Every morning I check my DMs, which are a valuable source of scoops and tips from readers.

Lately 90% of my DMs are self-promotional tweets from you, Twitter men.

Yes, it’s always men. Women don’t do this sort of nonsense. (Which in a way is to their detriment. If you must error, then erring on the side of being too self-promotional is the correct move. Women almost never over promote. More should!)

When I check your timeline, you haven’t linked to a single article of mine.

There are hundreds of articles here at Cernovich.com covering every subject to book reviews to breaking news to long form cultural writing.

I will send this to you once, and thereafter block you.

Now some of you will make rationalizations! “What?! You expect me to actually care what you have going on?”

I really don’t need to RT you.

Trust me, I’ve blocked many Twitter men for unnecessarily promoting themselves, and my life has been better without them.


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