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The Law of Attraction is Real



Cerno sits down with multi-million-dollar real estate investor Mike Bolen to talk about the law of attraction, and whether the Universe really cares about you.

There is a universe within your mind, and this is what most high consciousness people mean when they say, The Law of Attraction is real.

The energy you create within yourself is the energy you are going to direct out to the world.

I wake up every day open, abundant, and confident.

Because I choose to create this energy within the universe of my own mind, opportunities are attracted to me.

Now some will dismiss the Law of Attraction as confirmation bias. For example, if you buy a yellow car, you’ll suddenly notice yellow cars everywhere. Does this mean buying a yellow car disrupted physics by brining yellow cars to you? Of course not.

By noticing something you hadn’t noticed before (a yellow car), you suddenly realize what was always out there. What if you began noticing the potential within yourself?

When you notice potential within yourself, you discover opportunities outside of yourself.

And as you become more attractive due to the energy you give off, more people become attracted to you.


I have had far too many “coincidences” in my life to dismiss the more metaphysical aspects of the Law of Attraction.

Listen to the full podcast for some unusual, and true, stories….



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