Vice President Pence Walks Out Of NFL Game After 49ers Kneel For National Anthem - Mike Cernovich
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Vice President Pence Walks Out Of NFL Game After 49ers Kneel For National Anthem



If NFL executives weren’t panicking already, Vice President Mike Pence made sure they are now.

Vice President Pence attended a game featuring his home-state Indianapolis Colts on Sunday – and walked out when members of the opposing San Francisco 49ers kneeled for the national anthem.

“I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” Pence tweeted.

Pence Joins #TeamDumpNFL Walks Out Of 49ers Game

Pence Joins #TeamDumpNFL, Walks Out Of 49ers Game

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Sunday, October 8, 2017

The NFL has lost a reported 2.5 million viewers this season….and the season is only just getting started.

Proud Americans and conservatives were busy shredding the NFL online, and ‘doing anything else’ rather than watching the NFL.

As a side note, earlier today CBS reported – apparently falsely – that Colin Kaepernick, the former player who started all the kneeling, will stand if given another shot in the NFL.

With alt-left radicals, including a “jihad” supporter protesting earlier this year for the NFL to allow Colin Kaepernick back, its unlikely the NFL wants their ratings to completely tank by bringing the kneeing Marxist back into the league.



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5 Healthier Activities To Replace Watching Football Now That The NFL Sucks



I can remember the days in which watching football was an acceptable pastime. It was a masculine way with which to escape the everyday stresses of work, family, and politics.

Sadly however, those days seem to be rapidly coming to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching ‘roided out, ridiculously overpaid millionaires in tight uniforms, throw a piece of inflatable leather at each other as much as the next guy (sarcasm).

But with social justice warriors replacing athletes and misinformed cucks blatantly ignoring the pleas of NFL fans, the professional football scene is careening out of favor among the average consumer.

So now that Americans are not tuning in to the game on nearly the scale as before what should they do with all that free time?

Well at we have some suggestions for the person who has dumped the NFL and decided replace it with something meaningful.

So here are five replacement options to watching the NSFL (National Snowflake Football League).

Hit the Gym.  

Now that you have hours of free time every week why don’t you fill it by joining a local gym or designating an area in your house as a place for you to exercise. After all, it never hurts to drop a few pounds, increase your metabolic output, and increase your everyday energy level.

Go on a date. 

This can actually tie into point 1 rather nicely. The more time you spend at the gym the more likely you are to come into contact with an attractive, motivated woman. And now that you look fantastic, have more confidence, and more energy(not to mention libido) you have greatly increased your chance at which to land a hot date.

A great way to relieve stress and increase your literacy skills is by picking up a new book. Not a great reader? No Problem. With Audiobooks more popular than ever the selection is fantastic and you can listen to them while doing anything. Including the dishes when your new future ex-girlfriend is hounding you about breaking through gender normative stereotypes (yeah that’s a thing now).

I have used this opportunity to shamelessly plug one of my favorite books in the image above.

Attempt to learn a new skill 

Learning new skills can be very therapeutic as well as broaden your personal and professional horizons. I personally recommend martial arts, shooting firearms(legally), and juggling. Just kidding on that third option. Nobody likes clowns.

Cook a family mealAssuming you already have a wife, kids, or family members that you can stand long enough to eat a plate of low carb spaghetti. Family time is invaluable for enriching your life.

Great conversation starters are…

  • How was your week?
  • Wow, I read this amazing article the other day on Let me tell you about it.
  • Islam is a religion of peace. Let’s discuss why. Just kidding. I don’t recommend this one unless your family is based AF.

You now have all the advice needed to live a completely fulfilled life without the NFL stuck to your hip like a parasitic tick. No more excessive celebration penalties, weak-kneed virtue signalling entertainers, or in your face lefty propaganda. I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to share this with a friend, loved one, or that weird guy at your work. We all know he could benefit from it.

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Colin Kaepernick Donates $25,000 To Foundation Honoring Convicted Cop Killer & Fugitive



By now everyone knows Colin Kaepernick’s feelings towards police officers. He has made numerous derogatory statements about cops and even stooped as low as to wear socks in uniform, that depicted police officers as pigs.

Now the Washington Times has reported that in April, Colin Kaepernick’s foundation donated $25,000 to a foundation named Assata’s Daughters. Apparently, the $25,000 dollars was donated as part of a larger $1,000,000 pledge.

For those who don’t recognize the name Assata Shakur, here is a quick refresher. In 1973 Assata Shakur was convicted of killing New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster.

She was sentenced to life in prison but escaped from custody and fled to Cuba where she currently resides under fugitive status.

The Daily Mail reported, “Assata’s Daughters was founded in 2015 to ‘develop and train young people, ages 4-19, in the Black queer feminist tradition and in the spirit of Assata,’ according to the group’s website.”

Assata Shakur was also a member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA).

The BLA helped orchestrate Shakur’s prison escape by smuggling guns into the prison and taking prison officials hostage.

With the current cultural rise in anti-police rhetoric being fueled by celebrities and athletes like Colin Kaepernick, it is no surprise that they are openly funding organizations that idolize cop killers.

This should be a wake-up call for those NFL fans who hate seeing their sport overrun with liberal political activists. Maybe it’s time to turn the games off.

Sources: Breitbart, Daily Mail, Washington Times

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The First Domino? NFL Sponsor Pulls Ads For The Rest Of The Season



Allan Jones announced on Tuesday he is renouncing all sponsoring of wardrobes and advertisements in the NFL.

Allan Jones CEO

After NFL players and coaches protested President Donald Trump by taking a knee during the national anthem, Jones, the CEO of Hardwick Clothing, claimed he will no longer sponsor the NFL.

Hardwick Clothes has supplied NBC’s on-air personalities for NFL games with blazer jackets.

Jones tweeted in outrage:

“Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior! For the 29 states we operate in, this isn’t much to them, but it’s a lot to us. The Tombras Group is our ad agency in Knoxville and our national media buyer for both TV and radio (for Check Into Cash) and don’t look for Hardwick on the NFL either.”

Hardwick Clothing, America’s oldest suit manufacturer, was in financial difficulty in 2014 before Jones was named CEO. Upon acquiring Jones as CEO, the company’s production and sales boosted massively.

A staunch defender of President Trump, Jones ordered his media buyer, the Tombras Group situated within Knoxville, to rescind further commercials from his companies from broadcasting at NFL games “for the entire season.”

Jones’s decision may be only the first of many advertisers that find standing with President Trump and disavowing the NFL is the right – and more profitable – move.

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