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Aesthetics are politics.



“Those who forget the body to pursue a ‘perfect mind’ or ‘perfect soul’ have no idea where to even start. Only physical beauty is the foundation for a true higher culture of the mind and spirit as well.
Only sun and steel will show you the path.” – Bronze Age Pervert

What would have happened if Nietzsche had injected a gram of trenbolone and 500 milligrams of modafinil before finishing the draft of his aborted book Will to Power?

We find out in Bronze Age Mindset, a book someone at my level of the game shouldn’t admit to reading let alone review. It’s a very offensive book. Before I begin, let me be clear: I disavow!

Reviewing a book like the Bronze Age Mindset is a sacrificial self-death, for the book is full of offensiveness and even reading a book today is seen as a crime. The greatest crime is speaking, the second greatest is thinking, and the third is reading. I’ll be crucified for this review in this year or next. No matter. My spirit will endure.

Bronze Age Mindset’s title is a wink to me as I remember being trolled by a nudist bodybuilder in 2012. Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) asked me if he was “gay” if he only had sex with men for money. His own lifestyle choices are none of my concern. I blocked him for being overly flirtatious.

BAP is back as Mike Anton and some conservadorks are trying to figure out why young men are rejecting conservatism for something else. What that something else is remains open, and BAM is not a work of political theory.

Mike Anton doesn’t even lift.

Riddle me this: If I told you that a person spends his free time dead lifting, and that’s all you knew about the person, would you be able to make a better-than-chance guess at his politics?

If you want to play ignorant, let’s put money on it. You can bet left wing or right wing randomly, and I’ll bet right wing every time. Who will have more money at the end of this wager?

Aesthetics are politics.

The left attacks the beautiful and virtuous and the beautiful and virtuous are more likely to be right wing. BAP understands this:

“The left realizes they look weak and lame – because they are. They know they have nothing to offer youth but submission and lectures. They know they’re unsexy and staid. If indeed leftist young men will start lifting and worshiping beauty, they will be forced to leave the left.”

By highlighting lost physical culture, BAP will bring more to the right than any Washington, D.C. think tank.

By encouraging physical culture, BAP is creating a new right wing movement. He confesses this in his book: “Any man who improves his body through sun and steel will drift away from the modern left, a program of decrepitude and resentful monstrosity. They know this and are afraid.”

If Mike Anton walked into a room, who would follow him? Who would fear him? A man who cannot inspire fear cannot inspire awe.

Mindset as art.

Curtis Yarvin, who is good looking In his own intellectual punk rock way (certainly better looking than in his Wikipedia entry), properly calls Bronze Age Mindset a book of art:

All revolutions begin as a fundamentally aesthetic break. The first step in a cultural revolution is the birth of a new artistic school. Behind this aesthetic must come an artistic movement, then artistic institutions. These institutions, if they prosper, become the cultural core of the new regime. Art is the spring, lever and hinge of any real change in our time.

Bronze Age Mindset is not a book about art.

Bronze Age Mindset is art in and of itself.

Like all great art, it offends.

Curvin Yarvin meets Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Before Arnold became a big dumb idiot who lied about his past, he was a man who sought power and provided inspiration. The Education of a Bodybuilding is a book by a different man.

“As a kid I always idolized the winning athletes. It is one thing to idolize heroes. It is quite another to visualize yourself in their place. When I saw great people, I said to myself: I can be there.”

No one cares about Arnold is doing today unless he reprises his role as Terminator (a role he first undertook at 40 years of age) or to talk about the Golden Age of bodybuilding.

Do young men see any conservative politicians like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan and think, “That man is a winner!”

Trump won because young men see a powerful figure who wants to fight.

A day in the DMV.

“There’s no one here I’m afraid of,” I thought while sitting for 4 hours in the DMV to renew my drivers license, and more importantly, “This is a problem.”

I am 42. There should be many people in a public setting who could defeat me, and we need such men for the future.

Where are youths with thick necks and fire in their eyes? You see them when you go to Hungary or Romania.

Walk down the streets of an Eastern European nation and pop off like people do in major U.S. cities. See how that goes!

Yoram Hazony’s rejection of male beauty.

Yoram Hazony intimiates in a Tweet that BAP’s fans merely share pictures of “semi-nude men.”

Why must male beauty be rejected?

Does Hazony doubt the link between physical power and mental power?

A young Netanyahu would be more BAP than milk toast nationalist.

Bibi’s son Yair has gotten into trouble for sharing frog memes.

The left also attacks male friendship while claiming, “That’s gay,” is homophobic. (If some behavior is gay, who cares?)

The fact is that the left fears men meeting together.

Hazony and other old men seek to keep out the young men rather than provide mentorship.

BAP is a vibe.

You don’t read Bronze Age Mindset. You FEEL it. You laugh at loud if your spirit is mighty. What does this even mean:

“In this no-man’s land there is mafia, so many perverts, there is some crime but it’s kept at mostly very low or nonviolent level because place is full of off-duty cops on the make and no doubt spooks foreign and domestic, and who knows what else. I find life without such refuge to be almost intolerable, so here I felt free but I think was after day in a haze and the glycine was kicking in. I must have taken 600 mg theanine as well, and after much coffee was spacing out….”

