Cernovich Media's Tom Shadilay Booked A Session With Facebook's New Therapist Bot & It Was Very Bizarre - Mike Cernovich
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Cernovich Media’s Tom Shadilay Booked A Session With Facebook’s New Therapist Bot & It Was Very Bizarre




There is a new shrink in town. This digital therapist has a name, Woebot.

In a new article published by MIT Technology Review, they explore what could be the next generation of chatbot created to battle against the skyrocketing increase in mental health issues.

The project is being led by Andrew Ng. On Andrew’s website, he identifies as “VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu; Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University.”

MIT Tech Review states about Woebot “it’s a Facebook chatbot developed by Stanford University researchers that offers interactive cognitive behavioral therapy. And Andrew Ng, a prominent figure who previously led efforts to develop and apply the latest AI technologies at Google and Baidu, is now lending his backing to the project by joining the board of directors of the company offering its services.”

In lamens terms, future shrinks might just be algorithms on your smartphone or computer.

Woebot is the brainchild of clinical research psychologist Alison Darcy. MIT Tech review reports that Darcy “says the work going on there in applying techniques like deep learning to conversational agents inspired her to think that therapy could be delivered by a bot. She says it is possible to automate cognitive behavioral therapy because it follows a series of steps for identifying and addressing unhelpful ways of thinking. And recent advances in natural-language processing have helped make chatbots more useful within limited domains.”

The article’s author Will Knight tested the software and stated about his experience, “I found Woebot to be surprisingly good at what it does. A chatbot might seem like a crude way to deliver therapy, especially given how clumsy many virtual helpers often are. But Woebot works smoothly thanks to a clever interface and some pretty impressive natural-language technology. The software states up front that no person will see your answers, but it also offers ways of reaching someone if your situation is serious. I mostly used predefined answers that it offered me, but even when I strayed from the script a little, it didn’t get tripped up. If you try, though, I’m sure it’s possible to flummox it.”

This piqued my interest. I do find the partnership between Facebook and digital therapy more than a little alarming. Is Facebook now going to collect data on users by giving them an artificial therapist? If you are interested in the privacy terms and data collection of Woebot, here’s the link.

I figured I could just report this story and keep it serious and completely professional. But where is the fun in that? So I tested out the Woebot myself. Let’s just say that I think that the Woebot and I suffer from a little bit of a language barrier. Now don’t get me wrong, I hope this technology helps millions of people. But for me, I just want to push its buttons.

Here are the screencaps of my entire first therapy session with my new digital head doctor, Woebot. Enjoy!

P.S. Ignore the typos, it was very late and I was talking to an algorithm.




MIT Tech Review

Andrew Ng




Plot Revealed: Twitter and MSM Collude to “Correct” the MAGA Movement



Hey everyone, consider this article a heads up. As all of us in the “New Right” are aware, the social media thought police have been demonetizing, censoring, and banning us at a breakneck pace. We are told that our beliefs violate subjective, selectively enforced hate speech policies.  We know that we are really being discriminated against for not conforming to the radical Marxist ideology and post modernist doctrine of the regressive establishment.

The attacks on our ability to publicly discuss our political, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs, as well as the now seemingly routine political violence directed towards the right has forced us to innovate new ways in which to subvert the Orwellian nightmare slowly coiling around the throat of patriots across the globe.

You have heard all of this before. The question inevitably comes up, what do we do about it? Do you want the short answer? Trigger warning. There is not much we can do after the fact. The only option we have is to get ahead of the curve. We need to train ourselves to foresee patterns and to innovate solutions BEFORE we find ourselves in a social media gulag.

So here is the next shoe to drop against the new right in my opinion. A collaboration of MSM, Twitter, academia, and AI to maximize the efficacy of an anti-MAGA cultural counter offensive.

In an article published by MIT Technology Review titled ‘AI Could Help Reporters Dig Into Grassroots Issues Once More‘ the author begins by admitting that in the 2016 presidential election, “mainstream media outlets were out of touch with the political pulse of the country.” He then introduces Deb Roy. Who is Deb Roy you ask? Deb Roy is the director of the Laboratory for Social Machines at the MIT Media Lab, as well as chief media scientist at you guessed it, Twitter.

Roy’s explanation of the MSM’s failure to uphold it’s duties as the fourth estate are “that many local news operations are being closed or hollowed out because of economic pressures, depriving national newsrooms of valuable grassroots insights.” He failed to mention that a huge swath of the nation is starting to wake up to the fact that the MSM has become nothing but mindless progressive rhetoric, agenda driven talking points, and deep state disinformation.

According to the article, “Roy told the audience at MIT Technology Review’s annual EmTech MIT conference that it’s vital to develop new ways of gauging the health of political discourse. The current prognosis for America isn’t encouraging. “The patient is sick, and the level of hostility [to opposing ideas] is real.”

