Since I was 19 or 20, I started taking nootropics, or what losers call “brain pills.” I’ve always wanted an edge in life, and always pushed my body and mind beyond real or perceived limits.

This is why everyone in Los Angeles says they will write a book and make a film, and never do. Where as I:

  • Wrote and published a book that sold over 80,000 copies (and is still selling well) and won awards.
  • Produced a film on free speech, and am in post-production on a second feature-length film.
  • Broke some of the biggest stories of the year, including the John Conyers story.
  • Became recognized worldwide, from nothing, no network, no big donors, just sheer force of will.
  • Made some huge mistakes, got my butt kicked badly in life, and got up and kept moving.

I also manage to have a family life, cover breaking news in an entertaining way, face off the most aggressive journalists in the game and….You get the point.

Now ask what the haters have done…

Ask yourself what people who hate on “brain pills” get done.

I’ve tried nearly every nootropic formulation, and 4 years ago began working on my own formulation. Each batch had problems, and we never could nail down the right combination of ingredients. I shelved the idea of having my own product, moved to Vietnam with my wife, and wrote Gorilla Mindset.

Yet the nootropic idea lingered. It was an unsolved challenge in my life, and once we returned to the U.S., I began working on a product line in earnest.

Around a year ago, my business partner and I nailed it. The formulation was on. It was better than anything I had ever taken. We ordered samples, lab tested them (the results were outstanding), and then ordered our first batch of 10,000 bottles.

I was excited not only because this was a product I believed in, but because also this was a new business.

We were excited for launch, and then something horrible happened. The company we ordered from started giving us problems (to put it mildly). We had to find a new company.

But that’s neither here nor there, as far as YOU are concerned.

New readers might not know this, but I’ve been around for 15 years, writing in various forms. Credibility is everything. As Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

A lot of people hate me for various jokes and satirical articles and even for my sincere views about world affairs, but you’ll notice that no one has ever accused me of not being honest.

I let you know right away that I am marketing to you.

There isn’t any fine print. (Also, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”)

I always resented having people be sneaky about selling me a product, or people are vague.

If you have a great product, don’t play games, don’t hide, man up or woman up and make your pitch.

I WANT you and everyone you know to buy and read Gorilla Mindset. Buy extra copies to donate to schools and libraries. I am shameless about this, because it’s a great book. (And I assume, if you like what you read, you want me to be able to keep working and providing you value.)

Gorilla Mindset has over 2,000 ratings in reviews across Audible and Amazon. I’m proud of Gorilla Mindset, which again, doesn’t matter to YOU.

(One tip for those of you who sell products. Don’t tell people how excited you are. Make the sale about the buyer. What excites them? Or, do as I say, not as I do…)

If you don’t want me to earn a living as a writer, then you’re a toxic person, and I don’t want you reading me. That doesn’t mean everyone who reads me has to every buy anything, and in fact, no one should ever feel obligated to ever buy anything. But if you begrudge someone for working and making a living, you’re simply not the kind of person I want around me.

Imagine I went to your place of work and said, “What kind of LOSER is trying to get paid for working?!” That’s exactly what it sounds like when someone gets upset about me saying, “Here’s what I’m selling, and want you to buy.”

Gorilla Mind is an incredible product, and there are two formulations – Rush and Smooth.

Rush is what I would have taken during my “bro years.” It’s an intense experience. At my current stage in life, it’s “too powerful” for me.

Smooth offers intense focus with zero jitters.

The biggest difference between Rush and Smooth is that Smooth contains theacrine, which has caffeine like effects without the caffeine jitters.

The preference for Rush and Smooth is individual. Some people love rush, others don’t. I have taken both, and prefer Smooth.

How I personally use Gorilla Mind Smooth.

I wake up and do my morning routine.

Then I take 3 capsules with a large iced coffee. (I don’t eat breakfast, and my first meal is around 1 or 2 p.m.)

On days off, that’s it. On days when I go to the gym, I take another 3 capsules 30-60 minutes before lifting.

I only sell products I personally use.

If you’ve been around for years, you’ve seen me recommend a ton of products that work, even though no one has sponsored those recommendations.

We will be expanding the Gorilla Mind line of products.

We also recently launched Gorilla Dream, which is a phenomenal sleep aid.


These products are among the best on the market.

They are what I personally use, and while most of my friends and family aren’t “nootropic people,” they’ve all been thrilled with Gorilla Dream.

Not everyone wants to be as focused and intense as I am (sometimes even I wish to be less intense), but everyone needs a good night’s sleep.

Check out our products.

Or don’t.

The choice is entirely up to you.

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