In this passage BAP is explaining the feeling any man who has traveled has felt. Knowing danger was down any corner – and also adventure.

BAP is gym culture, and hence why conservatives won’t understand it. If I told you, “THIS IS YOUR FACE ON PRE-WORKOUTS,” would you even know what that memes?

Bronze Age Mindset brings together ancient history, memes, and gym culture into a book that is more influential than any modern work of conservative from the past decade.

This very offensive book is available here.



The Truth about Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus



Trump is recommending people look into using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus. Trump is not a doctor. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are not approved by the FDA for treatment of coronavirus.

Most doctors are using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine off label for coronavirus treatment, some are using it prophylactically to protect themselves.

OFF LABEL USE is what is missing from media coverage on Trump and hydroxychloroquine. Reporters either don’t know what off label use is, or they are pretending not to know because ORANGE MAN BAD.

Here is what the FDA says in its guide on the off label use of drugs:

From the FDA perspective, once the FDA approves a drug, healthcare providers generally may prescribe the drug for an unapproved use when they judge that it is medically appropriate for their patient.

If you read any article about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, and the article omits OFF LABEL USE, then you are being hoaxed by the media.

P.S. The man in Arizona who died from using chloroquine did not obtain chloroquine from a doctor. He used fish tank cleaner. (Yes, really.)

The couple unfortunately equated the chloroquine phosphate in their fish treatment with the medication —known as hydroxychloroquine — that has recently been touted as a possible treatment for COVID-19, which has infected more than 42,000 people in the U.S. and killed at least 462.

Reports that the man died after “listening to Trump’s advice” are dishonest.

The Arizona man’s wife is also a Democrat donor.

Wanda donated to the PAC 314 Action Fund, which has called itself the “pro-science resistance” to the White House.

Additionally, Fox News has reviewed a Facebook page apparently belonging to Wanda, which was first identified by the Twitter user Techno Fog. “Your psycho prez is in [t]own, are you going to see him?” Wanda wrote on Facebook on Feb. 19, by way of wishing a friend a happy birthday. Trump was in town at a rally in Phoenix, Ariz., on that day.

She administered the chloroquine to her husband. This wife was the only person who hates Trump who listened to Trump, by giving her husband chloroquine-based fish tank cleaner.

Nothing suspicious about that at all.

P.P.S. If you like this post, you’ll love Hoaxed Movie. Watch it here today.



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Is “Kung Flu” the latest Media Hoax?



Several White House reporters confronted Trump regarding his decision to call the coronavirus (or COVID-19) the China Virus.  One reporter asked him about a White House administration official who is alleged to have called the coronavirus Kung Flu.

When the reporter was asked the name of the official, the reporter said she didn’t know.

The original claim regarding Kung Flu comes from CBS reporter Weijia Jiang. On March 17th, she Tweeted:

This morning a White House official referred to #Coronavirus as the “Kung-Flu” to my face. Makes me wonder what they’re calling it behind my back.

Ms. Jiang has not identified the official.

One reason could be because this official does not even exist.

Under American defamation law, you can lie all you like.

You can’t lie about a person by name.

If no White House official called the coronavirus Kung Flu, or if there is some important context missing, then Jiang could be sued.

You can watch the Kung Flu exchange in this video here:

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The Stafford Act Text Message Announcing an Emergency Quarantine is a Hoax



By now you or someone you know has received a hoax text announcing martial law. With some minor variations, the texts all read the same:

  • In 48 to 72 hours the president will evoke what is called the Stafford act. Just got off the phone with some of my military friends in DC who just got out of a two hour briefing. The president will order a two week mandatory quarantine for the nation. Stock up on whatever you guys need to make sure you have a two week supply of everything. Please forward.


The National Security Council issued a rare public statement warning the public that the Stafford act text was a hoax.

How can you tell the Stafford Act Text is a Hoax?

Even if you refuse to accept the NSC’s word on the matter, the text message has some telltale signs of a hoax.

First, the text promises secret insider knowledge. “Just got off the phone with some of my military friends in DC who just got out of a two hour briefing.” This is a vague enough proclamation that it sounds plausible.

Second, no specifics of these friends are given. Who are these friends? Why did they call this specific person?

Third, the hoaxers ask you to spread the message. Why would anyone acting in good faith want to incite a panic?

If an emergency quarantine were able to be declared, the plan would be Top Secret. No one’s friends would just get out of a briefing and start alerting people. THEY WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR LEAKING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

If such an emergency plan were in the works and higher command wanted the story to get out, they’d leak it to a credible outlet. Not share chain-letter style text messages.

There’s also tradecraft involved in sharing classified information.

None of the telltale signs (and no I won’t share how to leak classified secrets here) were present in that alert.

UPDATE: Other outlets are now reporting that the Stafford Act text is a foreign disinformation campaign:

The Trump administration is alleging that a foreign disinformation campaign is underway aimed at spreading fear in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, three U.S. officials said Monday. On Sunday, federal officials began confronting what they said was a deliberate effort by a foreign entity to sow fears of a nationwide quarantine amid the virus outbreak.

Agencies took coordinated action Sunday evening to deny that any such plans were put in place, as they tried to calm a nation already on edge by disruptions to daily life caused by the virus.



Read More about Mike Cernovich here.

Who is Mike Cernovich?

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