July 4th 50% off Sale!

To celebrate this nation’s birthday, Gorilla Mind is having a July 4th Super Sale, with the Gorilla Mind Rush and Smooth bundle being offered at 50% off retail.

  • Focus that actually works. I’ve been using these for days where I need to sit down for some hours at a stretch on desk work or tasks around the house. The best way I can describe it is being in that state of ‘flow’ when you’re really immersed in work, and also a feeling of not being phased by other distractions.”
  • “I took one capsule mid day and I could feel a bit of the fog lifting from my head. I was able to concentrate a bit better and remained pretty focused for the rest of the day.”
  • “After being in the Infantry for 4 years, 2 combat tours, and a year home in garrison I have experimented with lots of different products keying in on mental acuity, concentration, and mental stamina/energy. Nootropics, though has really blossomed in use and technology. So, I was skeptical trying Cernovich’s product due to so many other well-researched formulas. My skepticism was brilliantly smashed. Instant results!

Gorilla Mind’s youth serum product is discounted to $9.99. I encourage you to check out similar products on Amazon or at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Similar products retail for $30 or more.

  •  “This stuff really makes my skin feel very smooth to the touch. I have decent skin but a girl always wants younger tighter skin and so far this really seems to be doing the trick.”
  •  “Finding an all in one serum that is so reasonably price is a game changer. It dries quickly which makes my skin care steps much less of a hassle, I only have to use one serum, it is odorless, and it primes my skin so that my moisturizer, spf, and make up can go on smoothly.”
  •  “This is a fantastic product. It drys quickly and there is a noticeable difference in how your skin feels and looks day 1 and continues to improve with time.”

A lot of men mock skincare routines, which is a mistake. I write about proper skincare here.

Be sure to wear sunscreen!

– Mike