I’ll be holding a mindset event in Los Angeles on May 12th. As with my other mindset events, we are keeping these personal (limited to 25-50 people), and thus they are invitation only.

Contact me here for an invitation.

A few question about events for those who don’t know me.

Although I have a major public profile, my core work is mindset, and it’s what I believe in. No one knows my actual political views, and I’ve said my only truth is Gorilla Mindset.

We keep my mindset seminars small, because mindset is serious work requiring personal attention. Everyone leaves these events transformed.

The party style events – the Deploraball, Bull Moose Party, and A Night for Freedom are fun and they are spectacles.

A Night for Freedom New York was compared to a Vegas style party.

Chelsea Manning showed up to A Night for Freedom NYC.

Multiple criminals were arrested for plotting to attack the Deploraball.

The mindset work is serious, the public events are fun.

A larger public event, A Night for Freedom, is currently being planned.

If you’d like to be added to that waiting list, contact me here.

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