Considering there’s a new book out about me, written by someone else, I’ll give you all the chance to read a book about me by me.

Hoaxed book is legit, and contains the full interviews with people who were in Hoaxed, everyone from Jordan Peterson to Scott Adams to Cassie Jaye to Anthony Scaramucci.

Hoaxed also contains original essays on news and life.

What people are saying about Hoaxed book:

  • Where to start on a review of this eye-opening book? (And upcoming movie!) There is a lot to unpack in this well-written factual expose of the hypocrisy of the mass media and what counts as “journalism” today. Fake News truly does abound and we are a dumber angrier country because of it. It’s almost as if the MSM is conducting military styled information operations ie propaganda with the same talking points flowing across every news medium available.
  • Whatever you think about Cernovich, Hoaxed will make you think about what you see on the news and whether it’s real. Hint: it’s not.
  • Stumbled across this book scrolling through social media – couldn’t put it down – and am a deeper thinker as a result.
  • Outstanding book with excellent analysis and the most brilliant minds of our time, weighing in on the farce that is mainstream media. Read this book to become fully aware of today’s truth; this book is an effective antidote for the lies we are fed daily. You will come to understand how priceless independent media truly is … and how urgently each of us should take action to protect our bill or rights. Freedom of the press does not mean libel and slander are lawfully protected… and nearly all the media we consume is replete with nothing but libel and slander. Support independent media and citizen journalists! The future of our civilization depends upon it.
  • This book will change the way that you think about news, even if you are already a skeptic. Before getting started, I was initially sort of expecting to and hoping that I wouldn’t have to read a recap of a bunch of hoaxes that I had already known about. I follow Mike’s coverage pretty closely. I was pleasantly surprised in a couple of ways. 1) I enjoyed the recaps in the beginning because I realized there are SO MANY hoaxes in the news that you forget 90% of them. I was like “oh yeah!! That happened too!!” dozens of times. 2) Most of the book has new insight into how those hoaxes went down.

Get Hoaxed Book here today.

You can watch a free preview of Hoaxed Movie here:


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