How to Get a Free PDF of Gorilla Mindset

Since Gorilla Mindset is a workbook, it’s helpful to have a second copy to write on. In fact, Gorilla Mindset is ideal as a PDF.

I’m not going to charge you for a PDF if you already bought Gorilla Mindset.

If you buy the print or Kindle version of Gorilla Mindset, you’ll find a password inside it.

This password will also serve as your coupon code.

Enter the password at checkout and you’ll receive your free PDF of Gorilla Mindset.

(If you’re having trouble downloading the PDF or whatever, as people sometimes do, I won’t be able to respond right away. On vacation.)

How to Get a Free PDF of Gorilla Mindset:

Step 1. Buy Gorilla Mindset in print or on Kindle.

Step 2. Find the password, which you’ll use at checkout.

Step 3. Click this button

Add to Cart

Step 4. Click on the Add Promo Code button. Enter the password.

Step 5. Receive your free PDF via email.

“Mike, won’t some hater just put the coupon code online?”
This offer makes it easy for people to steal from me..

Thieves will find a way to steal.

I don’t sit around thinking about thieves.

I care about you.

My focus is on you and supporting and taking care of those who take care of me.