Hi. I’m Mike Cernovich. I own several different websites and maintain and update them while traveling the world. “Have laptop, will travel” is my business motto.

Running your own business online teaches you a thing or two about marketing.

I share those thoughts on marketing and also post my travel pics and thoughts here.

Welcome to Cernovich.com!

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  1. Hi Mike found your web site for red skin syndrome and Wow was I happy to see that i am not the only one suffering though this hell. I’m currently on prednisone and cannot stop without a third degree flare. When I get to a better place financially I hope to wait out this hell. Only those who have suffered with this can fully appreciate the thoughts of suicide associated with this pain. Thank you for sharing. I will take some off your veiw points into consideration. How old were you when this redness started occuring?

    1. Mike:

      You are are MORON, simply exploiting the ignorant for personal financial gain. And you call yourself a lawyer? Shame on you.

  2. Hey Mike,

    I don’t want to buy your new book through Amazon, are you going to have a direct system so that I can just give you all the money?



  3. Hello. My husband is a retired military guy and we are looking at him working one more year to pay off debts. We have a friend that will be soon retiring in Vietnam. What we want to do is have Saigon be our :home: and from there be abke to travel as we want to. With his retirement and cost of Saigon we could live there..save..travel..back to Vietnam.. I am just a bit overwhelmed on what is best way to start.. For one thing we would not have a home in the US to come back to. Been renting a decent house in Seattle for 16 years. One big obstacle is getting out of our 2 leased cars. 🙁 any advice on making this huge shift..how to connect with Americans who are there now and so forth would be great! Any help! Thank you! Love the food so no problem there 🙂

  4. Dear Mike,

    I just discovered you, so to speak, because of your appearance on The Rubin Report. On the topic of “identity politics,” I almost entirely disagree with not only you but Dave Rubin as well, though I’m closer to him politically in general, in the sense that I think that the Democratic Party is slightly more rational than the Republican Party. Still, I am interested in your “libertarian with nationalist tendencies” perspective because it is the most rational one that I’ve heard of for supporting Trump. As will become apparent, I also think that your perspective is nonetheless wrong, terribly.

    In the abstract, it is impossible to disagree with your stated position that the US should guard against the wrong people from crossing the border and that it should maximize “social freedom” for people who live within it. And you are definitely right to point out that Trump, in terms of his disrespect for the constitutional limits on executive power, is neither a novelty nor a partisan. But while the latter point does expose a certain hypocrisy among many Republicans and Democrats alike who would be perfectly happy with seeming constitutional while being unconstitutional, your view that it sets a “cultural tone” that is in any sense appropriate is deeply flawed for several reasons.

    First, contrary to your above abstraction, the reality is that there are mostly good people who are crossing the border. I can think of at least three groups of good people who would be harmed should Trump get elected and carry out his proposals: (1) Mexicans who are coming to the US to avoid the socio-economic devastation that US-led “free-trade” deals have inflicted on working people, especially in Mexico; (2) Muslims, against whom so much bigotry exists, including in the form of otherwise emancipatory secularism; and (3) Syrian refugees, whose plight is directly traceable to the Iraq War, which led to the rise of ISIS. If you really want to guard against “the wrong people” from entering, you could start by correcting your implicit definition of “wrong people.” It does not make one wrong to want to have a better life in the US. And, needless to say, freedom of religion is a good American value.

    Second, the concept of social freedom is vacuous if it is predicated on the oppression of other human beings. Yes, the admission of the above three groups does entail technical burdens (which are no less real) on American society as it is currently structured: refugees (many of whom are now Muslim) and immigrants require the same basic necessities as any other group of human beings, and this causes conflict when poverty is already rampant. And, yes, terrorist attacks have been committed by people who invoke Islam to justify their crimes (as they have been by people who invoke Christianity, etc.). But if you really want to maximize social freedom in the US, you should ask how US policies have undermined the concept’s realization both at home and abroad. Or, rather, you should ask this question again after critiquing your definition of “wrong” people.

    Trump pays lip service to Wall Street’s excesses and to the harm done by “free” trade. Maybe he would even push for laws in these areas that would benefit average Americans, even though he has profited at their expense within the existing order of things. Suppose that under a Trump presidency secure manufacturing jobs return to the US and Wall Street can no longer threaten the very structure of the financial system. How would this alleviate the suffering of Mexicans who would continue to immigrate, unless it included the return of the welfare state, one that could include everyone so as to minimize conflict between people regardless of their citizen status? To be clear, I think the return of the welfare state would be a good thing, but I assume that neither you nor Trump agrees. My point, in brief, is that job creation for American citizens is a necessary but insufficient means of resolving the border issue. Social conflict of the kind that undermines social freedom would remain under Trump, leaving aside the inherent tyranny of his divisive language.

