What is the Shitty Men in Media List?

The Shitty Men in Media List is a crowd-sourced document authored by several female journalists. The purpose of the list is to warn women away from certain male journalists. Buzzfeed broke the existence of the list.

What To Do With “Shitty Media Men”? A document circulating late Wednesday named and shamed dozens of men in media for bad behavior toward women.

The allegations on the spreadsheet range from “flirting” and “weird lunch dates“ to accusations of rape, assault, stalking, harassment, and physical violence. What these things have in common is that they remind women, particularly vulnerable women, that they are not in power.

The List contains tabs containing the names of the men accused of sexual misconduct, the companies they work for, and the conduct they are accused of.

Here is a screen shot of the Shitty Men in Media List.

Why aren’t you publishing the full list immediately?

Some of the accusations against men are quite serious, and unlike the fake news media, I will not repeat those accusations without giving men an opportunity to reply.

We will be updating this page as we identify men who appear on the Shitty Men in Media List.

    A recap of the infamous “shitty men in media” list finds that since its existence was first publicized by Cernovich Media in late October, six men on it have either resigned or been fired from their positions at notable media outlets.

    Cernovich Media first came across the list – which circulated among female journalists in the form of a spreadsheet – after it came into the hands of leading journalist Mike Cernovich.

    At the time, a number of media outlets attempted to question the list’s veracity. The Cut, for instance, deemed it “unsubstantiated” and smeared Cernovich as attention-seeking.

    While many of the men on the list remain free of formal complaints or evidence of wrongdoing, the appearance of six on the list appears to have been justified through internal investigations/proceedings at their respective outlets.

    On the list, Michael Hafford – formerly of Broadly – was accused by multiple women of physical abuse, non-consensual choking, forced drug use, non-consensual barebacking during sex and inappropriate communication.

    In November, a spokesperson for Broadly’s parent company Vice confirmed that Hafford has been banned as a contributor as a result of his alleged behavior.


    Leon Wieseltier also appeared on the list, where he was accused of “workplace harassment.”

    News broke in late October that Wiesltier’s magazine – which was set to launch that month – had been suspended.

    Wiesltier – who worked for The Atlantic and The New Republic – also issued an apology, stating, “for my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness.”


    Next up is Hamilton Fish, who appeared on the list where he was accused of assaulting an employee at The Nation.

    In early November, news broke that Fish had resigned as president and publisher of The New Republic. This news came one day after The New Republic announced it would be launching an investigation into Fish’s behavior.


    Lorin Stein resigned as editor of The Paris Review after admitting to behaving inappropriately with women he worked with. This appears to be consistent with allegations leveled against Stein on the ‘shitty men in media list,’ where he stands accused of “workplace harassment.”

    GQ political correspondent Rupert Myers lost his gig in October after numerous allegations surfaced concerning his behavior. The ‘shitty men in media list’ has Myers accused of inappropriate physical contact, harassment and reaching out to women in “professional context” before turning “very creepy.”


    Coming in at #6 is Ryan Lizza, a writer from The New Yorker who was fired earlier this month after accusations from his employer of “improper sexual misconduct.”

    The list’s authors accused Lizza of sending inappropriate direct messages to female coworkers.

    At #7 is BuzzFeed’s White House reporter Adrian Carrasquillo.


    Carrasquillo was accused by the list’s authors of sexual harassment in the workplace and “inappropriate communication.”

    According to the Business Insider report linked above, Carrasquillo lost his job at BuzzFeed following an internal investigation into “inappropriate comments to a colleague.”

    If the circumstances surrounding these men is any indicator, things aren’t looking too good for the other folks on the ‘shitty men in media list.’

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