Gab CEO: German 'Hate Speech' Laws Dictating U.S. Internet Censorship - Mike Cernovich
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Gab CEO: German ‘Hate Speech’ Laws Dictating U.S. Internet Censorship



Renowned political reporter Mike Cernovich interviewed Gab co-founder and CEO Andrew Torba today on CERNO News, and Torba dropped a bombshell.

Torba’s site Gab, an alternative social network to Twitter, was recently threatened with having their domain stolen if they did not comply with their domain registrar’s demand to remove a user’s post. According to Torba, the censorship stems from German “hate speech” laws.

“All of this is really stemming out of Germany. What’s happening is Silicon Valley, and indeed the entire internet, is allowing one foreign country, which is Germany, to dictate the rules of the internet,” said Torba. “This ‘hate speech’ law coming out of Germany, which has been now adapted by the EU, if a social network does not delete ‘hate speech’ within 24 hours, then Germany and the EU can fine them up to 54 million euros or something like this, per post!”

Torba pointed out that these laws should only be enforced in Europe, not in the U.S.

“If they want to enforce these hate speech policies, do it in Germany, do it in the EU, do it where it’s required and you’re going to get fined,” said Torba. “Don’t blanket these hate speech policies across the entirety of the internet, including the United States of America, where our citizens have the First Amendment right to be able to speak freely, and to have different opinions that maybe politically incorrect.”

Again, Torba was threatened by his domain registrar with losing his entire website if he did not comply with their draconian demand, which Torba believes is pushed by EU regulations.

“We set out to build Gab – very simple premise. Build a website that supports First Amendment protected, legally protected freedom of speech for everybody. And apparently, as you have noted, that is not possible because there are several gatekeepers, including at the domain registrar level,” said Torba. “My choice was very simple. It was, do I ask one user to remove one individual post that our domain registrar has requested, or do we lose our domain and the entire website for 260,000 plus people. To me, that decision was very clear. The post had to come down. And that’s why we were very transparent about this as well in saying this isn’t us forcing you to do this, this is the shadow hand of our domain registrar that is telling us this post needs to come down within 48 hours or your domain and your URL is going to be seized.”

Torba vowed to build entirely new web systems if that is what it takes to ensure the freedom of speech on the internet.

“If we have to rebuild the entire internet from the ground up, if we have to rebuild new domain registrars, new hosting systems, new DDOS protection systems, new payment processors that’s what we are going to do,” said Torba. “To people saying that, ‘Oh you should have just fought back against the domain registrar, you should have let them take the site down,’ I think that’s very ignorant and I don’t think that’s the best decision and I don’t think that would have been the most pragmatic business decision either, to destroy the site for over 260,000 people over one meme.”

Torba also blamed former President Obama for helping create the new culture of censorship on the internet.

“President Obama signed over ICANN to the UN. Previously ICANN was protected as a U.S. located entity by the First Amendment,” said Torba. “Now it is no longer protected by that, it is governed by these shadow figures in the UN. And who knows? Even if we do build a ‘free speech registrar’ who knows if ICANN will allow that registrar to be approved?”

Silicon Valley’s major players are also working against free speech, according to Torba, who called Apple and Google “mobile device gatekeepers.”

“Apple and Google have a duopoly on mobile device hardware but also software distribution and if you’re not allowed to participate in that free market, then that market is no longer free. And that’s we have learned, is that the market is rigged,” said Torba. “At minimum, its anti-competitive behavior, and at minimum it demonstrates that the mobile device market is another gatekeeper, if you will, to building alternative platforms, building pro-free speech anti-censorship platforms.”

Making the case that companies like Google and Apple should be regulated as public utilities like the telephone companies, which can not discriminate based on the content of speech, Torba said, “It can easily be argued that these companies, these corporations are a public utility, especially when they have two billion plus users every month.”

In addition to refusing to approve Gab on their app store, Apple refused to approve Breitbart News’s app months ago, while YouTube has been frantically removing advertisements from independent news channels, including even moderate-minded channels owned by creators like Dave Rubin and Tim Pool.

With or without government intervention, Torba predicted legal action against the anti-competitive Silicon Valley censors. “There will be antitrust suits, there will be First Amendment suits, there will be class action lawsuits,” said Torba. “We can’t allow the rules from the Germans, the rules from the EU to dictate the entire internet.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel was caught colluding with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in 2015 about censoring posts from users upset at the mass import of radical Muslim migrants.

