What is your deepest fear and how can you face it?

Is it possible to reinvent yourself through the power of story?

What is a Strange Loop, and what does it have to do with mindset?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in my Mindset Master Class.

We spared no expense for this course, as I want everyone to be blown away.

I prepared for hundreds of hours, and spend thousands of hours of living life to learn this material, and to apply it to life.

We shot it professionally. Yes, this stuff should look cool.

The trend for these courses is professional shot with an intimate vibe.

You can watch a sample clip here:

  • The psychology of fear, and how to overcome shame

Why pre-order the Master Class?

One, you want the material right now, rather than having to wait for the final cut.

Two, you want to be able to buy a Group or Private call, as those will sell out.

Yes, I will be offering a Group call and also a Private call during the pre-order period.

I turn down consulting requests often, and before today, the only way to get a call with me was to attend an in-person seminar.

As rewarding as one-on-one work is, it would take up all of my time to work with people.

With your purchase of the Master Class, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a group call.

These group calls be kept limited to under 12 people, and this option will close once we are sold out.

The final cut will have the entire course cut into 18 individual sections.

The video uploaded right now is the full course, which a lot of people prefer, as you can play it in the background.

Some people are even downloading the audio from the video course, and listening to that on their smart phones and other devices.

It’s up to you how you listen to and / or watch the course.

The final cut will be broken into 18 individual videos.

This is sort of table of contents for the master class.


1. “Stop Worrying”

2. The Strange Loop

3. What is Mindset?

4. Childhood

5. The Click and The Snap


6. The Power of Self Talk

7. Focus and Framing

8. Mindfulness


9. Vision

10. Lifestyle

11. Skill

12. Story

13. Identity

14. Money


15. What does Gorilla Mindset mean? (Book Design and Marketing)

16. How Do You Physically Re-Write Memories?

17. What if everyone believes they can shape reality?

18. How do you pick yourself up out of being down?

If you’d like a private video call with me, the only way to obtain this is by pre-ordering the course.

Thank you everyone, for all you do!

What do I cover in a private video call?

Sometimes we discuss business, other times we talk about specific mindset challenges. It depends on what you are looking for.

Some people have successful online businesses, and want to learn some copywriting tips, or they want me to take a look at their ad copy or pages.

Others are successful in many areas of life, and need a push in the right direction in one specific area.

Others have tremendous challenges, which means they have the most opportunity to grow.

What are people saying about the Mindset Master Class?

We filmed the master class with a “live set” vibe. I had material to cover, and the crowd would guide me to topics they wanted to cover.

Here are some comments from the live set group:

  • “Enjoyed it’s thematic simplicity…..Rewrite your story, and define yourself as the person in the story….Not letting a negative experience or other people define yourself…”
  • “Having Mike give his insight when participants went up to speak. It’s very helpful having an outside perspective to call us on our bullshit”
  • “Be aware of the story you tell yourself … How’s that story working out for you? How can we make that story serve us rather than hurt us?”
  • “Thank You Mike, I felt like I owed you, partially based on your involvement in the election…..Realized the need to return to self-improvement and more regular reading on the subject……thoroughly surprised I was so uncomfortable public speaking, considered this a strong area more than a decade before…..”

How to pre-order the Mindset Master Class

You can pre-order the course here.

If you’d like a group call, go here.

For a private video call, go here.