START THE COUNTDOWN: Will CNN Disavow The Alt-Left's Violence In Berkeley Today? - Mike Cernovich
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START THE COUNTDOWN: Will CNN Disavow The Alt-Left’s Violence In Berkeley Today?




It was just earlier this month that CNN published a piece describing members of Antifa as “activists” that “seek peace through violence.”

The network subsequently revised its headline to remove the reference to violence, stating that members of Antifa had contacted them to complain.

While CNN appears caught up with coverage of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas at the moment, time will tell if the network acknowledges the violence enacted by the alt-left group in Berkeley, California today.

There’s currently an endless stream of videos highlighting the violence in Berkeley, which began when a truly unnecessary amount of alt-leftists descended upon Civic Center Park in the city to protest a few right-wingers that had gathered there in an unofficial capacity.

Tensions grew and, eventually, punches flew, with members of Antifa seen doing everything from attacking a father and his son with tables to stomping on a man while he was down.

Put mildly, Antifa’s actions caught on tape today don’t exactly scream of the sort of peaceful, valiant and honorable nature many of CNN’s commentators have attributed to the group.

Following the chaos in Charlottesville, which video evidence proves involved provocation from both sides, CNN’s Don Lemon flat-out defended the group, insisting “that group protests fascism.”

This from a man who works for a network that acknowledged Antifa’s members are perfectly okay with using brash violence “as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred.”

In other words, as long as Antifa can make some sort of excuse for its actions – one that CNN appears ready to accept – violence is justified.

As Cernovich Media’s Devonstack pointed out in a video earlier this month, this is a very slippery slope.

Neocons Support Domestic Terrorism

Neocon NeverTrumpers decide to support ANTIFA and political violence, reminding everyone why they don't belong anywhere near The White House.

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There is no justification, no defence, for political violence ever. 

America – and, indeed, most other developed nations – has gone through centuries of that and emerged with a system of enacting change in the country, by voting.

America voted on November 8, 2016.

Prior to that day, many leftists proudly held their heads high and – still thinking Hillary would win in a landslide – condescendingly suggested that Trump supporters would launch the country into a civil war following the Republican candidate’s defeat.

The exact opposite has proven true and it’s time for the left – including its commentators at CNN, which made such a big deal about President Trump “taking too long” to disavow the far-right – to acknowledge the violence of its members.

Otherwise, what’s to stop Republicans – which own most of America’s guns, remember – from rioting the next time their candidate loses?

The Washington Post
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BREAKING: Man Arrested After Travelling To White House To “Kill All White Cops”



The Secret Service has reportedly arrested a man believed to have travelled to the White House from Dallas, Texas intending to “kill all white police” at the Presidential residence.

According to screenshots shared by leading journalist Mike Cernovich, the man made his vow via Facebook.

He also apparently used to app to “check in” at the White House earlier today.

The Washington Times, meanwhile, quotes a Secret Service statement as informing the public that they had been on the lookout for Michael Arega after receiving a warning from the Montgomery County, Maryland police department.

Arega was reportedly promptly detained in Washington, D.C. without incident.

Arega’s Facebook profile currently lists him as a Quality Control Inspector at Alpha Testing, Inc.

Also shared to Arega’s profile is a post from a page called “Unapologetically Black” that features the late Fidel Castro posing with brutal dictator Robert Mugabe.

Another post provides a possible look at Arega himself.

This is a developing story. Please stay tuned to for more details.

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Vice, Newsweek Silent After Journalist Accused Of Robbing, Injuring A Woman At Cernovich Event



Vice, Newsweek and The Guardian remain silent after a journalist claiming to work for the media outlets was accused of robbing a woman and injuring her in the process outside Mike Cernovich’s Columbia University event in New York on Monday evening.

As New York Daily News reports, police arrested 30-year-old Arvind Dilawar – who now faces robbery and possession of stolen property charges – outside the event after he allegedly ripped a cellphone out of a 34-year-old woman’s hands and ran off.

As Mike Cernovich reported earlier today via Twitter, that woman is believed to be a journalist who was covering the protest outside Mike Cernovich’s event.

As of earlier this afternoon, Dilawar’s website – which is currently password protected – lists him as a writer for The Guardian, Vice and Newsweek.

Those outlets have not responded to requests for comment from Cernovich Media related to the incident.

Specifically, Cernovich Media wanted to know how those outlets were handling the serious allegations aimed at Dilawar. The writer himself has also not responded to a request from Cernovich Media for comment.

The circumstances surrounding Dilawar’s alleged theft remain unclear but an account from at least one other journalist covering last night’s protest outside Columbia University indicates that alt-leftists were less than welcoming towards journalists.

The hostility appears to have been rooted in a fear of having their faces exposed to the public – probably not an unfounded fear considering the infamous tale of one Eric Clanton.

Despite attempts by the alt-left to disrupt Mike Cernovich’s event at Columbia yesterday, the Gorilla Mindset author’s speech went more or less smoothly. Catch the full speech below.


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Trump Agrees To Release Hidden JFK Files: MSM Was Wrong Again.



I have a question. Are the American people entitled to a more transparent version of history? After all, historical events play a massive roll in establishing future political outcomes, sentiment, and direction. So by that accord wouldn’t more information be better than less, in regards to making more informed decisions? Are the American people entitled to know the truth when it comes to their own country’s history?

This question is certainly applicable to the current political questions being raised about the release of a potential trove of government documents on the JFK assassination. Will we be left with more questions than answers regarding the events that took place on that fateful day in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963? Well, Trump set the speculation to rest when he posted this tweet earlier today.

The MSM’s spin on the topic has been quite visible. Articles filled with wild speculations and anti-Trump rhetoric began circulating around the web. Some saying that if President Trump agreed to let the files become public that pandemonium would ensue. Other articles claiming that it would refuel “conspiracy theorists.”

According to Newsweek, “More than 3,000 never-before-seen documents from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department are set to be released, along with 30,000 that have only been partially released in the past.

The document dump “will simply fuel a new generation of conspiracy theories,” write Philip Shenon and Larry J. Sabato.” Newsweek continued, “The Archives will release the documents between now and the Oct. 26 deadline, but doing so could be chaotic.”

One wildly popular media personality seemed to call Trump’s decision before it had been formally announced. Alex Jones of was ont of the few to seem confident about the release of the documents as was evident in this tweet.

Politico reported, “Trump, no stranger to conspiracy theories, including totally unsubstantiated theories about a link between Ted Cruz’s father and JFK’s death.” They continued, “s it stands now, the document release this month will be a logistical nightmare, with the public suddenly flooded with a huge online library of documents—tens of thousands in total—that will be, at first, mostly incomprehensible even to experienced students of the assassination.”

Politico also writes, “With everything made public at once, pandemonium is all but guaranteed, since major news organizations around the world will want to know, almost instantly, what is in the documents that is new and potentially important. And there will simply be no way for historians and other researchers, even those with a special knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, to make any authoritative judgment as they try to page through tens of thousands of pages of files all at once.”

So amid the debate on whether or not these documents should be released, we have to ask ourselves, who benefits? Why does the MSM seem to be so slanted on this topic? Would the American people benefit from learning the truth about the JFK assassination? Is the truth something that unites the American people? Draw your own conclusion but I am of the opinion that not only are we owed the truth, we deserve it.


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