The “motorcycle gang” started off in Huế en route to Hội An, and the trip was worth it. Hoi An was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited. The weather was cool and breezy.

Wikipedia will tell you all the high-brow facts of Hoi An. For example, “Hội An is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Hội An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century.”

We came for the beaches, custom suits, and swag bags.

I’ve been to many of the world’s best beaches like Cabo and Miami, and of course I lived in Los Angeles for over a decade.

While there isn’t a party scene, the beaches of Vietnam are equally beautiful.

Hoi An Vietnam beach

Check out this coastline.

hoi an beach

You can also shop for custom suits and leather travel bags in Hoi An.

 I had food poisoning and didn’t get a suit made, unlike these two handsome men.

custom suits hoi an vietnam

I’ll be back later in the year for a custom tailor job.

I was able to pick up a handmade leather bag.

In “money see, monkey do” fashion, all four of us bought a leather travel bag.

leather travel bag

You got a problem, bro?

cow hoi an

Old Town Hoi An by day.

old town hoi an boats

Old Town Hoi An by night.

old town hoi an at night

Looking at city lights reflecting off of the water while enjoying a cool breeze is one of life’s simple pleasures.

old town hoi an lake night

We stayed at the Alma Courtyard in Hoi An. The stay included a huge breakfast spread and a massage.

The view of Alma Courtyard during the day.

Alma Courtyard Hoi An Vietnam

Time to unwind.

alma courtyard hoi an at night

It’s a long and winding road.

long and winding road hoi an

Some travel by oxen.

oxen hoi an

Others by boat.

boats hoi an vietnam

And still others travel by bike.

scooter hoi an vietnam

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30 Replies to “Enjoying the Beaches of Hội An, Vietnam”

  1. These simple little vignettes are cool. Can’t wait until I graduate so I can go visit!

    Btw, what did Mrs. Danger think about moving to Vietnam?

    1. I’m working on learning how to tell a story with pictures and only one caption, so it’s a work in progress. Glad you like it!

      Traveling the world, biking up and down mountains and zig-zagging through busy city streets, hanging out at beaches….Women want danger and play.

  2. Mike,
    From the pics those beaches remind me of Naples,FL or Hawaii somewhat. Everyone’s mileage varies man but to me Newport Beach, Malibu, Laguna Beach, and Santa Barbara are my favs.

    I have not been to San Fran though- how is it?

  3. It’s amazing how Vietnam wasn’t even on my map of places to visit until about 3-4 years ago but now it is. Looks gorgeous out there.

  4. I really like this site Mike. Much more my speed. I also like the medium. As I have gotten older, I think I enjoy the audio (podcasts) and visual (pictures & videos) much better. Sometimes reading gets a cumbersome. I think you assimilate more info via visual and audio means. Or maybe it is just me. Great stuff.


  5. Mike,
    As an individual with a philosophy background- do you share much interest in Austrian economics/Libertarianism/Randian individualism over collectivism etc.?

    1. I read all of Rand’s book in college, including her non-fiction/essays and read von Mises. There’s some truth in there but ultimately she was a dogmatist. No one has a comprehensive model of how the world works.

      1. Mike,
        I couldn’t agree more man. You also have in that libertarian movement patriot thinkers like Dr. Gary North, James Wesley Rawles (highly reccomended love his work), Kenneth Royce aka “Boston”, Texe Marrs (ex spook with good info on the Illuminati), etc. Personally, I’ve always disliked many of the guys at Laissez-Faire books and their ilk because they howl about ideology endlessly and cry “the free market this and that” but aren’t men of action like James Wesley Rawles or his mentor Gary North (who worked at the Von mises based Foundation for Economic Education/FEE and on Ron Paul’s staff). Like Boston/Kenneth Royce says you can bitch about ideology all the way to the railcar and camps but an M-14, gold coins, and 10 acres of land is far more useful.

        I’d also say all ideologies seek sheep to follow them. A lot of its about power, control, and capital. With all the movements that exist- why aren’t we seeing powerful and lasting change?

  6. Hey Mike, I noticed your recent tweets RE: the podcast logo and how you’re focusing on making ‘Cernovich’ the core brand rather than ‘Danger and Play’.

    Currently you’re focusing on marketing and travel on, mindset on, testosterone/fitness/everything on and of course juicing on

    If you had to start again, would you have put everything on and then created niche sites, or if not what strategy would you have followed?

    I’m curious how your current thinking differs from your previous thoughts:

  7. Absolutely loving these shots Mike. Vietnam is most definitely on my list. I remember watching a Top gear where they visit a restaurant that’s built on the water, and small fishing boats can come up and dock to it. worth a look out if you’ve not been yet

  8. Really enjoying the new blog. It’s awesome that you’re always wearing a D&P shirt. Speaking of which, will you be making those available for sale?

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