Interface is a new advice app from Scott Adams funded start-up WhenHub. When you have Interface installed, you can ask experts for advice, or you can have others pay you for your advice.

Because I think Interface has a lot of promise, and because Scott Adams has been unusually generous to the world, I’d like to see as many of you sign up as possible.

Each Q&A session is 15 minutes long, and that’s only going to cost you $25.

This isn’t going to last, because accepting any one-on-one clients hurts me, as it doesn’t allow me to scale.

If I spend one hour writing or podcasting, I’ll reach at least 10,000 people. The number is higher, and that’s how I actually think about using my time.

“I can reach 10,000+ people this hour, or I can do something else this hour…. ” My time is valued in terms of reach.

How to ask me a question on Interface.

1. Download the Interface app here

If you use that link, you get some free tokens, as do I.

I don’t know what the tokens are worth, as this is a new product.

Just putting it out there that you’ll get free tokens, and I will too.

Today starting at 3 p.m. PST I’ll be on Interface.

I’ll click the “Go Online” button.

You’ll find me, call me, and we can talk.

Again, go download Interface at this link, and we’ll talk soon!

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