    And, finally, although Trump did make statements against the Iraq War, he is far from anti-war. The vast sums of money spent on the military would continue under his rule, adding to the welfare crisis touched on above. In turn, US military aggression around the world has demonstrably increased the threat of terrorism – – more so than any theological concept, I would argue with others. As mentioned, the rise of ISIS is a case in point.

    In sum, and with respect: stop calling good people bad and stop supporting policies that make good people bad. These two steps, I think, would go a long way to advancing your stated principles.

  5. Dear Mike,

    Another thought while waiting for you to “moderate” my last message.

    Before I offer my thought, allow me to demonstrate my understanding of your overall perspective as you present it on The Rubin Report. I see three components.

    First, your view of human nature. You appear to believe that human beings are for the most part stupid animals, relying largely on gut instinct. The smartest of us, you suggest, recognize this ‘truth’ and act accordingly, primarily out of self-interest, hence your strand of libertarianism (and admiration for Trump’s aptitude for crowd-pleasing). On this view, people who reject this ‘truth’ are themselves relying on their instinct, one that you instinctively deem misguided.

    Second, your political goals. Clearly, you recognize that some degree of cooperation between self-interested individuals is necessary if anyone is to achieve any self-interest. We are social animals, after all. Apparently for reasons of personal history, you regard American nationalism, through a libertarian lens, as an acceptable mechanism for the modicum of cooperation with others that you require as a self-interested but smart primate to achieve your own ends. In practical terms, this means that you support lots of control at the border and lots of “social freedoms” within it.

    Third, your means of achieving your political goals. You mentioned sophism, which goes a long way to explaining your view of nature, political goals, and means of trying to advance them. The latter, you all but acknowledge, involves deliberately manipulating people on the grounds that they are too stupid to resist your methods of persuasion (except for the “smart” ones who appreciate your technique). After all, people are just self-interested primates. If you can trick them into thinking that your self-interests are their self-interests, you win. Hence you wrap up your perceived real interests in terms of securing the border and maximizing “social freedoms” within it.

    Here’s my thought (based on my understanding of philosophy, contemporary life, and basic experience). You can’t possibly mean what you say! Allow me to elaborate.

    As Plato demonstrated in The Republic, sophism (defined basically as the promotion of natural power over universal truth) is the logic of tyranny. In your case, you may have a certain power to persuade others to your perceived ends. But how do you know that your perceived ends are not really a powerful delusion that you’re under? Accomplishing your perceived goals is not proof that they are good goals, even if they appear to be. (To your credit, you do admit your capacity for self-delusion during the interview).

    How do I know that I’m not delusional either? I at least know that there is a better, more accurate concept of human nature than the one that you presuppose.

    I agree that human beings rely a lot on gut instinct; however, as many have pointed out (see John Dewey’s Democracy and Education, for example), there is no real distinction between instinct and rationality, perception and conception, emotions and thought. The problem is that there is a real distinction between knowledge and ignorance, wisdom and folly, virtue and vice. People are not stupid for instinctively looking to someone for leadership when they know that they do not have the required technical knowledge to lead themselves (whether as passengers on a plane or as citizens in a democracy). The problem is that people who do have technical knowledge for leading can use it to mislead.

    Ironically, Trump’s powers of persuasion that you admire are at once the reason for his present ‘success’ and the source of his inevitable failure (which, hopefully, will take the form of political defeat, but it could very well take the form of his legacy in a post-democratic America). That is, the people who are are flocking to him – including you, on a certain level – are doing so because they know that they have been misled by Obama, Bush, Clinton, and the list goes on. What do you suppose will happen once they realize that Trump has merely repackaged the age old art of political trickery? In your case, what will you do if he starts letting in un-American types like the dictators whose praises he sings while clamping down on libertarian principles, such as freedom of the press?

    I’ll have to leave it at that.

  6. Dear Mike,

    Whether consciously or not, you’ve responded to my comments in your article “Why Rich People are Miserable”:

    “Living life on your terms means setting the agenda. Only work with people you want to work with. Only talk to people you want to talk with.

    You no longer need to explain yourself to people. If someone bores you, move on. If someone annoys you, why waste your time?”

    What incredibly bad advice this is. How are people who are set on a delusional agenda to be freed of it if not by talking to people who have a different perspective.

