THEY KNEW: Wikileaks Email Shows Ex-Sony CEO Disgusted By Hollywood Sex Abuser Weinstein - Mike Cernovich
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THEY KNEW: Wikileaks Email Shows Ex-Sony CEO Disgusted By Hollywood Sex Abuser Weinstein



Now that Hollywood mogul and Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein has been publicly exposed as a serial sexual abuser, it seems we have more insight into a revealing leaked conversation between the former CEO of Sony, Michael Lynton, and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Here is the unedited email exchange between Lynton and Gates, published by Wikileaks, with bold lettering added for emphasis. When asked to present Weinstein with an award, Lynton was repulsed by the idea and offered to step down from the board awarding Weinstein the ‘Du Bois Medal.’

Gates: “Would you consider coming to cambridge to present Harvey Weinstein with the Du Bois Medal on September 30th? Meryl is receiving one, Steve Mc Queen, Shonda Rhimes, Maya Angelou, and Valerie Jarrett. Maybe Poitier.”

Lynton: I would do many things for you, almost anything, but not that.

Gates: Sorry, bro! After he received this huge award from the black film makers, he was unanimously selected–though after considerable discussion about his personality.

Lynton: no worries, just not on my watch.

Gates: I know. I’ve had my moments with Harvey, too, believe me.

Lynton: not like mine, maybe i should step down from the board.

Gates: OH, NO! Please don’t do that, Michael. I would be devastated.

Lynton: ok, will stay quiet on the subject.

What was it Lynton was staying quiet about? Did the former CEO of Sony know that Weinstein was raping women, as three women have now alleged?

How open a secret was Weinstein’s sexual abuse? Between the many reports that everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein and actress Rose McGowan blasting everyone from Ben Affleck to Hollywood executives pretending ignorance, anyone claiming no knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior is extremely suspect at this point.


Kevin Spacey Shamelessly Covers Up Pedophilia Allegations By Coming Out As Gay



A-List Hollywood celebrity Kevin Spacey is under fire after actor Anthony Rapp has leveled accusations that Spacey attempted to seduce him when he was just 14 years of age. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Rapp confided that when he was 14 Spacey got him into a nightclub VIP section. Then after a night of partying invited him to another event in the future. Rapp agreed, unaware of Spacey’s potentially predatory proclivities.

At the next event, which took place at Spacey’s home 14 ended up getting bored and watching television in Spacey’s room. After the party had ended Rapp recalled the next series of events as reported in BuzzFeed:

“Spacey, he recalled, “sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk.” Rapp doesn’t remember Spacey saying anything to him. Instead, Rapp said, “He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don’t, like, squirm away initially, because I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then he lays down on top of me.”

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp said. “I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.”

Rapp came forward on his Twitter profile.

After the allegations surfaced a few interesting tweets have been posted, including this one:

This event has also refreshed people’s memories about the fact that Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey both flew on the “Lolita Express” with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Spacey has adressed the allegations on his twitter. He has not denied his actions nor mentioned the age of the victim at the time the incident occured. Instead he used the platform to attempt to spin the story into what ABC News called an “emotional” coming out of the closet attempt.

Here are some other tweets I found interesting while researching this story.


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Quentin Tarantino Admits He Knew About Weinstein’s Alleged Sexual Abuse But Stayed Silent



When I think of Hollywood celebrities, directors, and moguls, a word that often comes to mind is “hypocrite.”

They love getting on TV at awards shows, joining marches, and boosting social justice causes while they themselves engage in all manner of misconduct. In the still-snowballing aftermath of the Weinstein sex scandal that recently shook Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino has found himself under fire.

A report from Breitbart reads, “Tarantino, according to his own words, was covering for and enabling what Breitbart News must describe as Harvey Weinstein’s alleged crimes, but what Tarantino believes were crime-crimes, like the ‘unwanted touching’ of Tarantino’s girlfriend Mira Sorvino. ‘I knew enough to do more than I did,’ he said, citing several episodes involving prominent actresses. ‘There was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things.'”

In what is becoming a very repeated statement among the lefty Hollywood elitists, Tarantino is quoted as saying, “everyone who was close to Harvey had heard of at least one of those incidents. It was impossible that they didn’t.”

When Tarantino isn’t preoccupied hiding sexual assault claims for friends, he spends some of his time protesting police. At an anti-police rally in New York Tarantino professed before a crowd of people,

“I am a human being with a conscience. And when I see murder, I cannot stand by, and I have to call the murdered the murdered and I have the call the murderers the murderers.”

Tarantino is the epitome of a disconnected, narrative-driven, Hollywood hack that loves to lecture the world about injustice while standing proudly content at masking the alleged sexual assault from close associates. It leaves one to wonder if there aren’t any skeletons in his closet that others are covering for now. Only time will tell I guess. Until then, I will not be watching any Tarantino movies.


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Mike Cernovich Leads The Way In Media, Helps Bring To Light ‘An Open Secret’ Exposé Into Hollywood Sex Abuse



Journalist, documentary filmmaker and author Mike Cernovich is charging forward in the epic battle to expose Hollywood pedophilia and rampant sexual abuse.

He and have been relentlessly covering, investigating, and exposing the serial predators that infest the Hollywood scene and taint the film industry.

This was glaringly apparent when Cernovich tweeted a link to the 2014 bombshell documentary ‘An Open Secret.’ The documentary points fingers at some of the most prolific predators operating in Hollywood,(some currently) and provides in-depth heart-wrenching testimony from victims and their families.

The tweet quickly gained steam. Cernovich’s audience spread the tweet like wildfire. At of the time of this posting, the tweet has over 315K impressions in about 24 hours. has reached out to the film’s financier Gabe Hoffman @GabeHoff. Hoffman responded with the statement, “93% positive Rotten Tomatoes film critic rating, over 1 million internet views of our film…” he continued by asking the question “So why are Hollywood pedophiles still ‘An Open Secret’?” Hoffman concluded by asserting “Maybe it has something to do with the MSM [Mainstream Media] lack of exposing these powerful predators.

Yahoo Entertainment was one of the first MSM outlets to follow Cernovich’s lead nearly 24 hours later when they tweeted:

Yahoo’s tweet was accompanied by an article by Ethan Alter in which Alter wrote, ” as the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to engulf Hollywood, previously whispered secrets about sexual abuse and harassment within the industry are finally being amplified to the general public. The success of the ongoing #MeToo social media movement further illustrates that people are willing and eager to listen to stories that were previously ignored or pushed to the margins of news reports.”

Another article, written by Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter on 10/13 sharply stated, “Much of the movie focuses on the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network, which sprung up around the turn of the century when Hollywood was still trying to figure out the internet. The company, known as DEN, generated lots of buzz and attracted some high-profile investors, including congressman-turned movie producer Michael Huffington; film and music mogul David Geffen; and Bryan Singer, the director of two X-Men movies.”

It was great to see these outlets stand up and publicly promote the documentary. commends them for doing their part to expose the deeply rooted Hollywood pedophilia problem.

But the question remains, where is the rest of the mainstream media? They claim they are a platform for victims of sexual abuse, but remain oddly silent by not promoting a film that exposes the truth about a slice of the seedy element hiding inside Hollywood. Mike Cernovich is hoping to change that.

I have written this article as an open call to action for the mainstream media. Join the fight and stand with by supporting the victims of Hollywood’s epidemic of sex abuse. The film is free for viewers until 10/22 here.

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