Alexander Vindman was a “chow thief,” and “lazy,” a classmate of his at Ranger School told me. The Ranger (Scroll and Tab with multiple deployments) went on, “We tried peering him out in Mountains.” Mountains refers to the Mountain Phase of Ranger School.

Chow thieves steal MREs from other Rangers and are notorious in Ranger School, where students are subjected to near-starvation conditions. It’s not uncommon for students to lose up to 40 pounds, and most students lose 20 pounds.

During Ranger School, the people who don’t use team work and screw others over are often voted out of Ranger School in a process known as peer evaluations.

Despite not having the respect of his peers, Vindman was pushed through due to his language proficiency.

Where is Vindman’s Bronze Star? 

A field grade special operations soldier asked me why Vindman didn’t have a Bronze Star. Officers who serve in a command position are usually given a Bronze Star for meritorious service.

The process of awarding officers a Bronze Star has recently become a controversial one, with many enlisted men viewing the practice as unfair, especially when awarded to officers who weren’t under active enemy fire.

At the time of VIndman’s command, the practice was still common, and Vindman should have a Bronze Star.

This is seen as a red flag to senior officers.

Rank checking civilians.

During his testimony at the House Intelligence Committee, Vindman ranked checked a member of Congress. “Rank checking” is when an officer demands you call them by their title, much like someone in a PhD. in English insists you refer to them as Doctor.

Special Forces veteran Tim Kennedy found this Vindman’s checking to be a bad look, as did nearly every other veteran who wrote into me expressing their embarrassment over Vindman.


I was initially reluctant to report these details out.

Vindman has a CIB (Combat Infantry Man’s Badge) and Ranger tab. I’m reluctant to criticize anyone’s service, let alone someone with a CIB and Tab.

Several members of Ranger battalion felt he was giving all Rangers a bad name.

The Rangers in the private groups are all calling him the fat officer or fat colonel,” one source told me, “You need to get this story out.”

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. You can support his work here.

82 Replies to ““Chow Thief” – Rangers Wanted Alexander Vindman Removed from Ranger School”

    1. No, dumbass civilian, literally no one is judging a servicemember based upon LTC Vindman. Stop being a Chicken Little, get off Donny’s cock, and leave the hysterics to the biased media.


      1. No, he is making the Army as a whole look stupid.
        Civilians judge us by the snippets they see on TV.
        He’s an arrogant little prick who needs to retire.

        1. LTCOL VINDMAN is terminal vis a vis his next promotion opportunity. If he’s done the time in service required for retirement, he should do so — ASAP.

          1. 31 Hours and my Post is still awaiting MOD scrutinization, so I will change up the only thing I can think of that has the mods so constipated.

            At best he should be be given a dishonorable & serve time at Fort Leavenworth. Though as the US is still at war, may God have mercy on his soul.

            LtC Vindman should have been remanded to custody by MP’s as soon as he finished testifying.
            He committed treason via acts of espionage.
            LtC Vindman quite clearly states that he only read out, outside of those with the security clearance for this classified material, to two people.
            He openly admitted his treasonous espionage, what more is needed?

          2. Spot on. He’s done. Anyone with enough nerve to promote him will be quickly shown the door by the CinC.

          3. I’ve heard nothing about the IED caused injuries justifying his Purple Heart. Given his bad Military reputation I suspect he wasn’t all that heroic

          4. Oh, come on people..
            You can’t knock the man over his purple heart.
            Agent Vindman has suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome that he claims was received from the IED jerking his steering wheel to much.
            So, maybe he got the carpal tunnel syndrome jerking something else. Are we really going to start scrutinizing our servicemen so much that they can’t carry on a relationship with there hand any longer?
            Don’t ask don’t tell,

            I say, scrutinize the schiff out of him & remove all those Un-American Communistic Queers from our service’s as well.

        2. Trust me, we civilians know Colonel Sanders is a joke. I respect those that serve with honor, that being said, when he instructed a Congressman to address him by rank, when it was apparent he thought his assessment of foreign policy was more astute and important than the Commander In Chief, when it came out that a suspect Ukrainian government offered him the Minister of Defense position three times, I knew all I needed to know about Vindman.

