We all know that getting ahead in life is as much about your own effort as it is your network.

And we know how hard it is to find friends who are committed to excellence. Most people mock “self-help,” as if aspiring to greatness and getting the most out of life is a waste of time.

What if we could form a network of like-minded people with shared values and a commitment to excellence in all areas of life?

Right people, right room, right outcome.

Fellowship requires a shared culture, which means putting the right people into the right room. Not everyone belongs in the same room. Not everyone shares our values.

The Gorilla Mindset Network will put the right people in the right room with invitation-only events.

What does a Gorilla Mindset Network retreat look like?

  • Personalized mindset training,
  • Socializing with like-minded people committed to excellence,
  • Firearms training with former special operations veterans and Rangers,
  • Intensive self-defense training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experts,
  • Health and fitness training and personalized programming from elite trainers,
  • Brand building and business advice from people who have made it happen,
  • Financial advice from world-class investors,
  • Special skills building sessions,
  • A shared culture.

The Gorilla Mindset Network knows how to keep it fun.

Members of the GMN will also have access to private dinners and happy hours.

And personalized style and fashion advice.

Life is serious and should be treated seriously, and leisure is part of life as well.

The GMN is about connection.

What does membership in the Gorilla Mindset Network include?

One monthly one-on-one coaching call. (Although there’s no time limit, calls with me are to the point, and designed to help you focus on a specific monthly goal. If you want a therapist to talk to for hours at a time, the Network is not the right program for you.)

Monthly GMN Mastermind Group call. During the call, one member is selected to be in the “hot seat.”┬áThese calls are intense. You will be given advice, and also held accountable.

Free general admission ticket to any event I hold. Whether it’s a seminar or a bigger non-mindset event, I have you covered.

Free monthly newsletter. Each month you’ll receive the best writing of the month.

Access to “office hours.” Have a quick question for me? I’ll make myself available to GMN members only once a month to take on questions. (This is in addition to the one-on-one calls. I’m not worried about people misusing my time, as only select people will be part of the GMN.)

Membership is by application only.

It’s nothing personal. Most people aren’t ready. This is an advanced group for people who have already done the reading and began working hard on their own lives. It’s not a knitting circle.

And obviously, this group will involve strict measures of confidentiality. We’ll be doing active events and shooting firearms and going deep about life. We must have the right people in the right room to have the right outcome.