The last time I got into a fight was 7 or 8 years ago. A guy initiated aggression and I responded with appropriate force. I won, he lost.

But guess what. No one wins in a street fight.

While waiting for an Uber, I heard what sounded like hooves from a Western movie. It was the man who lost sprinting across the street where he was hiding from me.

I got sucker punched, and my head fell back on the ground.

Because I trained, I was able to flip the thug off of me using a basic BJJ sweep. It got broken up then.

My eye was split open so I took a selfie in typical douchebag style, I looked cute.

The next day I went back to the spot where it happened….

My head had landed three inches away from a massive brass door stop.

Had I fallen even slightly to the left that night, my brain would have been splattered.

The guy who sucker punched me would be in prison, and I’d be dead.

Over what? Mean words.

Is it worth losing everything, and disrupting the lives of people who rely on you, because someone calls you “Fredo”?

When your life is in danger, yes take action.

99% of the time these fights are all about ego.

When Chris Cuomo talks about throwing people down the stairs, he doesn’t sound tough. He sounds like someone who has never actually been in a fight.

Cuomo throws a guy down the stairs and what happens? Prison.

Cuomo loses the fight and what happens? Brain damage.

Street fighting isn’t cool, especially if you’re an adult man with children.

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2 Replies to “If You’re a Man, Don’t Be Like Chris Cuomo”

  1. Amen, fighting for protection is one thing, throwing a man down the stairs is not easy and quite difficult. What ever happened to sticks and stones? I walk away, if they follow..well. it will be a long 10 minutes for them..evade and walk away…

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