      2. Actually Chrissy, We are also Retired Veterans having served in combat, and we DO HAVE THE RIGHT to judge this ass hat. And he is a fat chow hound who happened to have a language needed, since he originated from the Ukraine. If he didn’t have that language, he would have been washed out of the service long ago and would not have been in a position to embarrass the United States Armed Forces. Since you’re also an ass hat, I don’t expect that you will agree with me. So be it.

        1. As a retired U.S. Navy veteran who served in combat in Vietnam, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

          Unless you’re sleaze like John F. Kerry, the Purple Heart is one decoration nobody playin’ with a deck of 52 covets — because the wounds come to you courtesy of somebody who doesn’t like you. That was LTCOL Vintman’s misfortune. That his Bronze Star medal doesn’t have a “V” on it could be the fault of whoever wrote it up — or because he forgot to make sure it was attached. Regardless, he earned it in combat, just as he did his CIB.

          None of this makes his testimony any more relevant or true.

          FWIW then DoD should come up with a decorations that make the meaning of the “V ” implicit in the award itself, rather than an addition to the single award itself. The Silver Star is such an award. It stands alone as recognizing the valor that the recipient demonstrated.

          1. Literally every officer in my previous unit (before the one I retired from) got a CIB, even if they never actually led a patrol. It’s supposed to mean something, but it doesn’t.

          2. @Fritz I dont see that LTC Vindman wears a Bronz Star (with or without V device). So I’m not sure why the reference.

            As a combat vet and a 26 year military retiree. i agree with @United States Combat Vet (USA Ret.) and @Tim Kennedy. We police ourselves, right?

      3. What he does do, and does well, is make officers who serve in government desk job non chain of commands to combat soldiers and sail and airmen, look bad.

      4. Wow you graduated airborne school. You have a total of five jumps. POS. Oh yeah you can get hit by an ied and get a scrap on your face and get a purple heart and a CIB. You disgrace all infantryman.

        1. He looks like a spoiled brat his grandma should have kicked from the eating table many years ago. Maybe he should join ranks with the super hero in Washington who claims he was in Viet Nam. I was Navy during the Viet Nam war and did not come close to being a hero. Closest I came to getting hurt was shaving. We did have a standing joke about receiving the barbed wire cluster and the purple shaft. This idiot needs to go home to Ma and get this shit out of his system. No hero here…

    2. The problem is that most civilians don’t understand that Vindman was already a disgrace. They judge him based on his uniform. Funny thing is, in his job, he doesn’t even wear a uniform. I’m sure Schiff told him he should wear his uniform to testify.

      1. ANY Infantry Soldier that spends 11 years at a desk, is NOT, Infantry Soldier!

        P.S. it appears he is still a chow thief…

      2. My Dad was a Sgt. in the army fought in WWII was awarded two Silver Stars. My Husband is a 30 yr. Air Force Vet., a Master Sgt. Personally,

        I thought Vindemann wearing his dress uniform and asking to be called Lt. Col. was self serving and served the defense as well. I don’t know how he was injured, but he played it up during the testimony and it came out he went back to work the same day.

        All I kept thinking during his testimony is, he was a Ranger? Dad would have ripped him up one side and down the other. He broke the chain of command even when told to be quiet. He was expressing his opinion about a superior’s policy. This man should be court Marshaled. I don’t know how they reach any other conclusion. He’s an embarrassment to the Service.

  1. It isn’t in appropriate to check a civilian who calls you miss or Mr instead of by your rank, especially if you are in uniform. All of this whining and crying suggests political nonsense. Do better.

    1. I disagree. It shows that, as an officer, you’re very full of yourself, even outside the military. If you want to rank check within the military, fine, but leave that shit out of civilian life.

      1. I partially agree with what you say here. If a civilian walks up to him on the street and said “Mr. Vindman” and he corrected him, I agree 100%. However, when he was called to testify before congress, I bet you $20 that the subpoena was address to LTC Vindman.

        That said, I’m of the opinion that he is an asshat, but that’s a different conversation

      2. Former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) once berated an Army BG for answering her question and addressing her a “Ma’am” demanding that he address her as “Senator” becaue she’d worked long and hard to earn it.

        He complied.

        She’d led with her jaw, and he should’ve broken it by replying (as softly as he could) : “Senator, thank you for correcting me. I apologize, with a request that you address me as “General” inasmuch as nobody sprinkled me with pixie dust and gave this rank to me.”

