Our mindset events are unlike others because there are edgy but not political. They don’t cover “pick-up” or “dating,” although working on yourself is the best way to attract others.

You learn how to completely reprogram and repair and update the most important machine in the world – your own mind.

Our focus is on going deep within yourself to find out how the software your mind is running can be upgrade.

Mindset is your operating software. The way you perceive the world and interpret “objective” sensory data is influenced by your fundamental beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

My mindset work has shown me that issues in our culture are faced by all people, although my harsh approach tends to resonate with men. 20% of Gorilla Mindset readers are women. Everyone is allowed, of course, and we do not discuss politics or social issues.

We focus on issues that matter to everyone. I don’t advertise the “diversity” of events because it’s insulting to use people who want to better their lives as some box to be checked. No one feels out of place, and we’ll leave it at that.

We cover different material based on the vibe of the audience. Sometimes we teach the book, other times we go off-script. Lately I’ve been focusing on the power of story, and how to re-write your past.

Here is a full video of a past seminar.

Why I don’t buy advertising for mindset seminars.

I don’t buy ads because I only want people in the room who “get it.”

There are Hillary voters in the room, Bernie voters, and Trump voters. And none of that b.s. matters.

Everyone is losing their minds out there, and if people who don’t “get it” show up after seeing an ad, they might kill the vibe.

Let everyone else be insane outside of the room. Inside the room, good vibes prevail.

Plus, I like to make it take some effort to attend a seminar.

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What past seminar attendees have said.

Gorilla Mindset seminars have been held all over the world.

Here is what a few people have said

  • The team was so genuinely supportive as I entered that I realized I could just relax. How rare, I realized!! Then the other participants were all positive, open people
  • It was divided into different sections with different speakers. It gave a natural flow and allowed a break so one person was not on stage for the entire time
  • The crowd participation was great. The community of people I was able to meet and stay in contact with. And of course the material that was covered was solid and didactic.
  • Quality and applicability information presented
  • Enjoyed it’s thematic simplicity…..Rewrite your story, and define yourself as the person in the story….Not letting a negative experience or other people define yourself…
  • I liked that it was interactive and more conducive to meeting people.

Here’s a seminar I gave while in a terrible skin care (read about that here).

I’ll be closing ticket sales this Thursday.

Without doing any advertising, we have a great turnout, and I always close ticket sales early. This event is no exception. Ticket sales close this Thursday.

Request an invitation to the New York Seminar.

Saturday June 23rd.

    See you soon.

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