In a pattern all too familiar, the person calling out others has her own offense Tweets. Alexi McCammond, a reporter covering the presidential race for Axios, called out Charles Barkley for a vulgar and offensive remark. Barkley apologized.

Ms. McCammond has her own history of racist tweets that she should apologize for as well.

(Update: After publication Ms. McCammond deleted her tweets.)


In one Tweet McCammond said she wanted to learn how to avoid “swollen Asian eyes.”

Now I don’t find these Tweets offensive, although they are racist and rely on racial stereotypes.

Being upset as a TA isn’t anything newsworthy, although referencing his Asian ethnicity seems problematic.

Ms. McCammond has apologized for her history of racist Tweets.


11 Replies to ““Swollen Asian Eyes” – Campaign 2020 Reporter Has History of Racist Tweets”

  1. Well done reporting the hypocrisy of her actions. It remains a mystery why some people are not consistent in thought and action. What’s the point if you’re going to say one thing and do another?

    It’ll be interesting to see if anybody else picks up what Alexi tweeted.

    Fight on!


    1. It remains amazing to you why people are not consistent in thought and action? You’re going back to comments from 2011 when she was in College. Are you kidding me? They’re not consistent in thought and action because people change and evolve. I don’t care about this women, but you have to realize how ignorant this comment is.
      How do you not realize this? Maybe you haven’t grown and changed since college?

  2. Those tweets aren’t racist but some are insensitive and one did imply that Asian’s eyes are unattractive. Hard to tell what she meant by ‘old Asian woman’ as the conversation isn’t there. I can’t imagine it’s anything complimentary.

    Regardless of what she said in the past, doesn’t mean she deserves to be threatened physical harm by someone with way more power than her. Those here that are implying that really suck as human beings.

    1. She didn’t deserve to be threatened by Barkley. I don’t like what he said and I wouldn’t say it. He said he made a joke and realized later it wasn’t funny, then he apologized. She didn’t accept his apology. She may not deserve to have somebody make a threatening comment that affects her, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to be lectured to by an unforgiving, hypocritical racist.

      Her not accepting his apology and then in her very next tweet being forced to apologize for something she wasn’t sorry for until she got caught was the height of comedy though.

    2. Totally racist. If you can’t see it, you need to think through your unconscious bias. You may be part of the problem.

  3. As an “old Asian” woman, I find these comments incredibly offensive and racist. Being African American doesn’t entitle you to make remarks like this. You’re not the only minority that feels the sting of insensitive and just plain mean comments such as this. I can imagine the backlash if I said something stereotypical of the black culture.

  4. That’s why people love Charles Barkley – he’s unfiltered. He doesn’t fall into any of their nonsense “Woke” categories.

    He said something stupid. He apologized. We’re all hypocrites sometimes. Time to move on with your life, Alexi!

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