        1. Even though I think Boxer looked like a massive bitch, she was technically in the right. Civilian outranks military. Especially government officials. The military works for the government and the people. I worked with many senior officers and they all say the same thing.

          1. Anonymous, I was wondering about that. I was pretty sure but it’s good to find it posted. Unfortunately, referring to member of the US military, at a lower rank, as Mister seems to only be from my branch USN & the USCG. Though it still should not have been something that that traitor rank checked a congressman over.

          2. The point is not that Vindman does not have a v on his Bronze Star but that he does not have a Bronze Star. Implicit in this is that he apparently did not do a good job as infantry leader.
            Incidentally, I too am a Lt Col (ret) with a Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. I have three Bronze Stars and I have a v on mine.

    2. As a civilian descendant and relative of many service members (some of higher rank than this gentleman), I completely disagree. One should not expect civilians to recognize your badges and stripes. If you must correct someone, do so gently and out of the public eye so as not to embarrass or humiliate them. Common courtesy isn’t so common anymore.

      1. Exactly, Deborah. Remember the high-ranking officer who, while testifying before a congressional committee, was asked by a particularly dimwitted representative if he was concerned that “Guam would tip over” as a result of all the equipment on the island? That officer answered with a perfectly straight face that that was not currently a concern.

        1. That was Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), an individual who makes anvils look like geniuses. It’s surprising — and to the Admiral’s credit — that he kept is breakfast and coffee down.

          1. That was actually an in-joke between Johnson and the admiral, running along about the number of forces on a small island. He was attempting to make the Admiral crack a smile as a gotcha.

            It’s one they’d used before, and is on record.

            Which isn’t to say Johnson doesn’t have other issues.

    3. People who deserve respect will never, ever ask for it or demand it. Only a huge lack of self-esteem causes a person to demand a show of respect. I guess the funniest part is that Vindman did not use Congressman Nunes’s title until AFTER he attacked Congressman Nunes for not using his rank.

      1. “Only a huge lack of self-esteem causes a person to demand a show of respect” — Congresscritters almost always address active-duty witnesses by their rank.

        When Nunes called Vindman ‘mister’ it wasn’t because Nunes don’t know Vindman was a LTC.. It’s because he knows Americans respect the military as an institution and he’s a smarmy asshat who didn’t want to accord Vindman that respect.

        We all know that Americans don’t respect Congress. It’s an insult to call someone Congressman.

        Do you mind if I call you Congressman? No? Good, Congressman.

    4. Rank checking a Senior Member of the House Intelligence committee is totally appropriate. he should know better. It’s not like he was rank checking some “Joe Shmoe” off the street… This is a guy that’s served more than a day in Washington around many senior military officials. Nunes was calling him Mr. as a subtle way to try to denigrate his military service.

  2. Bronze Star for Merit (not for Valor), isn’t for every command but it’s typical for successful commands during combat deployments.

    Given his line of work, in not surprised he doesn’t have one. Not a red flag.

    1. Oh, but it IS a red flag. It was the first thing I noticed looking at his ribbons/medals. How can a LTC with CIB, tab, and a PH not have at least a Bronze Star? This is not typical of a field officer in combat.

      I do hope we hear more about the injuries. Some reports he was back to duty the same day. Not sure but hopefully some of his unit may be able clear that up.

      1. Was he in the position like John Kerry was, of writing the after-action reports, and recommend himself for the Purple Heart? Kerry got three over a three month period. That’s the length of time he was in Vietnam. Must have been a Navy record. One of those Purple Hearts was for getting a kernel of rice stuck in his butt.

          1. His vehicle was struck by an IUD, er, IED, but he went back to work the next day. A GQ story from Oct. 29 said that Lt. Col. Alexander VIndman, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, originally ran with a line saying that Vindman was awarded the Purple Heart after being injured by an IUD.

      2. It’s possible. As you know, his Tab has nothing to do with receiving those awards- that just indicates he graduated Ranger school. The criteria for a CIB and PH don’t require that you comport yourself in any particular heroic or meritorious fashion, just that you are exposed to direct enemy fire for the CIB, and were wounded/injured as a result of some combat related operation for the PH. Hence- a CIB and PH, and no Bronze Star. He still a douche, though.

