“You’re going to to be given a trespassing ticket,” the security officer told me, so I answered, “I’m not leaving. Call the police.”

Why did a woman put her dog in an overhead bin on a United flight? Because she was told to. She complied. We live in a police state. Do what you are told. Even ostensible acts of rebellion, like a school walk-out, are mandated by school administrators. Teachers force students to be used as political props. We call this “the resistance.”

Back to telling some thieves to call the police on me…

I was at a world-famous resort with my wife and sister. My wife purchased a beer from a beer tent, and I grabbed a glass of red Zinfandel for myself and my sister. We were sitting around when two security agents came over, demanding to see my wife and sister’s identifications.

My sister showed hers, and that satisfied them. My wife showed them her Global Entry card, which according to the security officer was an “invalid” ID. He then said we would have to leave, and I told him he had better give us a refund. “No, you won’t be given a refund.”

At this point in the story, what do most people do? They put their dog in the overhead bin. They do what they are told. That’s not what I did.

“This is racial profiling, and I am filing a civil rights complaint. Bring a lawyer out immediately, as this is a civil rights issue.” The guard was taken aback, and called a higher level of security.

Soon we have a huddle of five security guards. I explained to them that if a Global Entry card isn’t valid ID, that was their fault for selling my wife a beer, and that this was nonsense. I had a receipt proving my wife purchased her beer on premises. They screwed up, not us.

They told me I passed alcohol to my wife, and I told them to pull up security footage. “We don’t have cameras out here, sir.” Yes, they told me repeatedly they did not have security cameras on the premises. They lied to my face.

While this is happening, I couldn’t help but imagine that it was a petty dispute. Why did these security people hassle us? And I also wondered what people who aren’t me do in these situations? Do you really need to have a law degree, litigation experience, and an ability to handle conflict well in order to have a normal day at the park?

The higher level guard said I was trespassing. I told him I bought a ticket, and unless a refund was given to me, they were committing theft. I would not leave. “Call the police on me.”

At this point they aren’t sure what to do. What do you do with a guy who tells you to call the police on him?¬†When I pulled out my smart phone and asked him to repeat what he just told me on camera, suddenly he didn’t want to talk so tough.

Now what happened? They made a mistake. Rather than accept responsibility for it, they wanted to hassle my family, lie to me, and try to intimidate me.

They lied about me passing wine to my wife, they lied about not having security cameras, they lied about having sold a beer to my wife. These are all verifiable lies.

Big businesses and big governments are used to making people roll over for them. We are conditioned to obey. Hollywood, Wall Street, the Media, and Government all demand compliance. Submit or die.

No, I won’t put my dog in the overhead bin, and neither should you.

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