Cernovich announces college tour to screen Hoaxed!

Ok, enough of that speaking in the third-person stuff.

I turn down college speaking engagements because they are a lot of work, and while protesters can be huge for “publicity,” it’s sort of boring for me at this point. Been there, done that:

“You’re a f–king Nazi, you piece of s–t! F–k you, get the f–k outta here!” shouted one demonstrator, who managed to make it inside the venue.

“No one cares!” she yelled, just as Cernovich began his speech at around 8:45 p.m. “You have blood on your hands!”

With Hoaxed movie nearing a public release, it would be fun for us to screen the film, and then have a Q&A about media and filmmaking.

Watch the Hoaxed Movie Trailer

I don’t charge a speaking fee to student groups, although for travel outside of California, do need my flight (economy is fine) covered.

Email me here.