“What if you started from the proposition that your past does not exist,” a best-selling mindset book challenges readers. “What if you treated memories as no more real than imagination?”

MSNBC’s top performing news anchor clearly read Gorilla Mindset, as she was able to survive a public relations blow that would have chopped the knees of of anyone else.

Through her life, Ms. Reid insulted gay people, Jewish people, Latino people, and everyone else. Sensing a brand pivot was in order, Ms. Reid became a spokeswoman for those same people she hated. Reid now limits her hatred to those you’re allowed to hate.

When confronted with her past writings, Ms. Reid claimed she never said what people accused her of saying.

And I believe her, because I wrote the book on her strategy.

The past isn’t real.

“The past” is collection of memories you choose to hold onto.

People love-to-hate holding onto the past because it offers an out. “I can’t do this, because of…..” Ms. Reid did not let her “past” stop her from living life on her terms.

Joy Reid should never be allowed to anchor a major cable news show. That is an objective fact. Her past remarks disqualify her.

But she didn’t allow what people claimed to be true about her past to stop her. She moved forward towards her vision, as Gorilla Mindset explains:

When a painful memory arises, remind yourself, This is not real. Instead of thinking about the past, visualize the future. Use your visualization skills that you have wasted on thinking about the past to dream about a better future. You’ll be surprised by what and who you attract into your life.

Low consciousness thinkers would claim these techniques mean you’ll “live in denial of the past,” and this shows they are science deniers.

Although memory can be hazy at times, it is often assumed that memories of violent or otherwise stressful events are so well-encoded that they are largely indelible and that confidently retrieved memories are likely to be accurate. However, findings from basic psychological research and neuroscience studies indicate that memory is a reconstructive process that is susceptible to distortion.

See, “The Neuroscience of Memory: Implications for the Courtroom.”

Human memory is provably biased. Here are 3 of over 38 biases that distort your memory:

1. Remembering the past as having been better than it really was, is an example of rosy retrospection bias.

2. Remember the path taken or choices made as being better than those you did not, this is called the Choice-supportive bias.

3. Mistaking a memory for something you imagined is a memory bias of cryptomnesia or a false memory. Fiction can be fun and we can all live in our heads a bit too much. This can equally work against us.

Maybe Ms. Reid wrote what people claimed, maybe she didn’t, the key is that she has chosen to live as if her past doesn’t exist.

Partisan people may not like or agree with what Ms. Reid does. Gorilla Mindset is a non-partisan, apolitical book. We don’t talk about politics, and in fact a lot of women have read it, too.

The powerful mindset techniques can be used by anyone. Read Gorilla Mindset today.

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