    2. What line of work are you referring to?

      He was an infantry officer in a combat zone for a full year.

      If you’re referring to what he does at the NSC, that’s his secondary speciality. I doubt he was serving as a FAO in theater.

    3. Really? Given his line of work? Maybe now, but not when he received what he is wearing. And by the way what is his line of work? He is wearing the Crossed Rifles of an Infantry officer and he is wearing Infantry branch colors. So what is his line of work again? And how long has it been since he has filled an Infantry billet? He has been an FAO since 2008, though that job is Branch Immaterial, by this time he should have already changed branches to one more appropriate for the job and the time that he has spent in it. He has not been Infantry since he was a Captain.
      For an Infantryman there a number of red flags.

  3. When I look at the dweeb I kept thinking he doesn’t seem like a fighting man… he really didn’t strike me as a soldier. It’s no surprise that his language skill is what floated him. He doesn’t appear to have anything else going for him. The man is totally insubordinate to think his opinions should trump the presidents. The audacity of him is insufferable.

  4. Vindman is Egotistical and vindictive. His pride and ego and arrogance shows. He believes he is above the President in this matter. Vindman thinks jus because he had preparedthe notes for the conversation that’s what the President sticks to. I think not. The president pissed on his notes went off script and handled the conversation with no thanks to Vindman. This pisses Vindman off causes him to bitch to other people about how the president disregarded him. Jus like any little office bitch would when she doesnt get her way. So Vindman was mad he ran his suck leaked some info that now he is trying to justify he didn’t under the guise of doing his duty. He had his little gossip party around the water cooler and Vindman boasted about himself blasted the president in this water cooler combo got his 2 little girlfriends all stirred up then the whole slew of them started making assumptions twisting the intentions and words of the President then the plot thickens Vindman says I’ll show the President whose the man and he and his girlfriends started concocting the whistle blower notion.
    After all Vindman claims to be the number one guy and when the President disregarded Vindmann his ego and pride took over. Vindman hasn’t even met the President let alone knows him intimately yet he has the where withal to know what the Presidents intentions and thoughts where. I think not Vindman was disliked by his unit and felt he didn’t get the respect he deserved so what does Vindman due join up with the Democrats to plot impeachment of the President. Yes this is how Vindman will make dady proud. This is how Vindman will get on TV and announce to congress and the world Look dad look at me aren’t you proud of me I’m dying my duty Dad, in some attempt to validate his existence when quite frankly he can be replaced by a junior in college to do his job. So there is your poor poor witness Vindman whoops I’ apologize I mean Lt. Col Vindman. The insignificant egotistical prideful arrogant I got dad da issues witness.

  5. Vindman is an embarrassment to the Army. How did he make it through Ranger School? Darn sure would not make it in the Regt. Put the pig on weight control. Bad image for Army.

  6. I am a civilian however I am a military brat, a Vietnam Era veteran’s widow and the mother of a disabled Gulf War 1991 veteran. Lt Col Vindman’s demeanor seemed to me to be “not up to the standards of military personnel” I have observed in the past. Lt Col Vindman’s statement seemed to me to be what he heard from others and were based on a bias for Ukraine. Also, Lt Col Vindman was answering the question on who he shared information with and when it came to two people he spoke with only one of them did he refuse to name. At that time Schiff made it clear that person could not be named as the Whistleblower is to remain anonymous. So why is Lt Col Vindman refusing to have the courage he claims to have in the military but will not use when it comes to the American people and the President of the United States of America and their need to know who that person??

  7. Has this man ever commanded troops? I’ve heard from an O-5 colleague, and now from an anonymous Ranger School classmate, but not yet from a single E or O who have actually served under his command. Did he avoid the traditional Army O career path? Has he been a staff-weenie his entire career? His Brother’s uniform is even less impressive. It’s odd.

    1. He hasn’t been in command since his deployment I’m guessing, certainly not a bn command. He’s a staff guy that probably hasn’t been with troops in at least a decade. Nothing wrong with that but there is with being insubordinate douche. He needs to be assigned someplace to ensure his voluntary retirement. He’s an embarrassment.

    2. This soft doughboy Vindictive”man” reminds me of the Lt. in “Heartbreak Ridge” who’d never heard of the college that Gunny Hiway attended (“Heartbreak Ridge”).

