A bottle fell from the counter, and I automatically reached down to grab it. That was the first result I noticed since starting BASIS.

Three years ago I started taking an relatively expensive supplement called BASIS by Elysium health. BASIS contains nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, and I’ve noticed some subtle improvements over the years, making it well worth the cost.

Anti-aging research starts from the proposition that aging should be treated like any other medical or scientific problem. Researchers look at processes that break down as time moves on. NAD+ levels decline with aging. Nicotinamide riboside boosts levels of NAD+ in your body. Because NAD+ levels decline with age, and the thinking goes, boosting NAD+ levels will mitigate some aspects of aging.

Some studies on NAD+ are promising:

What I’ve noticed using BASIS.

When you read most reviews of BASIS, you’ll see the reviewer talk about grey hairs. I went grey in my late 20s, and there aren’t any changes on that front, but my reflexes improved.

My reflexes improved noticeably, which is why I ordered a multi-year subscription to BASIS. Your reflexes / reaction time peaks at 24 years of age. Punching power stays with you the longest, reflexes leave quickly.

It’s hard to explain how my reflexes have improved other to say when I drop something, I’m able to watch it move as if my vision has a high speed camera lens, and am more capable of grabbing the item before it hits the ground. I’m also able to focus more intensely on small details like the branches of trees or leaves of grass.

My blood pressure is also in the super healthy range, despite my life being high stress. Although I can’t attribute my healthy blood pressure to BASIS, others have said it helps with their blood pressure.

These changes are subtle, and because BASIS is pricey, it’s not considered a magic pill. Unless you’re already exercising regularly, you may not notice any changes. (You may still receive some benefits.)

Additional reading on BASIS:

LongeCity has a 1,800+ post discussion on nicotinamide riboside.

Elysium Health (which sells BASIS, so buyer beware) shares some information here.

Do I recommend BASIS?

I don’t have any relationship with BASIS, and if you buy their stuff, I won’t make any money.

But it’s a product I’ve used for years, and believe in.

Is it an immediate game-changer like GABA or N-A-C? No.

Will you notice a “buzz” like when you take a pre-workout? No.

Will it potentially help improve reflexes, and maybe even help heal the brain of someone who has been hit in the head a few times? Yes.

BASIS works for me, and a lot of people buy the pills separately on Amazon or Whole Foods or GNC. BASIS contains 250 mg of nicotinamide riboside an 50 mg of pterostilbene. Reputable companies like Jarrow sell those, and it’s much less expensive to buy them ala carte.

Because it’s an expensive product, I’d put BASIS a few items down the to-do list. Lift weights, eat or drink greens, do Wim Hof Breathing, take cold showers / baths…and then consider an exotic product like BASIS.

The most powerful supplement I’ve used is Gorilla Mind.

You can learn more about Gorilla Mind here.

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