As societies across the Western world collapse, elder abuse is becoming more common. A 74 year old man was pushed off of a bus after asking a woman to be nice. He died.

The woman charged with murder after police said she was caught on video pushing a 74-year-old man face-first off a bus in Las Vegas has been released on bail, court records show. Cadesha Bishop, 25, of Las Vegas, was free Wednesday after posting $100,000 bond. She’s now on high-level electronic monitoring ahead of her preliminary hearing on May 23, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I didn’t know was still alive, was attacked. He withstood the attacks due to weight lifting and therapeutic doses of testosterone replacement therapy.

Watch him get kicked and barely notice it here:

A lot of losers will say that TRT is dangerous,
because they don’t understand science.

Arnold is 71.

Tony Robbins turns 60 this year.

Naive people who live normal lives don’t know that most people their age and much younger use TRT to improve their overall health.

Many people have noticed my tone has changed over the years and that’s because I have two daughters and don’t have patience for people who think they know how the world works, but don’t.

“I read somewhere about ‘roid rage,” “Won’t TRT give me a heart attack,” and a bunch of other fake nonsense.

If you want to learn the truth about what Arnold and others are actually doing, you can listen to the best podcasts on the subject right here.

The Complete Guide to Fasting for Fat Loss, Increased Focus, and Spirituality


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