Hoaxed: The Truth About Fake News is now available in digital form. Hoaxed may be released a paperback later. It depends.

I didn’t plan on writing a book about fake news, as the film Hoaxed is a stand-alone film.

We had the interviews transcribed during editing, and it seemed like a travesty to keep this material from public view.

We talked to some big names in Hoaxed, but I don’t “hard sell” books.

If people want to be stupid and not read, that’s their choice.┬áIt’s $9.99 for an ebook.

  • Also a major motion picture, Hoaxed explores how misinformation spreads online in conversations with several high profile guests and celebrities. Hoaxed is a collection of original essays – some snarky, some serious, and some gossipy – by Cernovich. Also included are long form interviews with high profile media figures.

Because I didn’t want to release “merely” a book of interviews, I also wrote some essays demonstrating how journalists create fake news.

Hoaxed covers some subjects that every informed citizen should know about:

  • Fact-checking and its abuses,
  • Selective editing,
  • Mass shootings caused by far left wing groups,
  • James Gunn and his defenders,
  • Much more!

You can buy Hoaxed here.

Find out more about Hoaxed in the latest podcast,
“What I was Wrong About.”

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