    Best regards,


  7. Mike, just watched your interview with Stefan Molyneux (9 Oct 16). I heard you mention that your looking for people to send to Europe to cover the invasion. I’m an American living in Vienna. Let me know if there’s something I can do for you.


  8. Hi Mike,
    Perhaps I’m more complicated than you and it would not be such a “big” website, but I think you should have a website dealing with philosophy as it relates (or how you relate to it) to your positions. The stoics seem most logical to me, but as I say, I’m complicated. So, I was wondering what platform, theme you use for your blogs. They are clean and straightforward. I used to think I was a writer, but I don’t write every day. I am trying to feel the pain and still do it. It often seems quite pointless. The problem I have with reading a book about changing one’s mindset is that you did not read a book that got you to where you are. Much like religion, politics or philosophy, we as humans tend to pursue what works for us. While I will buy your book for your support, other than a few ideas, I don’t expect to find much that is really applicable. It isn’t about you, it’s about me. In fact, I have used many of the techniques and mental toughness you espouse to little effect. Anyway, I would be interested in your website platform and theme (if WordPress). Thx

  9. I just heard you state on Alex Jones (3rd of May) that “the NY Times is basically run by the Saudis”.
    How can an intelligent person take you seriously when you make this kind of statement – in a knee jerk manner.
    Are you just another shill – like AJ and JPW – deflecting attention away from Israel and its never ending crimes. It certainly looks like it.
    In all the time I’ve listened to you I have never heard you ever mention Israel or Mossad.

  10. Hi Mike, here’s a new petition

    We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:
    Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the alleged Wikileaks email leaker
    Created by J.F. on May 19, 2017

  11. hey mike,
    watched yesterday infowars w/webb, goodman on wasserman….no one mentioned the call to attorney elizabeth beck where wasserman disquised her voice, but forgot to blank out her phone number….secretary took a pic of it on caller id…article on gateway pundit

  12. VERY URGENT!!!! TELL Mr Cernovich!!!!
    Corey Stewart Must AUDIT EACH and every vote.
    4323 votes was the amount that he lost by.

    In Virginia there has been a history of fraud and equipment error.
    Plus his competition had Bush money which always includes x CIA operatives who have an arsenal of computer hackers, equipment experts etc.
    So as a former voter fraud investigator I have always found 3 to 15% error and fraud.
    This is the time to fight like hell!!!
    Audit every single vote.
    Look for Democrats who are also Rep.
    Double votes. Mail in , on line and walk in.
    Subtract the non- resident vote.
    LOOK VERY CLOSE at the military mail in vote. a lot of fraud happens there because no one ever thinks false balots exsist in that pile of mail.
    Close inspection of chian of custody of data.
    Where are the hard drives? Mail in ballots?
    Study and test / verify voting machine certification and repair log.
    Many/most machines never get serviced right. They just ut them back into storage.
    The other team was Bush/deep state …..they cheated…..
    The law says the sec of state must keep all records for 2 years.
    They usually destroy the evidence.

    99.9% Chance fraud happened.
    BUSH family are globalists.
    Personal friends of the Rev Moon Cult, which is the North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un’s CIA spy arm.
    100% FACT…….we know many people who worked for MOON.
    One World Order…..daddy Bush was all in.
    So, they donated money and x -CIA to fix this.
    WE MUST FIGHT FOR TRUTH and we can not lose our state of Virginia to the Globalist.
    Corey Stewart WON THAT ELECTION.
    as Stalin said” It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the vote the decides any election”

  13. Hey,
    Heard ya say on Infowars that you wanna focus on bringing CNN down. I was listening to MLK speeches the other day… real simple method to finish them off. Perhaps it is time that they feel our pain, economically. Announce it on Infowars Show a few times a week- pick out one of CNN’s sponsors, and lets all coordinate writing letters, calling, emailing one of CNN’s sponsors each week. Telling them that as long as they support this assault on the people, in the form of misleading and fake information, that we wont support them. Simple. We just need a voice like MLK that can reach millions, to coordinate our efforts.

  14. Mike, when will you start talking about the true projects that the deep state are doing to humans and that’s MIND CONTROL.
    Do you know about the Sue Ford story?
    Buy the book ” Thanks for the memories” the Kissinger/Bob Hope connections.
    You open up this can of worms Mike, you open this up and you will reach people on a deeper level. If you truly want to go after this wickedness, speak about this subject on a ongoing basis. Have Sue Ford on your show.

  15. I was really planning on starting juicing. I read it can stop diabetes.Well now I have a light case of nephropathy as well. I hope you will release book again.Thanks.

  16. I was really planning to start juicing.Want to get rid of diabetes.Hope you will release book again.Thanks.

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