Hacked like Joy Reid

Far left wing outlet MSNBC had found a new star in Joy Reid. Reid is everything you’d want in a news anchor – smart, charismatic, and aggressive. She’s also a reformed Internet troll.

An anonymous whistle blower went through Reid’s old blog posts. Using Twitter, this person began revealing some offensive content from Reid.

Reid’s blog was loaded with 9/11 conspiracy theories, mean-spirited memes about John McCain, and even some homophobic jokes. I won’t repeat what Reid said directly but it’s out there.

You can run a DuckDuckGo search for Joy Reid’s old blog posts for a laugh or dose of outrage.

Nothing Reid wrote offended me, but there was more than enough on her blog to get any conservative a lifetime ban from FoxNews.

When the first batch of offensive posts surfaced in December, 2017, Reid apologized. Everyone excepted her apology, because as you’ll see throughout this book and film, there’s a different set of standards that are applied to the far left. Reid moved on, just as Seder had moved on. Or so she thought.

In April, 2018, a new batch of shocking bigotry was released. What Reid said was as bad as anything wrong thinkers like me have said, and in many cases she said far worse than I allegedly have.

Rather than apologize once again, Reid outright lied. She claimed her blog had been hacked!

Time travelers, perhaps from Russia, planted offensive content on her blog. Yet her hacking tale quickly fell apart.

In life, your wins can be your losses. In Reid’s case, the Library of Congress had made the decision to archive her blog years ago. This was a high honor, and also a back-up of her blog.

For Reid’s story to be true, the Library of Congress would have had to have been hacked.

Reid claimed she filed a report with the FBI, although no one took this seriously, because while lying to the public isn’t a crime, lying to the FBI most certainly is.

Joy Reid remains gainfully employed at NBC, despite posting bigoted content and then lying about being hacked.

When people claim I said something offensive in the past, I reply with, “No. I was hacked like Joy Reid.”

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  1. That helps explain why, for example, Fox News host Tucker Carlson used a whole segment to blast Reid. He said her claim that she was hacked was “childish” and argued that “you’d have to be a moron to believe it.” But he also went after her political views, calling her an “icon on the progressive left” and claiming that “there is not a single fashionable opinion that Joy Reid doesn’t have or isn’t happy to denounce you for not having” — showing that his criticisms of Reid go beyond the recent allegations.

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