Florida Middle School Teacher Announces Plan To Erect Satanic Christmas Statue... Again - Mike Cernovich
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Florida Middle School Teacher Announces Plan To Erect Satanic Christmas Statue… Again



A middle school teacher named Preston Smith, employed by Boca Raton Community Middle school in Florida has decided to celebrate Christmas this year in a shocking way.

Smith has committed to erect a Satanic statue in a public park called Sanborn Square to commemorate the festive Holliday.

Breitbart reports, “the pentagram, painted blood-red, weighs 300 pounds, and has a wooden image of the symbol of Satan in its middle.”

It also contains a caption with several phrases: “In Satan We Trust;” “One Nation Under Antichrist;” and “May the Children Hail Satan.”

As could be expected the teacher’s community is reacting to the declaration with justifiable outrage. A local pastor has vowed to tear it down.

Pastor Mark Boykin, Senior Pastor at Church of All Nations in Boca Raton has stated “It’s evil, it’s the essence of evil. I will take the responsibility for taking the sledgehammer and knocking it down.”

This is apparently not the first time this teacher has pulled this stunt.

Breitbart reports, “Smith erected a similar display last December in the park, next to a traditional Nativity exhibit featuring the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.”

The Mayor of Boca Raton Susan Haynie said she personally found the spectacle “extremely offensive” but continued “you know, again, we’ve chosen as the council to honor free speech.”

Scott Singer, a current sitting city council member was quoted as saying, “This is not consistent with my particular values, but free speech means people have an opportunity to express themselves, whether the government likes it or not or whether individuals like it or not.”

Regardless of what you believe about the freedom of speech, I think this indicates that maybe America needs to start really paying attention as to who is teaching our children when parents think they are “safe” at school.

Sources: CBS 12, Breitbart


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