I’ve been taking some time to relax, contemplate life, and catch up with my good friends in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nic has spent months at a time in Chiang Mai, and I can see why. He’s also been showing me around, and today we took motor-bike rides up into the mountains to check out the Doi Suthep temple.

When traveling I enjoy doing cardio rather than weight lifting. Lifting weights is too taxing. Cardio gets blood flowing and helps sweat out the bloat we acquire from flying on planes and eating.

I did a 30-minute hotel workout.

how to exercise at a hotel gym

The ride was uphill into the mountains with a lot of twists and turns. I’ll risk my life for a great pic, but not until I know the terrain.

There’s a temple on the way towards Doi Suthep.

Chian Mai temple buddha

A dragon guards the temple.

dragon Chaing Mai temple

The gorilla was permitted to enter, after promising to pay proper respects.

Chiang Mai temple Mike Cernovich

Onward to Doi Suthep.

Doi Suthep temple entrance

There are small shrines throughout the Doi Suthep temple.

Doi Suthep shrine

Please ring bell for meditation.

Doi Suthep meditation bells

There were small gardens everywhere.

Doi Suthep gardens

The view from the top. Even ancient temples are often under construction, as evidenced by this re-bar.

View from top of Doi Suthep

It’s hard to appreciate how detailed the engravings are.

Doi Suthep engravings column Chaing Mai

Each engraving tells a story.

Chiang Mai doi suthep wood engravings temple

Your soul needs to be watered and cared for, as with any plant.

flower garden doi suthep chiang mai

I did some meditation. There were pillows available to sit on.

meditation Chiang Mai temple doi suthep

After a long contemplative walk, where I considered the future of me and those in my life, it was time to leave.

I was hungry and these fried eggs/fried coconut things looked delicious.

food in Thailand Chaing mai

Still hungry, I had some coconut-fried chicken, which was splendid.

coconut friend chicken street food chiang mai thailand

On the way down I stopped by the national park to cool down at the waterfall.

waterfall meditation chiang mai

Open your heart and mind up to new possibilities, let the water flow through you.

17 Replies to “A Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Temples and Waterfalls”

  1. Great to see that you enjoying Northern Thailand Mike! If you stop by Chiang Rai in the future, and need a guide let me know. I buy you coffee or make a homemade green juice.


  2. Ps-
    It’s driving me nuts wanting to know-
    Are those scooters/motorbikes you guys riding around on in SE Asia manual or automatic transmissions?

          1. In LA traffic a sports bike is almost a suicide mission. Im going to get a Harley-I love the exhaust signature. It’s musical sounding like shooting a 1911 or G3.

  3. Mike,
    I have to say that the pictures you have taken are very high quality and amazing. I do enjoy your writing and it is very intricate and the pictures you have taken really speak volumes. It looks insanely amazing.

    Do you plan on updating this site with more pictures and articles detailing your travels? Keep sharing the photos, Mike! I think everyone would love to see more of these places in reality, as well as a real person like you, sharing them.

    Hope all is well!

  4. Mike
    An idea just hit me as you’ve been a powerful legal writer and are now emerging as one of the best pro men writers around. With your knowledge two books that would be excellent creations are-
    1)How not to get screwed by lawyers and in business (we all know the American system basically sucks and so many people get screwed over by lawyers/accountants/ brokers the list is endless-if we had true property rights we would not need garbage like property taxes, probate/estate litigation- what’s ours would be ours and the man wouldn’t have his hand in our pockets every 5 seconds).

    2-Red pill guide to divorce/dating/marriage aka how today’s man can protect himself from a feminized system that will bang him over everything.

    It’s redpill to fight collectivists, shysters, commits, and all other parasites who would dare step on things as noble as a mans property, freedom, creativity, and life itself. More guys need to smarten up and take back what we’ve lost as men and as a society all so a few could push their collectivist agenda on natural sovereigns. The order of nature says man is bigger and better and deserve more than to be a pawn in a rigged admiralty law based system.

  5. Damnit, I need to get back there. Earlier this year I spent two months down there, most of it in Cambodia which has a special place in my heart now. 🙂

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