A Night for Freedom held its third and final event of 2018 in New York, where a crowd enjoyed a private screening of Mike Cernovich’s latest film, Hoaxed.

What People Said about A Night for Freedom and Hoaxed

  • In the last event, Mr. Cernovitch seemed very withdrawn and almost overwhelmed. At this event he seemed the exact opposite, and was very friendly to everyone. I saw him making attempts to talk to everyone in the room, which I appreciated. I will attend the next event in nyc area. I hope my comments are taking into consideration, and the next event can be event better than the last two!
  • I was positively surprised at how available Mike made himself to everyone who came. A really great, insightful, and warm guy. Looking forward to more events!



  • The movie was better than I expected and the people were wonderful and engaging.
  • Networking. Being able to speak freely. Mike himself.
  • Hoaxed movie was great; crowd size was perfect for networking!



  • Exclusive, relaxed atmosphere, great bar service, thoughtful touches ie the televisions on podiums near the back seats.
  • It was an all around wonderful experience! Great energy, great crowd, an opportunity to broaden ones knowledge, get food for thought and mingle with like minded people. Most certainly an evening well spent! Thank you!
  • Met interesting people & watched a great movie


  • The friendly atmosphere. Friendliest of all being Mike himself who was the first person to say hi to me.
  • Good energy, good people, wonderful content
  • Great balance of movie, drinks and appetizers able to conversations with people.
  • it was refreshing to meet like-minded people, have honest discussions and not be fearful.


  • The movie was top-notch. It definitely helped start the conversations at the party afterwards, having something that solid and that important to open the event.
  • The documentary was interesting, I learned a lot and was introduced to new public figures to follow. I enjoyed meeting mike and getting his signature, I’m a big fan of his works. The venue was nice and the drinks and apps were delicious.
  • The movie and crowd were both excellent.
  • Great venue in a great part of the city with attendees from various backgrounds with diverse views and perspectives, making for great networking and conversation.
  • Meeting you and other people I follow on twitter, periscope etc was really fun. Meeting like minded people, being able to speak freely
  • I truly enjoyed the night and the people who attended. The venue was great


Find out the latest about Hoaxed, including when it will be coming to a city near you, here:

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