When you work 16+ hours a day for years at a time and break some of the biggest stories of the year, you need an edge.

My secret weapon is the most powerful over-the-counter focus and motivation agent I’ve ever taken – Gorilla Mind.

Gorilla Mind is way better than any “energy drink” on the market.

Why I Use Gorilla Mind

Over the years I took everything from Adderall to Modafinil. Adderall didn’t feel good, made me too intense, and I haven’t used it in at least 8 years. Modafinil is fantastic, although I think stacking Rush and Smooth together gives similar results.

What Modafinil was Like for Me

Most people medicate with caffeine and sugar, which are poor substitutes for true nootropics.

Get up, drink coffee to wake up, add some sugar to your latte for a rush or maybe eat a donut. Start to crash 2-3 hours later, re-up the caffeine and sugar.

Most people want an edge, but have limiting beliefs about supplements.

They’ll drink massive amounts of coffee (caffeine is a drug) and drink alcohol, but won’t even try something mild like Joe Rogan’s “Alpha Brain,” let alone more intense products.

And that’s fine. If you want to live like most people, be like most people.

The truth is that 100% of people who hate on me are losers with loser lives.

Which is better – Gorilla Mind Rush or Smooth?

Gorilla Mind comes in two formulations, Rush and Smooth. Smooth contains TeaCrine and was formulated specifically for me, as I quit caffeine for 30 days (read about that here), and wanted something I could take in the afternoon without making me too intense.

Smooth has an incredible mood boost effect, and I take 3-6 caps a day.

  • 3 Smooth in the a.m. with a cold brew coffee
  • 3 Smooth at 4 p.m.

Rush is also by far the most popular product, as people under 35 respond to stimulants differently than people over 35.

Rush outsells Smooth by 3-to-1.

Sometimes I’ll take 1-2 Rush and 3 Smooth together.

Rush feels like a very intense pre-workout. A lot of people use Rush as a pre-workout due to its effectiveness in increasing the mind-muscle connection.

Gorilla Rush pre-workout formula

  • 3 Rush
  • 1 scoop Vasky (a popular vasodilator)
  • 5 grams creatine
  • 10 grams BCAAs

What People are saying about Rush.

Gorilla Mind has a massive following – everyone from professional mixed martial arts fighters to software engineers to reporters to bros to regular women looking for some extra energy.





Where can you get Gorilla Mind?

You can get Gorilla Mind here. The best value is the Bundle.

P.S. Rush bottles are out of stock. You can buy To Go Bundles for approximately the same price per capsule. Use GM10 to save 10% here.