NDA’s are back in the news, at least when those NDA’s concern Mike Bloomberg. But what about Elizabeth Warren’s NDAs? Oh she may not have one for herself, but her colleagues do, there are over 250 of them!

What if I told you that Congressmen settled over 250 sexual harassment lawsuits using taxpayer money, and there was no way to find out who these Congressmen were? Would you believe me?

The truth is that the situation is as described in the question. For decades members of Congress would use your taxpayer dollars to buy their way out of bad publicity. (Read, She Said A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.)

When a member of Congress was accused of sexual harassment, the case went to a secret court known as the Office of Compliance. Hidden from public view, Congress’s Office of Compliance paid out over $17 million for 264 settlements involving misconduct and sexual harassment.  (Read, Over the past 20 Years, Congress has paid out $17.2 million in settlements.)

It is time to Unseal the Deals!

Who are these members of Congress?

Right now it’s impossible to know, because the law demands that the settlements remained hidden in a vault.

With the stroke of a pen, Congress can identify each and every member of Congress who has used your taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit.

This is a bipartisan issue.

Congressman John Conyers was forced to resign when I obtained documents showing that he had settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with taxpayer dollars. I would have broken the same story if it had involved a Republican. (Read, Buzzfeed receives scoop from controversial source.)

If you’re a “#MeToo” advocate, you should want these deals unsealed.

If you’re a limited government conservative, you should want these documents unsealed.

If you’re simply a decent person, you want these documents unsealed.

Sign the petition and share on social media.

Please post a link to this petition under the hashtag #UnsealTheDeals

We deserve to know what really happened in Congress.

Sign and share on social media using the hashtag #UnsealTheDeals

4 Replies to “Will Elizabeth Warren @ewarren Release Her Own NDA’s?”

  1. Thanks for addressing this again, Mike. I was appalled when I first learned of these settlements in Congress from you several years ago. Altho Marsha Blackburn brought it up several times it has been ignored again. With the new bashing of Bloomie & hypocrisy of other Dem candidates re: this I support you 100 per cent as you attempt to get the info released from Congress & Presidential candidates. WE the Taxpayers paid the settlement money for members of Congress & should know the details..who, what when & how much was paid.

  2. Yes! Let’s have some transparency here. Voters have the right to know what’s been happening with their tax dollars!

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