What is something that you used to believe to be true, but now know to be false, or you doubt whether it remains true? I’ll start.

1. Society can exist without religion.

2. The American political parties are different.

3. Objective reality exists or is within our understanding.

4. Human memory is reliable.

5. People value the truth.

6. Adults mature.

7. Experts are trustworthy.

8. People are capable of assessing a person’s motive for good or evil.

9. Studying history provides insights into the present.

10. Psychedelics are harmful.

I’ll be posting a podcast elaborating on this list.

In the meantime, let me know.

What is some belief about the world that you used to have, and which you now believe is untrue?

4 Replies to “10 Beliefs I Had about the World, Which are Wrong!”

  1. “Studying history provides insights into the present.” This one you might want to rethink or refine. Studying history absolutely does provide insights into the present in that history is the story of the actions, and reactions, of humans. We may have fancy gadgets and toys but deep down we really aren’t that much different than the humans that had to content with Dire Wolves, Cave Bears and all the rest of animals long extinct. History gives an understanding of human nature in all its facets. So in that regard History does provide insight. Is it 100%? No. Nothing is. But History does provided lots and lots of cautionary tales. A manual of things not to do. That in itself is insight.

  2. I used to think that it was more “honorable” to work hard and get nowhere than work smart and get somewhere

  3. 1. Love is enough for a lasting relationship and can overcome barriers.

    2. People value the truth or facts was also eye-opening for me. (My husband does not even try to deal in facts when making decisions!! Wtf!)

    3. That a mother’s love is real and unconditional.

    4. That if a child’s mother steals, or commits another type of crime, the child will think less of her.

    5. That all American citizens want America to succeed.

    6. That I am great at my career.

    7. That I could trust news anchors to deliver the news.

    8. That we are safe in this country.

    9. That censorship of regular American citizens would never happen.

    10. That the Catholic Church was good.

  4. -I used to believe that sex could be “casual”

    -I used to believe that constantly missing sleep would not be too damaging

    -I used to believe that depression or anxiety was mostly bad thought patterns, instead of it being highly dependent on physical health (diet, sleep)

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