CIA officer and former NSC staffer Eric Ciaramella has been named as the whistle blower by several outlets. His name was first given to me, although I didn’t run the story because the media would immediately lie about me to protect Ciaramella, as they have done before.

In 2017 I rose to prominence as the most sourced reporter, breaking the Susan Rice unmasking story. During my reporting In uncovered that many leaks were coming from McMaster and his allies.

Then the media hit back. Journalists who were receiving leaks needed to protect their leakers. They smeared Cerno to “kill the messenger.” Here is one example at Foreign Policy:

On June 11, alt-right blogger Mike Cernovich published an article attacking an assistant to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, claiming the previously low-profile civil servant wanted to “sabotage” President Donald Trump. The piece described Eric Ciaramella as “pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia” and alleged, with no evidence, that he was possibly responsible for high-level leaks. The response to the piece included online threats of violence against Ciaramella, which contributed to his decision to leave his job at the National Security Council a few weeks early, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

I love that “with no evidence” line. I literally had deeply-sourced stores. Multiple stories of mine were confirmed by other outlets and also by current events.

That FP article also falsely claimed Ciaramella was getting threats. No proof of these threats were provided in the article. Ciaramella works in the f-cking CIA, but they couldn’t name one person who made a threat against Ciaramella? Get real. There were no threats. Just lies about Cerno.

It was all a media lie and smear campaign to shut down my reporting.

When I report on someone, It’s harassment! When the media reports on a meme maker, it’s journalism!

  • What is the difference between journalism and activism? That’s an essay question right there, and I bet you most haven’t thought deeply about the difference, or whether there is one.

No one can explain this difference in treatment, especially given my proven track record breaking many stories.

I continued reporting aggressively, breaking huge stories that no one else had.

My stories were so deeply-sourced that McMaster held meetings about me:

The leaking threat isn’t necessarily exaggerated. Cernovich appears to have sources within the White House and has broken stories that could only have come from people with direct knowledge of internal proceedings, though he has told me he uses burner phones and encrypted apps, and doesn’t always know his sources’ identities.

McMaster also asked Andrew McCabe to open a counter-espionage investigation into me. McCabe declined to do so. (McMaster also asked McCabe to investigate Tara Palmeri. For some reason no reporter will break this story on McMaster’s excesses, but it’s well-known that McMaster was frustrated by Palmeri’s sourcing.)

Well now it’ alleged that Eric Ciaramella is a whistle blower. Which is a magical way of saying, yes he was leaking.

Cerno’s stories were yet again confirmed.

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    1. Thank you keep up the fight.
      Apparently we need laws to hold politicians accountable or lying to the American public. It’s mind-boggling that one dishonest Democrats in California can create so much controversy for the whole United States.
      I’m sure if people cross the United States could vote on it Adam shift would be at home without a job with no pension or benefits.

          1. Really. I think your crystal ball is broken. If he wins again it will again be with the help of a foreign country.

        1. Trump 2020 will be re-elected. I hope this impeachment goes to the Senate and then the White house can call witnesses without Adam Schiff blocking the list. You can bet Adam Schiff will be number one on the list.

          The only reason he has stated that he does not know the Whistle Blower is because he isn’t under oath. At the Senate he will be under oath and foe sure he will not lie, because his staff will be subpoenaed as well and they know who he is and the question will come out if they informed Adam Schiff. If they lie the risk being indicted for lying under oath.

          1. This democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since he got sworn in as president. So much corruption has come light since he ran for president and won. I am a combat veteran and I voted for Trump because he wasn’t a damn politician. So hope justice will be coming to all these corrupt people from Durham and bar.

      1. Agree! 100%! The HORRIBLE DEM politicians TORTURED 100+MMS innocent US Citizens for over 3.5 yrs! 24/7/365!
        It’s about time to lock them all up!😫😫👎👎

  1. Keep doing your investigative reporting! We need it. We want it. We love it. Our country and its Patriots thank you.

  2. When you have to talk about yourself in a story in order to tell one, you’ve lost credibility as a serious reporter or journalist.
    The last thing you want to be is the story and that’s all I see here.

      1. Hey pal. A little ad hominem never hurt anyone huh? Saves you from making a real argument. I suggest, sir, you look yourself in the mirror and pull that “no one cares about you” line on yourself, locking contact with your own eyes. And think about it. What are you saying? Is it worth it to do that to a fellow human being whom you haven’t met? Christ said, what you do to the least of us, you do unto me.

        1. Mike is not your pal and would probably inflict harm on you (mental surely, physical perhaps) if you ever tried to “pal” with him.

          If you think weak words like this will slow him down, you need to stop wasting your time typing crap like this and read more of his material to understand your utter futility.

    1. Nice attempt at a deflection, but you fail to offer anything substantive that refutes what is in this article. The fact is that Eric Ciaramella is a leftist operative whose carrier demonstrates his bias and your lack of substance demonstrates yours.

    2. You state your opinion as fact. Actually he should let us know he had this story so early on. It adds credibility to every other story he ever writes.

      1. Somebody said “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Love people. Use money.

        Put yourself in the new Ukraine leader’s place. You’re in an equal relationship with Trump—as everyone in his mind is—and are in a vice grip between the West & Putin. You’d think twice about not letting the Donald grab your pussy—OR ball sack!