  8. “Looks like a ‘poof’, sounds like a ‘poof’…it’s probably a ‘poof’…’walks like & talks like’ truism”?

  9. All of us who spent time in the military have run across a “Vindman” or two. They were the ones who had such a high opinion of their own self importance they thought they were more qualified and knew more than their superiors. In many instances they were the brownnosers and the ass kissers on their way to a star or in Vindman’s case – Ukraine Defense Minister and that is the way Lt Col Vindman came across during his testimony. In the military you are taught day one to take your concerns to your immediate superior first before ever going outside the chain of command. Vindman clearly violated that expectation. For someone who proudly wears a Ranger Tab, he also clearly needs to shed a few pounds. Old BUFF Guy.

  10. I’m not military,
    What is clear to me seeing him testify to and for liberal progressive democrat corruptians and against his Commander in Chief,
    Vindman chose political sides and will live with the consequences of that for the rest of his life.
    I’ll venture a guess, I don’t think a bronze staue of Vindman seated at the witness table will ever be erected any where near Washington DC.

  11. He wanted to be addressed as LTC which is his right; but didn’t say anything when he was listed as Mr. in the press release naming him as part of the delegation to attend Zelensky’s inauguration in May 2019.

  12. I do not know where that comment on my previous posting about awaiting moderation came from. I do not understand it and did not write it.
    My comments about myself were meant simply to show I am qualified to call mister Vindman a shit.

  13. Addition to previous comments- not the same. Please post.
    I do not know where that comment on my previous posting about awaiting moderation came from. I do not understand it and did not write it.
    My comments about myself were meant simply to show I am qualified to call mister Vindman a shit.

  14. He is already on Wilipedia, NOT in Uniform, his military path is spelled out. He dosent have the Bronze Star which is a Flag in itself, as he was probably a Company Commander then. Bronze Stars without “V” are given out for a meritorious service while in combat. Sorry he was hit by an IED, they suck I know, but he arrived sep 04 was hit oct 04 and stayed the tour thru sep 05, not sure how bad his wounds were. But seems he was back at it pretty quick. Purple Heart awarded but unfortunately awarded out with a wide range of wounds from horrific to nose bleeds sadly. But gladly I never got one. CIBs, as described by Lieutent Colonel Crumb, to a Dem Congressman was correct for serving a Combat Tour in a Combat Brigade or Lower echelon, avail on You Tube. Only one per Conflict Era, [historical error, they lumped every one from Grenada to Somolia under the Vietnam Era, and the Vietnam War shouldve been stand alone, MHO] As a former Ranger Instructor, Drill Sgt, 91 Gulf War and OIF Vet, CIB with Star, 2 Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, and many others, retired 25 yr Sergeant Major, I always am suspect of those who run from the infantry foxhole to be a foreign service O…hmmm Have another Chicken Ala King …LTC Vidman…u squirrely Chow Theif You…I only used an officer’s title to snub them….if I called you Sir…you earned my respect…But that’s just this old sergeant majors thing! MHO…he is the whistle Blower or the WBs Coach, His actions are speaking louder than his words and they dont match, he was offered the post of Ukraines Minister of Defense [why is that?], He like all the others MHO sidnt like Trump, but for him …Trump is not just his President …BUT in his Direct Chain Of Command as Commander in Chief. He forgot he was an Army Officer and thought he was a Beauruecrat. And all these supposed neutral ambassadors and officials who got their feelings hurt…get packing. OBAMA fired everyone of them when he took office. I didnt like the Big O….BUT he was my President…and as a Professional Soldier…it was my duty to support, protect, and serve him…and I did. I’d even would’ve taken a bullet for him but would’ve rather he and i drank a beer and played one on one basketball match so i could’ve elbowed his Fing mouth and knocked his teeth out and put him on his ass, stood over him and said…ooooo! Sorry Barry, Lmao! Salutes to all on this thread you fine Americans whether we agree or not. SGM (Ret) EJ Snyder

