This Friday I’ll be in St. Louis for a private sneak preview of Hoaxed Movie.

October 20th will be the red carpet debut of Hoaxed.

This will happen in Los Angeles. Exact location will be announced.

Hoaxed is also a book.

For the book we put together the best interviews together. Some of these people are big names, so we aren’t announcing them yet.


The Podcast is back up, and I’ll be launching a new podcast with Jay. No politics.

Listen to the Podcast here.


Gorilla Mindset is the Deal of the Month!

Gorilla Mindset is 50% off here.


The Power of Mindset Master Class is up and in 4K!

What is your deepest fear and how can you face it?

Is it possible to reinvent yourself through the power of story?

What is a Strange Loop, and what does it have to do with mindset?

All of those questions and more are answered in The Power of Mindset.

This course is designed to inspire you to go deep into your past, to retake control over your memories, to rewrite a new story of your life.

People have been having breakthroughs after experiencing the master class:

  • “Enjoyed it’s thematic simplicity…..Rewrite your story, and define yourself as the person in the story….Not letting a negative experience or other people define yourself…”
  • “Having Mike give his insight when participants went up to speak. It’s very helpful having an outside perspective to call us on our bullshit”
  • “Be aware of the story you tell yourself … How’s that story working out for you? How can we make that story serve us rather than hurt us?”
  • “Thank You Mike, I felt like I owed you, partially based on your involvement in the election…..Realized the need to return to self-improvement and more regular reading on the subject……thoroughly surprised I was so uncomfortable public speaking, considered this a strong area more than a decade before…..”

The Power of Mindset is shot in 4K.

We wanted the master class to feel like we were in the same room together.

We didn’t want to do “another video course.”

The Power of Mindset Master Class was filmed on set using a Red camera for angle A, and a URSA camera for B. (If you know filmmaking, you understand those are serious cameras.)

We hired an award-winning composer to score the course.

We hired a VFX professional to make it look sharp, and to offer written cues to reinforce important points.

You can watch some free sample clips here.

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