Regarding Gab, Torba said, “We actually cite Supreme Court cases in our guidelines. In terms of content, we’re neutral. As long as you’re following the law…we don’t care what you’re saying. We want people to be able to express themselves, because I believe that free speech and open discourse and dialogue are a much better alternative to violence.

Watch the full CERNO News interview here:


New Yorker Fires Male Feminist Ryan Lizza Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations



The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza is the latest entrant on the “shitty men in media” list to be accused of sexual misconduct, giving further credit to the list’s veracity.

The Daily Beast quotes The New Yorker as stating that they have “learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was improper sexual conduct.”

“We have reviewed the matter and, as a result, have severed ties with Lizza,” the outlet’s statement reportedly continues. “Due to a request for privacy, we are not commenting further.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed, Lizza is quoted as stating, “I am dismayed that The New Yorker has decided to characterize a respectful relationship with a woman I dated as somehow inappropriate.”

The “shitty men in media list” had Lizza pegged for inappropriate direct messages to women.

Lizza is now the seventh man on the list, which was first discussed by Cernovich Media in late October.

For more information about the other six, please visit this page.

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Six Men From ‘Sh*tty Men In Media List’ Have Resigned Or Been Fired… Who’s Next?



A recap of the infamous “shitty men in media” list finds that since its existence was first publicized by Cernovich Media in late October, six men on it have either resigned or been fired from their positions at notable media outlets.

Cernovich Media first came across the list – which circulated among female journalists in the form of a spreadsheet – after it came into the hands of leading journalist Mike Cernovich.

At the time, a number of media outlets attempted to question the list’s veracity. The Cut, for instance, deemed it “unsubstantiated” and smeared Cernovich as attention-seeking.

While many of the men on the list remain free of formal complaints or evidence of wrongdoing, the appearance of six on the list appears to have been justified through internal investigations/proceedings at their respective outlets.

On the list, Michael Hafford – formerly of Broadly – was accused by multiple women of physical abuse, non-consensual choking, forced drug use, non-consensual barebacking during sex and inappropriate communication.

In November, a spokesperson for Broadly’s parent company Vice confirmed that Hafford has been banned as a contributor as a result of his alleged behavior.

Leon Wieseltier also appeared on the list, where he was accused of “workplace harassment.”

News broke in late October that Wiesltier’s magazine – which was set to launch that month – had been suspended.

Wiesltier – who worked for The Atlantic and The New Republic – also issued an apology, stating, “for my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness.”

Next up is Hamilton Fish, who appeared on the list where he was accused of assaulting an employee at The Nation.

In early November, news broke that Fish had resigned as president and publisher of The New Republic. This news came one day after The New Republic announced it would be launching an investigation into Fish’s behavior.

Lorin Stein resigned as editor of The Paris Review after admitting to behaving inappropriately with women he worked with. This appears to be consistent with allegations leveled against Stein on the ‘shitty men in media list,’ where he stands accused of “workplace harassment.”

GQ political correspondent Rupert Myers lost his gig in October after numerous allegations surfaced concerning his behavior. The ‘shitty men in media list’ has Myers accused of inappropriate physical contact, harassment and reaching out to women in “professional context” before turning “very creepy.”

Coming in at #6 is David Corn – the Mother Jones and MSNBC affiliate who was outed in early November as having done a number of questionable things, including making rape jokes, inappropriately touching his coworkers and making unwanted references to their anatomy.

If the circumstances surrounding these men is any indicator, things aren’t looking too good for the other folks on the ‘shitty men in media list.’

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LA Commissioner Celebrates Destruction of Rupert Murdoch’s Mansion in Wildfire



One of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s transportation commissioners celebrated the possible destruction of Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch’s mansion in a fire that has ravaged part of the city.

In a post shared earlier this week on Facebook, Tafarai Bayne commented as follows:

Bayne is your typical leftist activist that infiltrates local government in California.


In addition to serving as the vice president of the Board of Transportation Commissioners for L.A.’s Department of Transportation, his LinkedIn page lists him as a “chief strategist” for CicLAvia, an organization that seeks to force people out of cars and onto bicycles.

Since sharing the post Bayne has set most of his Facebook posts to private.

Bayne’s callous comments follow in a long line of social media posts published by leftists taking joy and satisfaction out of the misfortune experienced by those who have center right political viewpoints during Hurricane Harvey and the Las Vegas mass shooting at a country music festival.

The latest reports are that Murdoch’s $30 million manse was partially damaged according to a statement released on behalf of the media tycoon.

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