1. Identify the emotion, Own the emotion, Accept the emotion.

    Do not stuff it, feel it while knowing we don’t have to act on it. We act on our values, not our emotions.
    Even though anger is a normal human emotion, we do not have to act on it.
    Anger is like a muscle, the more we exercise it, the stronger it becomes. If we chose to Identify, Own and Accept it every time it comes up, we can lessen the impact anger has on our lives and our relationships.

  2. Emotional Management: A requirement in 2020.

    What we’re seeing is adoption that emotional outbursts are normal. They aren’t. Outbursts are for children.

    Children have short attention spans. The internet, smart phones, social media–whatever, made all of our attention spans short. So we behave like children.

    We just forgot because our attention spans are too short to remember.

    You are never mad because you manage your emotions as an adult in a sea of children trapped in fat, stupid, adult bodies.

    Vincent from Andreian

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