FAKE NEWS: NYTimes Writer Tweets Major Lie, Leaves It Up After Acknowledging It's False - Mike Cernovich
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FAKE NEWS: NYTimes Writer Tweets Major Lie, Leaves It Up After Acknowledging It’s False



The right is all too familiar with ‘fake news.’ Media Matters and other propaganda outlets constantly attack conservatives, libertarians, and political centrists by projecting and accusing them of spreading fake news, regardless of the facts.

The left-wing liars work to pull our ads, de-platform us, and demonetize our content. However, when they are caught knowingly spreading lies it is perfectly acceptable and they still have their platforms. The left is only proving that facts don’t matter to them, only political viewpoints do.

Mike Cernovich, the renowned political reporter and documentary filmmaker, pointed out the hypocrisy and a devious strategy of the propaganda machine in a false tweet and correction by Paul Krugman of The New York Times.

As Cernovich notes, Krugman’s assertion on the spread of cholera in Puerto Rico was fake news. At the time Cernovich pointed out that the information was not true, Krugman’s tweet had already been retweeted by 10,000 people and was liked by over 30,000 people.

One could presume that maybe Krugman didn’t know what he was tweeting was a lie. Here’s the problem: after posting the tweet Krugman was blasted by Twitter users calling him out for spreading fake news. Krugman responded in the comments by posting this.

Notice the discrepancy? He admitted that he was not telling the truth. But this tweet only received 505 RT and 1,510 likes. All the while the original tweet Krugman left up to continue intentionally spreading misinformation. The damage is already done.

The point Krugman’s post was always lambasting Trump. In the original tweet, Krugman stated “Heckuva job, Trumpie.” This paints Trump in a way that makes it seem to the viewer as if Trump is failing on relief efforts.

These are the tactics used by the FAKE NEWS outlets, propagandists, and liberal political activists. They are intentionally lying to the American people. They are using their platform as an ideological weapon.

It looks like if you want to lie, misinform readers, and spread fake news the best way is to lie at the same time as you attack Trump. Then it is okay. Then you get a pass to spread fake news – even if you later issue a little seen “correction.”



New Yorker Fires Male Feminist Ryan Lizza Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations



The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza is the latest entrant on the “shitty men in media” list to be accused of sexual misconduct, giving further credit to the list’s veracity.

The Daily Beast quotes The New Yorker as stating that they have “learned that Ryan Lizza engaged in what we believe was improper sexual conduct.”

“We have reviewed the matter and, as a result, have severed ties with Lizza,” the outlet’s statement reportedly continues. “Due to a request for privacy, we are not commenting further.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed, Lizza is quoted as stating, “I am dismayed that The New Yorker has decided to characterize a respectful relationship with a woman I dated as somehow inappropriate.”

The “shitty men in media list” had Lizza pegged for inappropriate direct messages to women.

Lizza is now the seventh man on the list, which was first discussed by Cernovich Media in late October.

For more information about the other six, please visit this page.

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Six Men From ‘Sh*tty Men In Media List’ Have Resigned Or Been Fired… Who’s Next?



A recap of the infamous “shitty men in media” list finds that since its existence was first publicized by Cernovich Media in late October, six men on it have either resigned or been fired from their positions at notable media outlets.

Cernovich Media first came across the list – which circulated among female journalists in the form of a spreadsheet – after it came into the hands of leading journalist Mike Cernovich.

At the time, a number of media outlets attempted to question the list’s veracity. The Cut, for instance, deemed it “unsubstantiated” and smeared Cernovich as attention-seeking.

While many of the men on the list remain free of formal complaints or evidence of wrongdoing, the appearance of six on the list appears to have been justified through internal investigations/proceedings at their respective outlets.

On the list, Michael Hafford – formerly of Broadly – was accused by multiple women of physical abuse, non-consensual choking, forced drug use, non-consensual barebacking during sex and inappropriate communication.

In November, a spokesperson for Broadly’s parent company Vice confirmed that Hafford has been banned as a contributor as a result of his alleged behavior.

Leon Wieseltier also appeared on the list, where he was accused of “workplace harassment.”

News broke in late October that Wiesltier’s magazine – which was set to launch that month – had been suspended.

Wiesltier – who worked for The Atlantic and The New Republic – also issued an apology, stating, “for my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness.”

Next up is Hamilton Fish, who appeared on the list where he was accused of assaulting an employee at The Nation.

In early November, news broke that Fish had resigned as president and publisher of The New Republic. This news came one day after The New Republic announced it would be launching an investigation into Fish’s behavior.

Lorin Stein resigned as editor of The Paris Review after admitting to behaving inappropriately with women he worked with. This appears to be consistent with allegations leveled against Stein on the ‘shitty men in media list,’ where he stands accused of “workplace harassment.”

GQ political correspondent Rupert Myers lost his gig in October after numerous allegations surfaced concerning his behavior. The ‘shitty men in media list’ has Myers accused of inappropriate physical contact, harassment and reaching out to women in “professional context” before turning “very creepy.”

Coming in at #6 is David Corn – the Mother Jones and MSNBC affiliate who was outed in early November as having done a number of questionable things, including making rape jokes, inappropriately touching his coworkers and making unwanted references to their anatomy.

If the circumstances surrounding these men is any indicator, things aren’t looking too good for the other folks on the ‘shitty men in media list.’

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INTERNET REACTS: Mike Cernovich Breaks Bombshell John Conyers Sex Abuse Story



The internet is exploding at the sensational breaking news by Mike Cernovich about Democrat Rep. John Conyers’ repeated sexual abuse of female staffers and use of taxpayer funds for settlements related to that abuse.

Buzzfeed recognizes Mike Cernovich gave them the story, stating:

“Cernovich said he gave the documents to BuzzFeed News for vetting and further reporting, and because he said if he published them himself, Democrats and congressional leaders would “try to discredit the story by attacking the messenger.” He provided them without conditions. BuzzFeed News independently confirmed the authenticity of the documents with four people directly involved with the case, including the accuser.”

BuzzFeed’s article continues:

“Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual favors, contacting and transporting other women with whom they believed Conyers was having affairs, caressing their hands sexually, and rubbing their legs and backs in public. Four people involved with the case verified the documents are authentic.”

Over on Twitter, reaction to the news of Cernovich’s involvement in the story has been swift and sometimes salty:

Check out Mike’s Periscope below to hear his full thoughts on this bombshell report.

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