gullible followers.
mike has even made the comment that he wished shauna had a block and mute button he could press, like there is on his twitter account, so he can shut her up.
shauna is also very deeply worried and concerned that if she walks out on mike, robbing him of the opportunity to bump his twitter stats with happy family photo’s and video there might be a double homicide, namely, her and the baby.
throw into the mix mike experimenting with gorilla dust, potent hallucinogens, his delusions of grandeur that he has become a household name and is altering the course of human history, his fixation with kanye west and belief that he is about to psychologically transcend the ‘simulation’, all of which he proudly publishes many times a day on twitter, has shauna firmly convinced that mike ticks all the boxes for qualification as a full blown sociopath/psychopath.
around the house mike pays more attention to his phone than his family. shauna says the only time mike ever shows any interest in them is to produce more content for ‘click-bait’ and twitter stat bumping purposes. other than that he spends every waking moment in an obsessive compulsive infantile attention seeking frenzy tweeting on average 6-700 times per day, seven days a week.
shauna cites 3 key events she believes have led to mikes rapid downward spiral:
1) that the president hasn’t invited him to the oval office and appointed him as the white house communications director.
2) the dismissal of his idol anthony scaramucci from the white house.
3) having the listing and link to his blog removed from the drudge report.
last but not least there’s the issue of shauna’s deep suspicion that mike is engaging in an extra-marital affair, in much the same manner he openly, brazenly publicly bragged about engaging in while still married to his former wife, whilst he’s away from the home travelling to his mindset seminars and night of freedom events.
mikes cheating has become a volatile source of domestic conflict and further reason for shauna leaving the document with her lawyer and secretly wanting out of the relationship, especially over the past few days. a few incidents of note contributing to the evaporation of shauna’s trust in mikes marital fidelity include:
1) mikes recent surge in tweets to the effect “we’ve all made mistakes/done stupid things in the past” in an apparent attempt to hose down a scandal before it goes viral
2) a recent surge in mike retweeting laura loomer who, coincidentally, also seems to be having a surge of tweets saying more or less the same thing as point 1 above, ie. “we’ve all made mistakes/done stupid things in the past”.
3) mike being approached by mainstream media wanting a statement in regard to a sex-tape of him and laura loomer
4) mike documenting his melt downs in response to those MSM journalist requests for the sex-tape profusely on twitter but oddly NOT denying the existence of the tapes
5) rumours finding their way back to shauna from a variety of dependable sources that mike is funding laura loomers lavish lifestyle including rent, travel, dining, clothing, jewellery and entertainment expenses
6) mike mysteriously adopting the habit of buying something on his credit card every hour in order to document and establish his whereabouts and movements at any given point in time and admitting this activity to his twitter followers on the pretext of wanting to thwart ‘stalkers’
7) the introduction of a family ritual mike affectionately refers to as ‘map night’. map night takes place the day mikes monthly credit card statement arrives. what happens on ‘map night’ is mike makes shauna sit down with him in front of the computer and pulls up both his credit card statement and google maps on the screen.
mike then proceeds to reconcile and plot each item on the credit card statement (each of his hourly purchases mentioned in point 6 above) with the location of its place of purchase on the map.
shauna has mentioned to friends and relatives that ‘map night’ was eerily reminiscent of scott petersons conduct when police questioned him a few hours after his pregnant wife was reported missing, to quote:
‘REDWOOD CITY, California (Court TV) — Scott Peterson had proof of his alibi close at hand when police questioned him a few hours after his pregnant wife was reported missing, an investigator testified Tuesday.
Modesto police detective Jon Evers told jurors that, when he asked him about a fishing trip to the San Francisco Bay, Peterson immediately produced corroboration of his story.
“I had a quick conversation with Scott about where he went fishing, Berkeley Marina. And he said, ‘In fact, I have a parking receipt. Would you like to see it?'” Evers said.
The receipt showed Peterson parked at the launch at 12:54 p.m. on December 24, 2002, the day his wife, Laci, vanished. ‘
8) shauna inadvertently discovering on the family computer, fake twitter accounts set up by mike, whereby he was replying to tweets from his real account with death threats to his family.
shauna has mentioned to friends and family that this scheme of mikes was eerily reminiscent to that of christopher coleman, who murdered his wife and two young children in illinois, may 2009, for motives of greed, ambition and cover up of an extra marital affair, to quote:
‘Investigators allege Coleman killed his family, fearing that a divorce would cost him his high-paying job – but he needed an alibi to explain their deaths. Their final witnesses are focusing on evidence that seems to show Coleman himself faked a series of threats against his family,  leading up to the day of the murders.
A series of violent emails from a sender identified as ‘DestroyChris’ linked the threats to Coleman’s work protecting the well-known televangelist. One message said “I will kill them all while they sleep” – refering to Coleman’s family – while another, sent to Meyer’s son and ministry CEO Chris said to “tell Chris his family is dead” because he was safeguarding Meyer.
But Ken Wojtowicz, a Granite City police officer and Major Case Squad member who specializes in computer investigations, testified that by tracing temporary IP addresses, he was able to determine that the ‘’ account was created on Coleman’s own computer and that threatening emails sent on November 14th-16th of 2008 were also sent through that computer.’
in mikes case shauna believes the trigger for her and the babys murder might be the blow to mikes pathological egocentricity in losing twitter followers if her and the baby walk out on him and he can’t bump his stats with ‘happy family’ click-bait any longer as well as covering up his affair with laura loomer.
particularly worrisome to shauna of late though, has been mikes habit of tweeting to his followers before opening up an ‘ask me anything’ session that shauna, much like scott petersons story of his last known sighting of laci, has gone for a walk with the dog.
those close to shauna relate she is especially freaked out about the discovery of the fake ‘death threat’ twitter accounts mike set up.
To top it all off, Mike being listed on the ADL, SPLA and Media Matters for America websites as an alt-right, hate mongering, white supremacist, smear campaign organizing, fake news producing twitter troll hasn’t helped create the dream mike promised shauna before they were married.
in fact shauna has expressed in private that she now feels she’s living in a mentally abusive nightmare she can’t see any escape for her or the baby from being married to mike.












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