If what Michael Moore presented about the Flint water crisis in Fahrenheit 11/9 is true, then I don’t see how Michigan governor Rick Snyder is able to walk out in public. When learning about children being lead poisoned, I and my wife were thinking of ways to help. But as Moore’s film wrapped up by saying that every Trump supporter was a Nazi, there wasn’t any reason to believe his reporting about Flint’s water. Could be just another big lie.

Rather than unite economic populists on the left and right, Moore went with a conventional film for his audience of white Boomer liberals. They’ll leave the film feeling good about themselves. The smug factor is high, as we’ve come to expect from an aging and uncreative Moore.

Every problem in American is someone else’s fault, and that someone else is usually a Republican.

Moore is such a stupid boomer that he attended an anti-Trump rally organized by Russians. Typical of Boomers, he didn’t engage in any critical self-examination, asking how he himself was duped.

Paper burns at 451 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the title of Ray Bradbury’s book, which Michael Moore borrowed from.

Michael Moore’s work is safe enough that the kids stayed home. According to Deadline, “Only 9% under 25 showed up.”

There’s nothing in¬†Fahrenheit 11/9 that anyone will want to ban. His film isn’t a threat to establishment Democrats, Trump supporters, Republicans, or anyone else other than his financial backers who are seeing disappointing box office sales.

Watch my video review of Fahrenheit 11/9 here:


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