Socialism Sucks: Venezuelan Female Teachers and Doctors Turn to Prostitution to Survive - Mike Cernovich
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Socialism Sucks: Venezuelan Female Teachers and Doctors Turn to Prostitution to Survive



As the starvation in Venezuela continues, the nation’s food shortage has many women fleeing the country, while many that stay are turning to the sex trade in neighboring Colombia to survive and to send food home to their children.

Migrants that can afford safe passage have escaped to havens like Miami, Santiago, and Panama – while 350,000 less fortunate economic refugees have crossed the border to Colombia.

As the Miami Herald reports:

“At a squat, concrete brothel on the muddy banks of the Arauca River, Gabriel Sánchez rattled off the previous jobs of the women who now sell their bodies at his establishment for $25 an hour.

‘We’ve got lots of teachers, some doctors, many professional women and one petroleum engineer,” he yelled over the din of vallenato music. “All of them showed up with their degrees in hand.’

And all of them came from Venezuela.”

The lesson here? Socialism does not enrich the poor. It merely impoverishes the middle class – and creates sex slaves and cheap workers for the bureaucrats and banker class to exploit.


Miami Herald



Exclusive: Ron Paul Warns Cerno News: “The Dollar is Under Attack”



On Thursday, December 7th former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul in an exclusive interview with Cerno News warned host Andrew Meyer and the viewers that the dollar is facing unprecedented attacks.

When asked by Meyer, “Do you think that strength of the dollar has some issues in store for it in the future with other countries now trading their oil, not for the dollar, but possibly other currencies. Do you think the dollar could have problems in the future?”

Paul stated, “In the last year or so it’s[the dollar] been down 10% and that is the only thing holding the whole entire financial system together, is this illusion that the dollar is as good as gold.” Dr. Paul continued, “and people use it but know that there are challenges, I think we are growing weaker internationally, we are very weak financially, the dollar is under attack and the spending continues. They are not addressing the subject of deficits and eventually, it will hit the dollar. The dollar is competing against a bunch of lousy currencies you know, and that is one of the reasons it gets by but know if there is one item to watch carefully about this when the whole process is going to end it will be the dollar and that means debt and inflation and these different things.”

Dr. Ron Paul then concluded by warning, “I think the dollar will continue to be under attack and the more we lose credibility around the world, the more likely there will be competition as we see from the oil states and maybe China and India and these other places and Russia. They would like to do us harm and when that time comes, they will.”

Watch the entire bombshell interview by clicking on the video below. You can also tune in to Mike Cernovich’s Facebook to see more episodes of American revolution hosted by Andrew Meyer, as well as check out our other content. To support our content become a Patreon subscriber.



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