    1. SGM Snyder, From another SGM and RI I agree 100%. Every single officer in my inf bn got a Bronze Star. When I didn’t write up a shitbag E8 for one the HHC cdr wanted to know why. I told him that he didn’t meet the criteria and if he wanted him to have one then he can write it up. As far as the slow duckers medal goes, I’ve one of those too and it isn’t a mark of distinction except with the VA. Anyway, if we had of caught wind of this chow thief when I was an RI in 1972-73 then he wouldn’t have even made it to peer evals. This guy is the typical non combat bureaucratic officer. He is a discredit to the Officer Corps, US Army and to all Rangers. He should be relieved. Career over and forced out. SINE PARI! SGM (Ret) Barry Exum

  15. I am a veteran, but not a combat vet. I am glad I found this article, not so much for the article but for the comments. I questioned Vindman’s authenticity, felt he was more pencil whipped than seasoned. His demeanor is not that of an actual Ranger Trained anything. He had the appearance of chewing gum during his testimony. Even the lowest of privates know that is a no go. He acted like a scared rabbit with all his stuttering during the testimony, there was no self-confidence displayed as there would have been with a seasoned officer. He stands with his hands clasped in front of his body, instead of at his sides or behind his back. He is overweight and out of shape, a condition unbecoming an officer, especially a Ranger. I presume they used makeup to tone down his rosy cheeks that were in full display when he first appeared in the halls of congress and he gave that queerish little wave to someone outside the camera range. That was my first alert to question his credentials. I have questioned if he wasn’t just a backroom made up LTC. So at least the comments here, support he was actually in Ranger school and they also support my personal opinion that he was pencil whipped throughout his career. His conduct is unbecoming an officer and he doesn’t have the professional demeanor of an Officer. My personal opinion is that he should retire as he has proven through his own actions to be a disgrace to the uniform.

  16. As a 20yr retired SNCO, former HUMINT and having been deployed, I wanted to correct a few comments I read as follows:

    1. When LTC Vindman was deployed and in combat in 2004, he was at the very most a Company Commander and the Rank/Grade of CPT/03, which usually doesn’t get a Bronze Star unless he was in the thick of things and he would have got it with “V” device. He never received a Bronze Star like folks above have alluded. He only got the Purple Heart, because his Hummer was blown up by IED.

    2. With regard to his CIB, as many of you all know, first you carry the 11 Series, 18 Series, etc… MOS, then you have to be in a combat zone, then and most importantly, just like a non-combat MOS can get the CAB, you have to be fired upon, in the fight against the enemy, so chances are, even though my personal belief Vindman has turned into a POG once he started working with government agencies and civilian intelligence, he earned the CIB as an infantry officer in combat fighting the enemy. Whether he was on patrols or he was fired upon and returned fire, doesn’t matter. If fits the criteria above, he will get awarded the CIB.

    3. A lot of folks on hear that have personal experience with Ranger School know the wash-out rate and how peer reviews are hugely important. With that said, Vindman could have been a POG, douchebag, and somewhat arrogant, but at the end of the day, the instructors, cadre, and ultimately the commandant at Ranger School decide whether you earn the TAB or get packing down the road. So, if he was TAB’d, then he earned it, even if folks who knew him thought he was pond scum.

    4. Lastly, Vindman did what many Senior Officers, who get attached out to work with NSC, DIA, NSA, OGA, etc… he made the career ending mistake of testifying against his highest boss…. Commander In Chief, who many civilians on here or elsewhere forget, the PREZ controls the military and the buck stops with him. Whether Vindman is right or felt compelled to come forward, his decision has consequences not only on his next OER, but his career in the Army. He made LTC and chances are, he will retire or be forced to all the way up his chain of command. He did something outside of his Pay Grade and with his civilian bosses he reported his issues with the Presidents phone call, Vindman should have reported it and left it up to folks higher up than him to deal with. Him coming forward is the end of his career and my prediction is as aforementioned – retire voluntarily or forced to retire based on his next bad OER.

    In the end, LTC Vindman has to live with himself, with what he has done in his career, but everything has consequences, good and bad. You can fight for what you believe is right, but you may not get the outcome you want, especially with ones military career, where you have no control over what folks do or say about you higher up in the chain of command.

    1. Tom, you are still disregarding the fact, just as so many others are overlooking it, that Lt. Col. Vindman admitted that he passed along ‘Classified Material’ to at least two people that were not cleared to receive it. That is a Treasonable offense & an act of Espionage ‘During a Time of War’.