    3. You need to learn how to be unbiased so you can read the story think about it and then think before you speak out. This reporter tells the truth you cant except because if you were to accept the truth everything you believe in all the things that you think make this world work all the people you think are good people would be destroyed it would ruin your whole belief system and to do that is too devastating so you’d rather just follow live than be enlightened and that my friend it’s a sad day for you. Hopefully one day you’ll learn that the truth is out there not to believe lies when it’s obvious that they’ve been attacking this present from day one if you can’t honestly say that if you tell people and yourself that this president has been treated fairly yada yada yada then you are not being honest with yourself and you live in a world that’s not real so good luck man and get some help if you lack the capacity to come to this conclusion without getting help. I’m out

    4. Bahaha, so who are these “serious” and credible journalists that you are referring to Aly? Maybe I’m missing the sarcasm here(😬😬) but I doubt it! I assume that these *”serious” and *”credible” *I’m sure that the only “seriously credible” journalists that haven’t lost YOUR gullibility are names such as: Acosta,Cooper,Maddow,Burnett,Woodward,etc.etc.

      This is the first comment I’ve ever made on this site and I’m already pissed off and No! I’m not upset because of any of the reasons that you are hoping for-✔ Why? 1/3 reasons:
      1) You’re a troll/bot who came here because of the threat which Cernovich is to you-“YOU”!
      2)In case you missed it… the site makes it very clear! the ignorant don’t come here.
      3) You may be a gorgeous woman or a old man with a name such as “Al Young”? I’m a betting man though so if I had to pick? Aly, I’d go for the double entendre of “All Lie”: Nice meeting you. Sincerely, King Maximus

    5. You didn’t read the entire post, at least not with any level of reading comprehension.

      When the Dim-run media dog piles on you, how exactly are you supposed to react?

      In the meantime, Mike gets plenty of praise from fact-based reporters that refuse to drink the deep (Ty-D-Bowl blue) Kool-Aid.

  3. Why does the feckless Republican majority in the Senate just sit around waiting to respond to Dems harassment? They have this same information. Make some news! Start investigating this crap and unmask all this corruption! If the shoe was on the other foot you know they would.

  4. Unfortunate that people like President Trump claim that all anonymous sources, which you use extensively, should be forbidden, and that you, in using them, are “an enemy of the people”. A free press is necessary. Will you join defenders of a free press in explaining to the president that anonymous sources are necessary to a free press?

  5. I think all I want is someone to explain why it matters who the whistleblower is. It’s akin to if someone sees a train wreck, tells someone about it and that person tells other people about it, and if they then go and see…the situation, it is now first hand so long as the train driver doesn’t intercept all witnesses and forbid them from sharing testimony.

    Also, I want someone to call out the absence of substantive answers that unequivocally resolve questions. It’s exhausting to see that the same behavior of weaseling out of direct questions, written responses or gradually phased admissions. That happened in the Mueller investigation and is now how we frustrate any investigation. Not only that but to then turn around and blame the process for not giving a fair and equitable “trial” of sorts as the fault of the people who have been looking for answers that would be exculpatory or inculpatory, but have been blocked by the very people looking for fairness. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and then telling the doctor he or she can’t operate until they can get the person who did it to confess.

    1. Because the “whistleblower” is a partisan hack out to protect his buddy Biden. No crime was committed. Trump did nothing that Obama didn’t do 300 times in office. The difference is congress actually tried to do something other than investigate Obama his whole term.

      Furthermore, Erica Caramello colluded with Schiff before even filing the complaint.

  6. Mike, I have thought a lot about the difference between journalism and activism. I think this is a MUCH more important issue than “Russia”, and the “Ukraine.” If people are truly concerned about 1. What is impacting our elections, 2. What is causing our national divide, and 3. What is threatening our democracy, they will think about this issue and ask some honest, hard questions about the state of “journalism” in our country.
    Where is an unbiased journalist that will report factual news?

  7. Its difficult to believe the cost of time and energy this insanity has caused. And for what? Seriously- the reason Democrats say is because Biden was the President’s biggest competition for 2020 election? Its almost funny to think so. If Biden’s son was profiting as a result of his hands in Ukraine, then lets make that come out. Put Biden on the stand- AND his son. Let’s see if anything was truly happening to line a Biden’s pockets. The President doesnt care about the opposition. Get real Democrats. Do we want more swampland, or do we want more cleaning up of the mess that is US politics?

  8. Wow, narcissist much… Christ dude. I understand patting oneself on back, but that’s some self indulgent, referring to ones self in 3rd person craziness. You and your president have a lot in common.

  9. I’ve never voted before. This time I have double checked my voting status because after seeing all the bs the Democrats have said, done, and continue to do I am a card carrying Republican now!! Trump in 2020!!

  10. It is apparent by the many threads that the Constitution has not been read by a majority of the individuals on this post.
    Additionally, several do not have the honor or dignity to post their real names. Perhaps you may think that gives you Carte Blanche to say anything without consequences. No, simply reinforces your coward behavior and lack of education/knowledge on the subject matter.
    Thanks for what you do Mike. If more Americans insisted on getting the Facts from verifiable information sources, we might have better news reporting.

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