Fitness expert and lifestyle development writer Alexander Cortes has been banned from Twitter for reasons no one can understand. Cortes isn’t political.

Robby Starbuck thinks Cortes may have been banned for “pedo-bashing.”

Other users expressed their shock at Alexander Cortes’ banning.

6 Replies to “Alexander Cortes Banned from Twitter”

  1. He commented on an article about how pedophiles can’t be cured that “a rope” would cure them, and I think that’s what did him in. Hope I’m wrong. That is seriously screwed up if Twitter is defending pedophiles (not even specific pedophiles, but pedophiles as an abstracted group in the subject of an article).

    1. “Defending pedophiles” would imply that they’re showing favoritism to them. It would be seriously fucked up if Twitter was defending literally anyone AT ALL. It would be extremely unethical of them to do so. However, it seems from your comment that they may just have been impartially enforcing twitter’s rules. We’ll have to wait for more information to come to light.

  2. He was critical of wrongthink according to Silicon Valley.

    This wasn’t a banning. This was a cultural assassination.

  3. The man is a total jerk-off but he has some good things to say and did absolutely nothing to be banned. The people that run twitter are unAmerican scum that deserve horrible fates

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