      1. USAF/USAFR 1980-1997 Bravo, that’s fact! A LOT of people let that slide right under the radar. SMFH. I had the stink eye going on the first time I looked at him. My first thought was stolen valor, civilian playing dress-up. He is the furthest thing from any Ranger I’ve ever seen. With the derogatory comments from peers above, sadly linguistic folks are hard to come by, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone made it through an elite program by virtue of having one specific skill that no one else had at the time. In my eyes, not only has he made our military look like crap, but he’s a traitor to our country. TTSR.

        1. hello Jamie, I believe “a lot f people let it slide under the radar” i understating it. I have yet to see anyone else mention or even acknowledge it, other than you responding here. It seems maybe that everyone that would make an issue of it is either just to carried away with defending Trump to realize what is in their face without having to even think outside the box. Or it may just be that those that do acknowledge it to themselves are not voicing their opinions & or taking action against him for fear of bringing more piles of Leftist schitf down upon or president. I have not read anything that informed us that Mr Vidman was removed from his post after learning that he was divulging classified material over 4 months ago. Conservatives need to quit pandering to the desires of the Leftist Commie Pinko Ratfinks.

  17. Lt Col made an issue about the difference between Military Culture and Civilian Culture….and then tells how he was offended and ran sideways to the Lawyers instead of up the chain of command…

  18. Where are the soldiers, Enlisted and Officers, that served with this LTC Doughboy, supporting and defending their commanding officer, his leadership, his integrity, and his even demeanor?

  19. If a useless blob of a U.S. Senator can insist on being addressed by HER title, instead of a perfectly appropriate honorific (Boxer, IIRC), then a serving military member of ANY rank may certainly do so.

    Which doesn’t mean I like the man, respect him, OR support his cause/intent.

    This may, in fact, be the only thing I agree with him on.

  20. I have been suspicious that his Purple Heart was for a minor injury, and was even one that could be easily faked. Thus the suggestion in one of the posts above that his Purple Heart was for tinnitus that resolved is quite believable.

  21. Copied from

    “Let’s address the elephant in the room. his Purple Heart.

    He was involved in an incident where an IED went off by his vehicle which resulted in shrapnel piercing the vehicle. He returned to duty that same day.

    According to the requirements to be eligible for the Purple Heart, “Examples of injuries or wounds which clearly do not justify award of the Purple Heart are as follows:”

    “Mild traumatic brain injury or concussions that do not either result in loss of consciousness or restriction from full duty for a period greater than 48 hours due to persistent signs, symptoms, or physical findings of impaired brain function.”

    [link to (secure)]

    Now, maybe he was awarded it due to his impaired brain function, but I believe he had that before he entered service.“

    1. i am a vietnam vet and i think someone needs to investigate his purple heart and take it away from him and also his cib!!! he is a thief of honor.

  22. Motivated to participate in this discussion by the comments, especially the ones from the CSM’s. Started life in 1975 as a Infantry 2nd Lieutenant. Assigned to Charlie Rangers, the support company that worked all three Ranger camps. Escaped in 1977 to attend flight school because the OCS Battalion Commander at Benning was hell-bent to make me an OCS TAC. Flew gunships, Cobra and Apache for the next 24 years. Most of my time with the 82d. Did “Just Cause” and “Desert Storm” with the All Americans. Commanded two companies, a battalion and a brigade. Proudly wore Ranger Tab, Master Parachutist wings, Senior Aviator badge, Pathfinder and Air Assault. Brother was a tanker with jump wings and Ranger tab. Nephew did two hard Infantry tours in Iraq. One as a platoon leader in the 101st and the second as a Company Commander in 1st CAV. When I first saw Vindman, red star clusters went off. Told brother and nephew this POS was still hanging on because he was a Russian linguist. Seems my gut feel was right. Like many of you, decorations he was wearing elicited a “WTF” moment. Graduated Army War College in 1995. Members of my class would have hazed/harassed Mr. Vindman until he could not take it. All of my fellow combat arms officers in that class had successfully commanded battalions, which was a prerequisite to go to Carlisle in those days. If he does attend, am sure his classmates will be instructed to play nice. Just hope someone in the Army chain of command intercedes and puts this poser on the street. He is an embarrassment to the uniform, the nation and the Army.

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