The article continues, “Through work on its Electome project, which applies big-data analytics to social media, Roy’s team at MIT has demonstrated the increasing prevalence of online social-media “cocoons,” which isolate people from opposing views. Throw in the phenomenon of fake news (which is set to become even more of a challenge), and it all adds up to a hot-button issue that has triggered a backlash against big social-media companies.”

Allegedly the remedy for the issue according to Roy and MIT, “is an approach to bridging political and societal divisions. He sees Cortico, a nonprofit he’s launched in collaboration with the Media Lab, as part of that effort. It plans to give existing newsrooms and local news entrepreneurs access to top-class machine learning, natural-language processing, and other tools. Reporters can use them to mine multiple data sources, identify grassroots concerns, and then develop stories that emphasize common ground between citizens with differing political views.”

Yeah that makes sense. Mine all our data, collude with MSM and academia to correct our thought crimes and to combat anyone you deem as “fake news.” What could go wrong in the land filled with brainwashed collectivist automatons? Stay vigilante fellow patriotic Americans. The dirt bag left is up to their same old tricks. Only this time, they will have better tech.


Deb Roy: “We can actually use technology and data to start thinking of ways of correcting the direction that our public sphere has, has taken.”


MIT Tech Review



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5 Easy Ways to To Improve Your Mental Health



Everyone is always looking for easy ways to increase mental clarity, focus, and overall mental health. So I have compiled a short list of easy activities to add to your daily routine to overall mental health. In a society facing such a mental health crisis, it is important to take care of one’s mind. Simple remedies rich with common sense can really improve your mental state and overall happiness.

  1. Straighten your stride

    TIME reported on a study conducted by the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry writing, “researchers found that when subjects were asked to walk with shoulders slouched, hunched over, and with minimum arm movements, they experianced worse moods than those who had more pep in their steps. What’s more, participants who walked in the slouchy style remembered more negative things rather than positive things.

  2. Quit living through a screen

    As we turn the corner in the new “smart” technology era, humankind is rapidly normalizing the concept of “living through a lens.” Although the information age can put any book at your fingertips instantly, there are also times to put technology down. In a study by Psychological Science, subjects participated in a museum tour. They observed the art pieces both with the naked eye and also by taking photos of them. The study concluded that subjects had a more difficult time remembering the art that was photographed when compared to the art they viewed with their eyes alone.

  3. Physical activity

    A lot of people underestimate the power that exercise can have on our mental state. They are under the false impression that the only way to treat mental ailments is a doctor and pharmaceutical drugs. These are not the only remedies. According to the Independent, “exercising three times a week decreases your risk of being depressed by 19 percent, according to a study by University College London. Researchers found that active people are less likely to be depressed and depressed people are less likely to be active.”

  4. Escape toxic relationships

    Sometimes the most direct influences in a person’s life that can affect mental health negatively are those they choose to surround themselves with. Being around people who constantly insult, ridicule, or belittle you can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem, even subconsciously. This can lead to unhealthy levels of anxiety and depression. Ask the advice of an objective, close trusted friend if you think you are involved in an unhealthy relationship.

  5. Get plenty of sleep

    A very important factor in maintaining a healthy mental state is to get an adequate amount of rest. Keeping to a regular sleep schedule and letting your body recharge can profoundly improve mental health. TIME quoted Diedra L. Clay, PsyD, chair and associate professor of the counseling and health psychology department at Bastyr University.

    “Sleep affects everything, emotional and mental capabilities, as well as our bodies’ functioning. Sleep is our bodies way of regenerating and without it the system malfunctions.”

Some of these may seem like common sense facts, and yet most of them are completely overlooked and underused by our society today. Making small easy changes like those listed above may go a long way in improving mental health for you or a loved one. Spread the message. Share this article and talk about these issues with those you care about. A book I found useful with improving mental health is Gorilla Mindset, by Mike Cernovich. It is a great read, with other insightful tips and tricks.






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BREAKING: Man Arrested After Travelling To White House To “Kill All White Cops”



The Secret Service has reportedly arrested a man believed to have travelled to the White House from Dallas, Texas intending to “kill all white police” at the Presidential residence.

According to screenshots shared by leading journalist Mike Cernovich, the man made his vow via Facebook.

He also apparently used to app to “check in” at the White House earlier today.

The Washington Times, meanwhile, quotes a Secret Service statement as informing the public that they had been on the lookout for Michael Arega after receiving a warning from the Montgomery County, Maryland police department.

Arega was reportedly promptly detained in Washington, D.C. without incident.

Arega’s Facebook profile currently lists him as a Quality Control Inspector at Alpha Testing, Inc.

Also shared to Arega’s profile is a post from a page called “Unapologetically Black” that features the late Fidel Castro posing with brutal dictator Robert Mugabe.

Another post provides a possible look at Arega himself.

This is a developing story. Please stay tuned to for more details.

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